The Girl In The Middle: East Side High/C7 How About Dinner on Saturday?
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The Girl In The Middle: East Side High/C7 How About Dinner on Saturday?
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C7 How About Dinner on Saturday?

Hours later, I was sitting in the indoor hanging chair by the window of my bedroom. Hearing Carter’s name felt like being washed by cold water. All the warmth I felt suddenly went away, replaced by wariness. That's why his voice sounded familiar. I’m so sure he didn’t see me that night, but still, a little bit of fear is there. I wonder what will happen if he knew that I saw him beating up some guy?

Shouldn’t I be calling the police? But then I remembered Lucas’ warning which is what is stopping me from calling. I’m trying so hard not worry about it, because it seems like there’s really nothing to worry about. But then I just can’t help it. I was looking and feeling gloomy when my aunt came in, bringing in a huge package with her.

“I’ve been calling your name. Are you okay?” Annie asked as she laid the box on the floor in front of my wardrobe. I nodded, and asked what the package is about. Annie said it was from Atasha. Turns out, Atasha and her daughter’s move to Bahamas were postponed indefinitely, but they did move out of the suburbs and into the country. According to Annie, Natasha was diagnosed in the autism spectrum; Atasha thought that it would be better if her daughter is surrounded by nature, away from the noise of the city.

The huge box is a “care” package from Atasha which included a Louis Vuitton Montsouris backpack, a pair of black pumps and sneakers (both Gucci) which she specifically instructed be wear as part of my school outfit, Max Mara coats and cardigans (for the upcoming fall and winter season, she said), and some pretty accessories like earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Seeing the necklaces reminded me of my own necklace; I lost the C pendant necklace that my grandma gave to me. I tried looking for it in the café with no success. I even went back to the alley to look for it, but it wasn’t there too. It seems like I lost it forever and it broke my heart a little. Something so important gone just like that.

“Why is she so kind to us?” I asked Annie as I tried on the coats and cardigans. She shrugged. “She’s just really generous and kind. She’s a single mom, I told you that, right? That’s the reason why she needed a nanny in the first place. She’s got a business to run with a baby, she needed all the help she can get when her ex-husband left her. And well, I was there when nobody else was, I was more than just a nanny, I became a friend to her too.”

Annie collected all the clothes I just tried on and put it in the hamper saying that she’ll be doing the laundry and continued, “We became good friends that we started sharing things about each other. That’s how she knew about you; she knows how desperate I was to bring you here and give you a chance for a better life. That’s why she helped us with everything, and even sponsored your schooling.” Annie’s eyes are bright as she talked about her friend. I hope I’d find the same kind of friendship here too. “Can you give me her contact number? I want to call and say thank you.” I asked. She told me she’ll send me Atasha’s number before she sleeps.

Later that night, my phone buzzed with a message from an unknown number:

I was thinking, what do you think about dinner on Saturday?

My finger hovered the screen, my mind going overdrive. I almost forgot the fact that I gave my number to Carter when we met at the shop today. I wasn’t planning on giving it to him, but he was just so damned persuasive that I ended up doing just that.

Can’t. I work on Saturdays. I actually work every day.

I held my phone, waiting for his reply. Ten minutes passed without it. Maybe he just won’t bother anymore? That’s good for me, right? I mean, I should be scared of him. He literally beat someone bloody few weeks ago. I went to my bathroom and took a shower, getting ready to sleep. I saw my phone’s screen light up as I headed back to my bed.

“I see. Well, we’ll just work something out. I’ll see you at Eclare tomorrow morning. You work the morning shift, right? 😊”

How on earth did he know about that?!

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