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C6 Ocean Blue Eyes

It was two weeks after bloody Monday, (it was Monday night when I helped Nino and met the delightful Lucas); It made me wary of going out for the first few days, worrying of bumping into any of them. I might have a hard time recognizing their faces since it was quite dark in the alley that night, but I will definitely recognize their voices. Fortunately, I never saw or heard any of them which made me feel relieve, but then I quickly realize that there is definitely bad blood between Nino and the other guy, and I am kind of hoping that none of them is from the West Side.

Because if they are...then, crap. I got warned about the West Side and not less than 48 hours later I might have interacted with some of them, bloody and all. Anyway, despite that, I adjusted well so far and has spent every single day working at the café; I’m starting to have some nice emergency fund thanks to the money I’m getting from work.

After taking a nap and before the café opens for the afternoon service, I went to the bookshop uptown to buy the things I will need for school. Even though every single student is supplied by the school with iPad (which contains electronic copies of the books and other reference materials) and accessories, I will still be needing some notebooks and pens to take notes with. I write faster than I type hence the need for them.

I was looking at a notebook or journal that will fit in my school backpack when I keep noticing how pricey everything in the shop is. Or maybe it isn’t really pricey, I just have yet to get rid of the habit of converting the prices to the currency back home, which of course will be much more expensive. I was muttering to myself, scanning the notebooks when I felt someone staring at me. The hair at my nape rising; I immediately looked around and ended up looking at the eyes so blue, it reminded be of the ocean I saw when I was sitting on the plane headed here.

I got so lost into those eyes it took me a while to notice the guy behind me. “Miss, are you getting that notebook?” I snapped out of it and looked at the guy talking to me, then to the notebook in my hand. “Oh. This? Um no, you can have it.” I answered, handing over the notebook. The guy thanked me and left. I was about to look back at the guy when I felt a presence be side me. Turning my head, I was looking straight into someone’s chest. Raising my head, it was the ocean-blue eyes guy. “Um…can I help you?” I asked softly.

I don’t know why, but when I’m around ridiculously good-looking people, my voice goes soft, whisper-like. The guy didn’t answer, just continued staring at me. I moved out of the way, thinking that he needed something from the shelf display behind me. His eyes followed me and he leaned back against the shelf behind him, his hands going into the pocket of his dark-washed jeans which I noticed fit him so well.

“What’s your name?” he asked in a low, deep voice which I felt everywhere. It sounded familiar and very manly; I felt it to places I didn’t know could feel. I cleared my throat and said my name. After a beat, I asked for his too, not wanting the moment to end without knowing at least his name.

“Carter. Carter Cross.”

I think my heart just stopped.


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