The Gladiator's Phoenix Queen/C1 At the End of the Lavish Party
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The Gladiator's Phoenix Queen/C1 At the End of the Lavish Party
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C1 At the End of the Lavish Party


Lights are scattered everywhere, tables are overflowing with food and wines; the whole Kingdom is adorned with lavish and beautiful decorations. A very special occasion is being celebrated at Knossos Kingdom. The crowned Princess Alondra is celebrating her 19th birthday and it is also the time that her King father opened the door of the palace for men of elite clans who would like to offer marriage to the crowned Princess.

Every prince of different kingdoms, who admires the beauty of the crowned Princess, came to Knossos during the event, bringing with them the most expensive gifts that they could offer to the Princess.

Of around twenty princes who came and announced their intentions to marry Princess Alondra, the latter had an eye to the 24 year old Crowned Prince Perci of the Kingdom of Abila in the Northeast of Greece. The man is of handsome and kind face, well built and of noble class, who is popular for being one of the best archers in the whole Ancient Greece.

“Kings and Queens from different Kingdoms, Princes and Princesses, Ladies and gentlemen and people of Knossos, our crowned princess have chosen his prince!” King Alexios paused and watched as everybody was eagerly waiting for his announcement especially all the Princes who have offered their gifts and proclaimed their intentions to marry Princess Alondra. The King continued, “Our Crowned Princess will pick the gift or gifts given by the Prince that she have chosen and she will raise it as a sign that she accepted the offered marriage of that Prince, whoever he is.”

Every one clapped their hands while the soulful sound of the violin started to fill the air.

Princess Alondra, stood up from her princess’ chair besides her King Father and walked gracefully down to the place where gifts are neatly placed and accordingly arranged.

She picked up a set of rare diamonds of earrings, necklace, hair clips, bracelet and an engagement ring. She raised the package and showed it to everybody who then cheered and requested the Prince who gave such gifts, to stand up and put the engagement ring to the Princess’ finger.

From the group of Princes sitting on chairs rounding at least two big tables, stood-up a young Prince who is strikingly handsome and with a body built every woman would admire. He walked gallantly towards the direction of Princess Alondra, vowed his head and introduced himself as Prince Perci of the Kingdom of Abila in the Northeast of Greece.

Princess Alondra put down the boxes of gifts and let Prince Perci picks-up the ring. The Prince kneeled as he offered the elegant diamond ring to the Princess, who with a smile extended her hand to the Prince. Claps and cheers were heard from the spectators around, when the diamond ring exactly fitted the Princess’ ring finger. As the party was about to finish, one by one the guests started to leave. The last to leave was Prince Perci who promised to be back after three days together with his parents, the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Abila.

Prince Perci was half-way from the Palace’s long, well decorated and landscaped ground going to the main gate when uproars were heard and flying arrows were seen directly going down the Knossos Palace. Thereafter, a sound of running horses and shouts can be heard. Prince Perci who was there at the gate already was so surprised when he saw all the palace’s guards lying on the ground dead and the gate has been opened forcefully. Numerous monsters, half-humans, half-horses flooded the gate… they are the Sentarous! He can sense that they are already surrounding the whole Palace.

Prince Perci, immediately, ordered his men to maneuver their horse carriage back to the main door of the palace. Prince Perci further, together with his men shouted at the top of their lungs to warn the guards at the front door. However, it was too late. Their horses suddenly fell down dead and their carriage has been turned upside down. Prince Perci was pinned down beneath the carriage. He curled down with hope that he will not be seen by any of the Sentauros invading the Palace. His five men tried to fight, unfortunately; they were too outnumbered to win.

Chaos filled the Palace as the guards and warriors tried to fight back, although unprepared.

As Prince Perci noticed that no Sentauro was nearby his carriage, he immediately fled to save his dear life.


The King’s and Queen’s guards tried to secure their safety, but King Alexios refused. He asked his guard to secure their Queen Aglia and Princess Alondra while he will be at the battle to defend their Kingdom.

While Queen Aglia and Princess Alondra were on their way escaping at the back of the Palace and about to enter the forest, they were caught by the group of Sentauros; with them was their Army’s Chief, Kornofo.

“Hail! The Queen and the Princess are here!” Chief Kornofo is shouting and laughing while swinging in circles his sword on top of his head.

The guards of Queen Aglia and Princess Alondra readied themselves to defend their beloved Queen and Princess. The Queen and Princess, who also knew how to fight, tightly hold their swords, ready to defend their lives and to kill these monsters encircling them.

Seven against twenty Sentauros; the group of Queen Aglia and Princess Alondra, one by one falls down until only four of them remains while still eleven for Sentauros. Their head guard, Monsoo, who while still standing bravely, whispered to her Queen and Princess to run as fast as they can while he and the other remaining guards would amok against the remaining Sentauros to destruct them.

When Monsoo shouted, Queen Aglia and Princess Alondra grabbed the chance to escape. They were however followed by three Sentauros, who captured first the Queen. The two Sentauros holds the Queen while the other Sentauro ran to follow the escaping Princess Alondra.

When Alondra felt that the Sentauro is coming nearer and nearer, she suddenly stopped; waited for him to come running and swiftly glided herself down and with her sword, she hit with all of her force the two front legs of the half human-half horse beast. The Sentauro growled in pain as he fell to the ground with half of his two legs rolling far from him. With that, Princess Alondra looked back to check on her Queen Mother, but to her anguish she saw the Queen being held captive by the two Sentauros; worst at least three Sentauros arrived and now running heading to her. One with his arrow on fire darted towards her.

“Alondra run, run my Princess!” Queen Aglia shouted full of tears while the Sentauros around her were laughing.

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