The Gangster's Paradise/C5 A Mysterious visitor
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The Gangster's Paradise/C5 A Mysterious visitor
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C5 A Mysterious visitor

AT THE AUSBLI DECORATIONS AND RENOVATIONS early in the morning; employees were busy receiving orders, to either decorate or renovate customer houses. And most people who made the orders were the mistresses who obviously came from the rich families, who actually thought so high about themselves and thought they were in a good space…due to the upcoming Christmas, the employees were rather busy to notice anything going on around them…especially a pair of sexy creamy legs walking in through the thick rectangular glass hinged at the tiled floor going sideways as the person goes in.

She cat walked…even though she was at least a bit old, she still looked good and so natural…so sexy, with that blue silky dress that hugged her figure, and a black coat over her shoulders, she looked rather intimidating…especially on those long gold stilettos. She seemed to be in her late forties. As she walked in, she looked sideways as if looking for someone.

Looking at the office bustling with busy employees; she couldn’t find that particular someone, so she prepared to walk away…

“Hello ma’am! How may I help you?” Rebecca, Blessing’s PA asked as she saw the lady before she could leave.

“I don’t think you can help me…I need to talk to your boss,” the mysterious lady replied. Rebecca narrowed her, how can she be so sure that she won’t help her.

‘I’m sorry ma’am, our boss is off the whole week…but if you need to see the decorations we can make some for you, please wait in the lounge’ Rebecca replied. “In the meantime I will get you something to quench your thirst…” she prepared to walk away when.

“Look here! Young lady!…I’m not here to sit and drink. I’m here for your boss!” she lashed out heavily.

“So, tell me, when is she coming back?” she continued. Rebecca was astonished at such rudeness… who did she think she was, to come to her work and lash out at her.

‘I’m sorry! But, I can’t tell you her address…nor give you her phone number” she breathed tiredly as she answered her as politely as she could.

“But, you can give me her message. I'll make sure it gets to her.” Rebecca continued

The lady hesitated before asking for a piece of paper and a pen…she scribbled something and handed it to Rebecca.

‘Please make sure that it reaches her.’ She said and stormed away…

‘I will do so ma’am’ she sighed and looked briefly at the note and turned to watch the elegant lady sway her hips from side to side like the penguins of Madagascar. She wondered how the lady knew her boss, that one was not a problem, for her boss was a known person in the whole city of Sydney along with her husband… what remained unanswered was what the lady wanted from her boss.

Shaking her head a little, she put the note on her boss’s table. She had to say her boss was a clean freak, she put her materials in order and amazingly there was no dust on her table.

She put the note and went out forgetting about the mysterious lady, who seemed nervous and jittery at the same time…yet rude.

Getting out of the office, the lady glanced sideways and clutched her purse closer to her. She was sweating so much as if she was running away from something. All she could do now was wait for Blessing’s answer…


It has been a tiresome day for Austin as he had back to back meetings… The only good thing about it was the investors from Luxembourg agreed to collaboration. All he had to do was meet the nosy Kate, who happened to become his admirer.

That lady has no scruples or whatsoever, even though she knows that Austin was married…

Austin gasped as he entered the bedroom…a beautiful queen sat on his bed, tying her silver shoes.

“May I know where you’re going my lady?” Austin asked blessing who was dressed in a red silky dress with a slit mid thigh…showing her milky sexy legs. Her hair tied in a neat loose bun with some bangs falling on her forehead. With a red lip gloss in her already pink lips.

“I’m going on a date…with you!” she said nonchalantly and shrugged her shoulders.

“What! way! know what, never mind…I’m going to freshen up” He said surprised at how she knew about the date. But, of course Leonardo. That guy just had to run his foul mouth to his wife. What he didn’t understand was why she was in red except for her shoes…

He did not trust her one bit…as they say: never trust a lady in red…

On the way to the restaurant, both husband and wife were very quiet…such that the driver could feel the cold atmosphere in car, so, to lighten up the situation, he turned the radio on…only

“Turn it off!’s noisy” Blessing said irritatingly and looked outside the window as she admired nature… for the sun was about to set.

Austin kept his eyes on his wife who was cute with slightly puffed cheeks. Indeed she was a goddess.

But, now why was she irritated?

Could it be she craved his attention

He came from his thinking zone when his wife broke the silence

“When did Kamala say he was coming back… I miss him so much?” she asked about the idiot who had gone for 1 month and did not bother to call him. What kind of a friend was he?

“He said he was going to arrive on Friday…and today is Wednesday, so…” he answered, not sure what’s happening with his friend, who has been disturbed since his new personal assistant arrived. And he heard that his assistant is one unique lady.

“The kids miss him too…” Austin continued. He had to admit that Kamala loved his kids a lot and they loved him too…despite being a playboy he loved kids.

Austin held her hand gently and kissed her fingers.

“Sir, we’re here” the driver said as he turned to look at the couple…

Getting in a restaurant: they were led to the table, where a lady with blonde hair sat. She was wearing a light pink mini dress…

Seeing Austin, she smiled triumphantly and was about to run to him…only for her eyes to land on the lady with him.

“Who are you? She asked annoyingly

“THE WIFE!...” Blessing said and raised her eyebrows.

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