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I was going to walk around her and leave, but...

Yun Siwen seemed to want to cling onto him. She turned around and rushed in front of him, blocking his path once again. She said unhappily, "You're so rude, I'm asking you a question!"


"Hey!" "Stop right there!"



Yun Siwen chased after him. She had wanted to stab him on purpose, but who knew …

When she grabbed his arm, the man didn't even scream?

This is an insult to the cactus, okay?

Why is there no reaction?

What was going on?

Did her cactus lose effect with its own skills?

Not giving her time to think any further, Mo Yu Yang raised his hand to shake her off. "Young Master Yun, what are you trying to do?"

"You're really rude! "I've seen quite a few deities, isn't a cold one like you?" She still didn't know where she was even though she had just arrived! I just want him to ask me a few questions.

We are all Fellow Daoists!

Why do you have to make your relationship so stiff?

Towards her words just now, Mo Yu Yang only thought that she had gone crazy. She had called her fairy again, did she really think that he was a little fairy?

"... "Don't be in such a hurry to leave, just answer three questions!"

"No, one!"

"It's just three questions, why did you start bargaining!"

"... One! " Mo Yu Yang really didn't want to waste any more time with her here. After all …

This place was the inner courtyard of Dark Nether Palace. If the people from Dark Nether Palace were to find out that he, an outsider, was here, they would probably be unable to speak!

Yun Siwen glared at her!

Forget it!

From the looks of it, there seemed to be no one else here apart from the two of them!

"Sure, just one!"

"Then ask —"

Seeing his frosty expression, Yun Siwen was really annoyed. She muttered, "How can this person be like this!"

"I am like this. Alright, I've asked my question. It's time for me to go —"


"Hey …" I haven't said anything yet, have I? "Hey …"

"... "Come back here, hey …"

"Um …" "Come back here..."


Mo Yuyang acted as if he didn't hear someone's shout, and disappeared into the long corridor with large strides.

Yun Siwen was stomping her feet in anger!


She had not even asked the agreed question, and it was already over?

Looking in the direction he left, Yun Siwen fiercely said, "... You'd better not let me see you again, or! I saw you once, Zha. Hiss … "It hurts …" Before she could finish her harsh words, Yun Siwen suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head! Countless strange scenes surged through her mind, giving her a headache that felt like it was about to explode!

What happened to her?

Could it be that he was going to return to his original form?


She wasn't satisfied yet. Don't take her body back so soon.

Yun Siwen's expression distorted in pain. She hugged her head and squatted down.

His temples throbbed and his heart thumped along with the sound of 'pu pu'.

For a split-second, she almost thought that she was going to self-destruct!


"So painful …"


Yun Siwen rolled on the ground in pain.

If he could, he would have beheaded him!

She was on the verge of collapsing before she knew where she was.

After waves of intense pain, finally …

Her vision turned black and she completely fainted!

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