The Forgotten Secret/C2 #2 An Answered Prayer
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The Forgotten Secret/C2 #2 An Answered Prayer
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C2 #2 An Answered Prayer

Everything seems ordinary this early morning. Bellmont is such a small community where people are more laid back. This is a normal morning for most of them to still be in slumber for such a chilly weather.

The cold weather from last night carries on throughout this early dawn. The trees continue to rustle with the light breeze that makes one feel lazy to even leave his bed.

But then, this is not the case for Reed Rivers. A weather like this is even a better time for him to get up and get going. He is such an early riser.

Reed is in his middle twenties and has a muscular physique. He emerges from his house wearing a jogging gear. He is on his way to his usual early morning jog when he sees a basket at their doorstep. The basket is not something you will ignore since this particular one is enormous and very green.

He automatically scans their street to have a clue on whoever left it there. Maybe someone is playing a prank on him?

Everyone in the neighbourhood knows he is the only one who takes a run this early, no matter the weather. He comes out to jog as early as four in the morning so this is definitely a very strange occurrence. Who will lurk around in such a very early time except for him?

He inspects the nearby houses at a glance and there is definitely not a single one of their neighbours is even awake at this very moment.

Reed stares at the very green and extra big basket in front of him. He bends to take a closer look.

"Oh my!" he exclaims in surprise upon seeing a sleeping baby girl inside the basket. This is getting stranger by the second.

"Rose honey, come quickly! Look at what we have here." Reed hollers in a hurried voice.

A woman peeks behind Reed, and inquires, "What’s wrong?"

Upon realizing the reason for his husband's surprised tone, she inspects the basket herself.

“Oh, goodness! What do we have here? Where did this baby come from?”

Rose is also in her mid-twenties but has a frail built. Her motherly instincts kick in. So she slowly picks up the little baby from the mysterious and very green basket with a puzzled expression. She seems automatically enamoured towards the new born baby quickly.

Like her husband, Rose is astonished on how this pretty little angel came to be on their doorstep.

"Poor baby, such an angel. How can anyone do such a terrible thing? Who knows how long has the baby been left here out in the cold," she muses.

As if replying, the little baby yawns and awoke from slumber. However, the baby doesn't seem to be affected by the cold weather. In addition to that, the baby has never made any attempts to cry.

"The angel is waking up, let's go inside," Reed suggests.

"Never mind my run for today…" he decides as he grabs the basket from the ground and closes the door behind them.

Rose hurriedly carries the baby along with the green blanket wrapped around it. She keeps making cooing sounds as if to communicate with the little one. The little girl just stares at her intently as if she understands any of these.

"What shall we do now? Are we to call the authorities? Surely they will put this little one in social services. And then what, a foster home?" Rose asks as she sits down to cuddle the baby better.

"But what will happen to this poor baby? There must be a good reason why someone chose our house for this little innocent child. I don't like to sound selfish or anything but i think, us, finding this tiny blessing is what is meant to be,” she continues to rant.

Rose cannot contain her overwhelmed feeling, as if this child was destined to stay with them. There's a certain feeling of warmth that this baby radiates. Rose and Reed felt it as soon as they go inside.

Reed sits down, still holding the basket, thinking hard. This is something big but something wonderful at the same time.

"You know what Rose? You maybe right about this. There must be a very good reason for this."

Reed puts the basket on their living room table then walks carefully towards his wife and gave her a peck on the cheek. He absentmindedly caresses the baby's forehead.

"Remember what we have wished and prayed for? We have been trying for years now. Even the doctors tell us there's nothing wrong with us. This is it! Our little ray of sunshine! Our answered prayer," Reed rationalizes with finality, his voice full of excitement.

Reed recalls the countless times when Rose thought that she was already pregnant but turned out to be false alarm. Her wife’s frustrated face keeps popping in his memory because she wonders every time that maybe the doctors are wrong. Their ages are the prime period for having a baby though they inexplicably always fail.

He stares at the lovely pale face at the same time touching the tiny hands of the quiet baby. They are such soft and gentle hands.

How can such a pale faced baby radiate such warmth that makes them feel that things are going to be alright? That is when he notices a necklace on the right wrist. The emerald locket seems to glow. They can easily tell that the locket’s make is not anything like the ordinary ones you see in a jewelry shop.

"Maybe there could be a clue here," Reed says, thoughtfully unwinding the necklace and examines it. The pendant is not like any ordinary jewel. It glows even without any light around to make it sparkle.

"It's an emerald locket!" Reed exclaims in amazement. He excitedly, but carefully opens it.

Both Reed and Rose suddenly smell a peculiar fragrance like a combination of morning dew and sunshine. Inside the locket, Reed sees something engraved in intricate gold letters.

"Arianna, our sunshine," Reed says out loud.

The baby seems to smile upon hearing her name.

"So that is the name of this precious little girl! Arianna! What a lovely name. We shall call you Anna, our sunshine." Rose replies teary-eyed, cuddling little Anna once more.

"But what if someone comes back for her? What shall we do?" Rose worries.

"When that time comes, we will face it together. We will tell Anna the truth about her arrival in our lives. We will let Anna decide for herself. What we can do now is care for her and love her as our own with the time given to us." Reed says with a resolute face.

"I wish things are that simple, Reed. I hope you're right." Rose sighs.

"Don't worry little child. We will love you as our own and keep you safe always. This is our promise to you." Rose has bonded very soon with this special baby.

The tiny angel seems to understand as she continues to smile at the faces of these two generous people who will play a big part in her complicated life ahead.

Our princess has found a home to shelter her with love. This will help her later on to have the strength and courage to face the storms ahead of her.

Both Reed and Rose have decided that this innocent child is the most precious being for them from this day on. They didn't have the slightest idea how little Anna is much more important in the lives of others somewhere far away, in another realm, where she truly belongs.

For them, she is Anna their answered prayer.

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