THE GLADIATOR'S PHOENIX QUEEN/C3 Attikus, the New King of Greenorth Kingdom
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THE GLADIATOR'S PHOENIX QUEEN/C3 Attikus, the New King of Greenorth Kingdom
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C3 Attikus, the New King of Greenorth Kingdom


Attikus then became the new King of Greenorths’ Kingdom. Next to his Palace is the Knossos Kingdom, now ruled by Evil Sentauros. He heard a lot about the Knossos Kingdom; the death of its King and Queen and most probably of their only heir to the throne, who allegedly fled almost half-dead, through the help of a Phoenix. Attikus remembered the woman riding at the back of the Phoenix who helped him during his fight at the Gladian Arena. Could it be that the woman was the missing heir to the throne of Knossos?

After being crowned as the new King of Greenorth; Attikus holds a general assembly to all his constituents; the existing people, guards and soldiers of Greenorth and the one hundred soldiers freely given to him by King Liomo. He appointed Santi, one of the one hundred soldiers, as his right hand man and the head of the Palace Guards.

When Attikus was still a prisoner, Santi was one of the guards in their prison cell. He was the only guard who would usually talk to him; the one who encouraged him to fight in the greatest Gladiators’ Battle at the Gladian Arena and who gave him some tips as to the weaknesses of the four best gladiators of King Liomo, whom he defeated in the battle.

Attikus retained in positions mostly of those already serving as such at the Greenorth when he arrived. He can sense that their loyalties are still with King Liomo, but when he announced at the assembly his decision to retain them in their posts and to give each of them a piece of land as their own, a chance to voice out their concerns and to honor their suggestions on how they can be able to improve more their Kingdom especially their defences against invaders; he knows that somehow, he got their admirations and loyalties.

The next day, King Attikus has a visitor in Greenorth Kingdom.

“My King, an advance party of a beautiful crowned Princess, would like to extend a message with you.” Santi vowed first before stating the message.

“Princess who?” the valiant new King stands up with a little smirk on his face.

Santi smiled at the reaction of his King. “The crowned Princess of Gladian Kingdom your Highness.”

“Princess Hernane?” The King was somewhat surprised.

“Yes, my King.”

“Let that advance party come to me then.” King Attikus gave his right hand man a mysterious smile.

“Your Highness, King Attikus, I am here to bring the message of Princess Hernane, the crowned Princess of the Gladian Kingdom,” the advance party of the princess, a middle age man, with a scholarly look, vowed his head prior to stating his reason for coming.

“Go on.”Attikus said without blinking an eye.

“Princess Hernane, would like to inform you that she will be paying a visit to your Kingdom. She said she will be here to support you and to give her encouragement to all who were their previous people to fully give their trusts and loyalties to you.” Lengthy explanation of the middle age man.

Attikus arise from his King’s Chair and speaks sincerely, “Please tell your Princess that she will be welcomed by this Kingdom with full hospitality.”

King Attikus knew that he is in no position to go against the Gladian Princess; doing so would mean a threat to his Kingdom from her Father, King Liomo.

The next day, the crowned Gladian Princess Hernane arrived at the Greenorth Kingdom. She was personally welcomed by King Attikus himself, which made the heart of the royal lady swells in delight.

The beautiful princess vowed her head and said, “King Attikus, your Majesty, I am too honor that you allowed my visit and for personally welcoming me here.” She gave her most seductive smile to the new King.

“It’s my honor too Princess Hernane,” then King Attikus guided the young Princess inside the Palace.

“We have prepared a bountiful food for your arrival, Princess Hernane.” King Attikus stated as he led the woman to the royal table.

“Ow, so nice of you, your Majesty, but it is not yet time for me to eat. I am still full. Apology.” The Princess looks at the King and gently touches his left arm then said again, “I would be more than glad if you will accompany me in the garden your Highness. The garden here is my favourite spot.”

King Attikus obliged and brought the Princess at the Garden. The Princess with delight in her eyes, take a seat at the garden’s big swing and motioned for the King to sit beside her. Again, King Attikus obliged. Who is he to refuse this beautiful maiden?

“King Attikus, I will be straight forward. I admired you as I saw you fight at the Gladian Arena.” The Princess then shifted her position; now facing the King with her face almost touching the peak of King Attikus’ nose.

King Attikus could inhale the woman’s sweet scent and somehow his manhood is being affected. When was the last time that he held a woman in his arms? He cannot remember when. It has been long time ago.

As Princess Hernane came nearer and suddenly kissed him, King Attikus could not anymore control himself. He grabbed Princess Hernane up, and as they were standing already, he pressed himself against her then torridly kissed her. King Attikus could feel the rising of his blood and of his manhood. Unexpectedly, Princess Hernane wrapped both of her legs against his hips thereby thoroughly pressing her womanhood against his. He could not take it anymore, he caressed the woman’s buttocks underneath her long dress and he found out that she is not wearing anything on it. His manhood felt more alive. No one is in the garden except them. Slowly, King Attikus lowered Princess Hernane to the green grass in the garden, immediately removed his loin cloth and looked Princess Hernane with fire of desires in his eyes.

“Oh King Attikus, take me, take me.” Princess Hernane’s shaking voice is pleading.

With that, King Attikus plunged himself against the waiting haven of Princess Hernane that made the woman cried almost about to faint because of overwhelming pleasure. King Attikus started coming in and out of Princess’ Hernane’s womanhood in a slower pace until he made it speedier up to his full speed. As he could no longer hold himself, he made a deep thrust and grind within Princess Hernane, who is now moaning so hard in full delight. As King Attikus made his final pounce, he was already in dissolution and Princess Hernane’s eyes are twinkling with so much satisfaction.

“King Attikus, you can always have me if you want, and I warn you, I will not stop until you crave for me in complete surrender.” The straightforwardness of this Princess is admirable but King Attikus somehow felt off with her aggressiveness.

Gently, King Attikus whispered, “Princess Hernane, I am more interested to a woman who made me chase her and not me being chased by her.”

The Princess’ face lit with redness but with pride, she held up her chin, “I understand, so let us start our chasing game.” Mysteriously, the Princess smiled, stood up and excused herself stating that she wanted to rest already.

King Attikus made a deep breath when the Princess left.


A week after; the Greenorth Kingdom has been shaken. It has been attacked by the Evil Sentauros!

While fighting with the Sentauros, King Attikus again saw the golden haired woman at the back of her Phoenix, who from nowhere came to help them fight with the Sentauros. She had her arrows, which she used from up there, killing any Sentauros who would try to climb the walls of the Palace. With that, his men were given enough time to strategically positioned themselves at the top part of the Palace, prepared their fireballs to be thrown to the Sentauros down.

The woman at the back of her Phoenix was a great help for the Evil Sentauros to retreat. However, some of Attikus’ men has been killed and heavily injured including Attikus, who has been hit by a poisonous arrow in his right leg. As Attikus was about to fall down because of the poison in the arrow that hit him, a woman suddenly grabbed him.

When King Attikus woke up, he found himself, lying on his King’s bed in his palace; his dead and injured men were all there alive including Santi, his right hand man. At his room’s door was a beautiful, tall woman with dark green eyes, wavy, gold and long curly hair, clad in her warrior like clothing. Beside her is a big phoenix, whose eyes are same as hers and with golden feathers similar to her hair. At first sight, Attikus fell in love with the woman.

His men especially Santi saw the sudden glow in their King’s eyes as he fixed his gaze upon the woman at his room’s door.

“My King, she and her Phoenix helped us survived the attack of the Sentauros.” Santi immediately speaks when he saw the eagerness of the King to know the beautiful woman at the door.

King Attikus all of a sudden rose from his bed and with eyes still fixed on the woman, gently said, “I am Attikus my beautiful saviour. I will be highly honoured to know your name.”

The woman stepped forward, vowed her head and with a voice full of graciousness, speaks then, “I am Alondra, the Crowned Princess of the Lost Kingdom of Knossos.”

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