The Gangster's Paradise/C3 Suspicious for nothing
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The Gangster's Paradise/C3 Suspicious for nothing
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C3 Suspicious for nothing

The day dawned crisp and clear, the bright sunlight seeping through the curtains…as the gentle breeze of the morning entered the room. Another day has dawned …bringing with it new hopes and aspirations. Birds chirping. Blessing twisted and turned around the bed, as she fought with the blankets, trying to shield her from the blazing sun seeping through. She patted the right side of the bed, in search of her soft, yet hard teddy bear with muscles…only to moan as she smelled the cologne that wafted through her nose and has literally filled the room. The cologne that always made her frenzy…she loved smelling it.

Tying her knee length silky maroon bathrobe; Blessing jumped from the bed and wore her fluffy pink slippers that adorned her feet and went into the closet.

‘Morning honey!’ she said as she back hugged Austin and rubbed her face on his back

Morning sweetheart! Have you seen my black tie? He asked. I just seem to forget where I’ve put it. He asked as he turned her around, facing Blessing engulfing her in a warm tight hug and kissed her forehead lovingly.

“Well here it is…” she said as tied on his tie. she went in the closet just to get it for him…nowadays Austin was so forgetful and she always saves the day. She just hoped nothing happened to him while trying to secure the deal.

“Aren’t you a bit protective wifey?!” he said with a chuckle. Well he can’t blame his wife, she always looks out for him and their entire family.


After a good morning of chit chatting with her husband, Blessing made breakfast for the both of them. Today she settled for a grey sweatpants, a black crop shirt and white sneakers .Austin couldn’t help but admire her toned belly and her firm ass…which made a perfect match to her curves.

He was set to go when she came running and settled in his car…only for him to kick her out. She whined about getting bored in the house since the kids were with their grandmothers. So, he gave her his black card to go shopping …and the smile on her face was priceless. She loved shopping more than anything…which made him wonder if shopping was her second husband…

What a greedy wife!

He decided to get a wife, only to get married to drama itself!...


Leonardo!!... Leon…! Where the heck have you been huh?

‘I’m sorry sir I was just preparing some of the documents you have assigned to me’. Leonardo said as he wiped sweat from his forehead. His boss was harsh sometimes…and whenever he called him by his name it meant that there was something wrong somewhere and had something to pester him with. And today was that day …Austin had an urge to laugh at his personal assistant. He was too clumsy for his own good…He wondered how someone can be so clumsy and dramatic as a man

Austin kept his poker face Leon knew was just a façade to joke with him.

‘Take these files and give them to the heads of departments and inform them the meeting has been postponed to tomorrow.’ He said like a boss he was.

After running around like a headless chicken; issuing his boss’s orders, Leon came back slumping down on the long couch in his boss’s cabin.

“Here take this!” Leon crumbled thinking there were some other documents, for he was still closing his eyes. “When will you stop giving me…”before he could finish.

‘If you want to die, die alone don’t drag me down with you!’ Austin snapped. For he knew his wife would have his head if he did not give Leon the lunch box. And he will have to spend the night on the couch.

Leon shot his eyes and behold there was the cause of Leonardo’s mouth to drool…which was already happening. And knew his lady boss had finally favoured him. Although he knew the lunches and the goodies she always gave him did not come at a low price…however, he just wanted to enjoy the delicacies before him: he will pay the price later. He blessed the food and started chewing. He moaned as he savoured the taste of the food, reaching his taste buds.

Austin narrowed his eyes looking at the young man before him…hating every sound that came out of his mouth. And his obnoxious chewing added to his hatred, which he knew he was doing just to piss him off.

He knew his wife was a sucker of a good heart, and liked being good to people, that’s why she’s probably good with Leon. But, nothing came good with that wife of his, her niceness came with a price. Which made him think, what Leon has been feeding his wife…

She was way, way too overprotective of Leon and wanted nothing bad to happen to him; which is why he has to dread carefully towards him.

She liked him so much…but, at what cost?...

He looked at Leon who was busy eating…and one question came to his mind; which he blurted out knowingly and looked at Leon with his eyebrows slightly raised. His long fingers under his chin as he used the other hand to tap on the coffee table before him…for he was leaning forward, such that his elbows were on his knees.

He continued tapping as he waited for Leon’s answer. Leon, who was mouthful, paused eating as he looked at his boss…who looked like he would decorate someone’s face with colour red. And he knew he had triggered his nerves. He shrugged as he swallowed the contents of food in his mouth…he reached his homemade juice and gulped a mouthful…

He did not get to swallow it, as the liquid came out through his nose…and nearly had a nose bleed hearing his boss’s stupid question. Yes he calls it stupid, such that he cannot even find the right word for it. He patted his chest to cool down and looked at his boss who was looking at him with those brown piercing orbs…definitely waiting for an answer to his question.


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