The Gangster's Paradise/C4 Whatever name they call him
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The Gangster's Paradise/C4 Whatever name they call him
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C4 Whatever name they call him

Austin was ready to punch him when Leonardo answered

‘No! I am not sir and… I’m even surprised that you just asked me this question!’ He said, quivering like a scared cat. His boss was impossible …only because he was jealous he thought about such a thing!

Bloody hell!...

“You better not lie to me Leon!!...otherwise you know what I’m capable of…” he said to poor Leon who was sweating profusely and dramatically fell on his knees as he tried to convince his boss; whose jealousy was getting the best out of him.

“Then why do I feel like she’s in love with not me?” he said as his eyes flashed with anger. He was angry for nothing such that he forgot his wife was the mother of his kids and would never betray him in this lifetime.

What a man!

Leon who was now standing, looking at his impossible boss…wondering why he would speak such blasphemy…

“I mean, why would my wife always get angry with me if I don’t grant you leave or give you a break? Better yet why would she prefer giving you her homemade food instead of me?” he voiced out his thoughts.

By now, Leon’s mouth should’ve been full of the flies…for he was gaping at Austin with widened eyes and mouth agape…he only shook his head slightly and sat back down.

“you know Leon…there are some things you can tell to my wife…but I hate and despise people who run their mouths and tell my office business to people who do not work in my company; that includes my wife…is that clear?” he said with a deep tone and his word held so much authority so much that Leon shivered in his seat.

But, what kept him thinking was why would his boss talk to him while facing the door…that too with narrowed eyes.

“Sir… you called for me!” Lisa, the secretary to Austin walked in holding a notepad, always ready to take note of her boss’s orders.

“Tell me my schedule for tomorrow” he said, turning his back on her.

‘Sir at 9 o’clock you have a meeting with the investors from Luxembourg…after that you have a date with Miss Kate and …”

“It’s okay Lisa you can go.” Austin said. Leon sat there as he sipped a glass of whiskey he was offered by his boss a minute ago, after Lisa had scurried away from his office.

“What do you think about Lisa?” Austin asked.

“What about her?” Leon asked back…he was not so sure why his boss was in the mood for asking all the awkward questions today above all these days…what could’ve this Tuesday hold for him.

“I think she might make a good wife for you…you should try to approach her” Austin said as he smirked at Leon’s red face.

“I’m kidding…just chill” Austin laughed heartily. “But, be careful,” he continued.

“All I want you to do is find that person who was peering through the door will you?!”

“On it boss…” Leon said as he rose from his chair, buttoned his coat and left Austin’s office. He knew his boss very well…he was good at manipulating people and a charmer. The people in business with him called him “THE GAMER” for he was good at playing mind games with people…and that’s what he just did with the person who was listening to their conversation. So, whatever name they called him in Sydney was suitable for him…despite the fact that he looked so innocent.

While giving Leon a warning, he saw a figure reflecting on one the door, unfortunately the person got away before they could be seen. And that warning was not for Leon, it was for that person. They just gave them enough to hold on…so they could catch them at the right time. All they needed to do was to wait…

It has been a long day for everyone…including Austin who hated the heat in Sydney, Australia even though winter was nearer today it was extremely hot.

He thought about how he moved from Lagos and landed here…but, that’s a story for another day. All he wanted to do was get home and soak himself in cool water and cuddle his wife…he was now doing the final touches to the paintings which no one saw.


“You damn b*tch!... You can’t do a simple job! Your so-called stupid boss is naïve that he cannot even recognise that you do not work for him. But you f*cking failed to give me the copies of the paintings.” Said a man with a gruff voice, as his heavy hand landed on those smooth cheeks. For some reason, the man was angry that the slap was not enough, as he connected his hand to her neck and prepared to choke the life out of her.

“No! Please, don’t. I will try harder. Also there is something else that you need to know. But please don’t do anything to my family”. She said as she clasped her hands together in a form of begging and prepared to kneel down.

Oh! Come on… do I need to remind you what I can get at huh? The man was so angry, that all he wanted was to give this lady a beating of her life…what could he do when she was sending him into a frenzy?...

“So, you mean I can approach Mrs Martin right?...interesting” the man said as he grinned like a damn cat. And the lady frowned. Wasn’t this man ready to slaughter her a minute ago…now he was busy grinning. Indeed psychos existed…

“You are not so useless after all… now get away from my face …’ he said

“Remember I want those copies before the meeting starts tomorrow” he continued.

“And don’t forget that I know where your family lives” he warned her one last time, before she scampered away. She couldn’t believe herself…how could she have gotten involved with such a man.


Blessing, who had been sucking the money out of Austin’s card, was in a spa, getting pampered…she felt relieved as the tension on her shoulders was massaged away.

One thing Austin loved about her was that she was a carefree lady, who knew how to voice out her words clearly…that’s why she has never lost any case in court. She was an intelligent Lawyer, who owned a law firm and a firm that dealt with decorations and renovations…which she created out of boredom. And miraculously it reached great lengths.

“Here ma’am” one of the masseuses handed her, her phone which was ringing constantly disturbing her.

“What!” she screamed as she abruptly stood up. She couldn’t believe her ears. How can that man go on a date with another woman without telling her?

What a husband!

It’s time they stop calling him THE GAMER and a BETRAYER would be suitable.

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