The Gangster's Paradise/C2 A comfortable family
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The Gangster's Paradise/C2 A comfortable family
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C2 A comfortable family

‘Honey don’t you think it’s time you get some rest and give some quality time to your family?” Blessing, Austin’s wife said as she handed him a cup of cocoa milk which is his favourite.

“I mean you have spent almost two nights, still sketching the best paintings…that you are to present to the investors on Thursday” what Blessing said made sense. It has been a week since Austin has started doing sketches…not like he had no employees in doing the work; he wanted nothing but the best….that’s why he decided to get involved.

And now that seems like a big mistake, for his wife was busy enquiring how thin he is, all because he had spent a night in the office.

‘Aus! I’m talking to you’ Austin who had his head between his hands, while propping them on his knees, continued to stare at the glass of cocoa milk which he had emptied a second ago…wondering when his wife would give him a chance to answer all her questions.

‘I know Bless, you care for me but I need to crack this deal. These investors want nothing but the very best.” Austin said after a lot of time being quiet. He was always awed at how caring his wife is. From being a perfect mother to a good and a good friend.

And with this deal…I think it’ll help me in creating a distraction…”he said as he smirked. Blessing looked up from his chest where she had nestled a minute ago…to be precise she was ‘forcefully’ pulled in that warm embrace, to stop her blabbering.

“Come on, Aus! You can’t do that!” she gasped as she stared at her husband’s smirking face …knowing exactly what Austin was talking about when he said ‘creating a distraction’

“I thought that was in the past,” she said.

“Exactly what did those people do to you? ...for you to get so angry whenever you think about them huh?” she asked what she had always wanted to ask since the day they got married. It seemed whatever they did to Austin was very cruel and heart breaking…for he always has nightmares from time to time again.

“You know you look so innocent for a person who is so cunning and knows how to manipulate others?” Blessing said

“But I still like to know when you’re ready to tell me okay” she said as she yawned lazily…that’s how she was, always ready to listen to him, even though he had hidden so many secrets from her. She respected his privacy and knew when to back off.

“Oh! My dear Bless! You are so innocent only if you knew…” he murmured as he kissed her temple lightly,

Austin, do you remember how we met?” she asked before she fell asleep.

Of course Austin remembered that day like yesterday…it was a bit funny at how they met.


Austin was from running his daily errands riding his bicycle in one full speed not being aware of the car coming along facing him on the front. Since the roads in Lagos were bumpy and filled with holes …he had to sway his bicycle to the sides to avoid being hit;

He only came to a halt when he heard a sharp piercing voice…raining curses down on him as if there is no tomorrow.

“Could it be that you’re insulting me?” he asked as he walked closer to the little lady before him. She was dressed in a brown shabby dress, her hair a little brittle and her skin tanned from the scorching sun.

“Who do you think I’m insulting? Of course you…you damn stupid boy!” she said angrily as her chest heaved up and down from shouting. He had to take a closer look to see that she was a beautiful lady, with her curves in the right places…

“What is a goddess like you doing here at this time” Austin asked as he walked closer to her. She looked so innocent, with her round face and those beautiful grey eyes did wonders. The man who was to have her as his wife was lucky.

“Hey! Pervert what are you looking at?!” he came to reality when the little lady screamed at the top of her voice getting attention from the passersby and the people from the market.

“Pervert! Really?!” Austin raised his black eyebrows a little and looked at the diamond before him. Call him a pervert or whatever, but he was intrigued…he smirked.

“I can’t help it lady, you are so beautiful that I can kiss you right now…” he did not get to finish his sentence as a tight slap landed on his face, such that it was tilted sideways.

“All I wanted was for you to apologise for splashing my beautiful dress with that damn dirty water…and now you are like those perverts out there!” she yelled and stormed away. Nothing made her angrier than people who did not know how to apologise. And that damned boy ruined her beautiful dress…now she was late for her painting class. hmm!

After leaving, only then did Austin regain his wits as he now understood what had happened…he thought the lady was crazy to rain curses on him for nothing…

“Wow!...interesting” he muttered as he wiped his lower lip with his thumb and lightly smirked.

And at that moment he knew he was whipped for life…


Austin carried his sleeping wife to the bedroom. He watched her sleep like a baby as he wiped her drool. He went to freshen up before he decided to call it a night.

He knew after the deal, there are so many things that are going to change. It was high time he settled some scores and decided not to live in fear anymore…It was high time he dealt with the people of the Trump mansion…especially a certain someone who thought they had everything under control.

Sighing, he pulled the blanket over his and his wife’s head and switched off the lights…waiting for the new day to arise.

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