The Gladiator's Phoenix Queen/C4 CHAPTER 4 – Alondra and Phoenixia
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The Gladiator's Phoenix Queen/C4 CHAPTER 4 – Alondra and Phoenixia
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C4 CHAPTER 4 – Alondra and Phoenixia


King Attikus’ was in amazement as his feet advanced forward near the beautiful Princess of Knossos Kingdom.

“Alondra, how can I forget you? I have been looking for you for quite some time already,” he said while trying to reach for the beautiful face of the princess.

Princess Alondra retreated, avoiding the hands of the mighty King to touch her face. “Why is that so King Attikus?” she asked.

“Aside from saving me yesterday, you helped me get everything that I have now my princess. Without you, I might have been dead months ago. It was you who helped me defeat the three eyed monster during my fight at the Gladian Arena.“ Smilingly, King Attikus hold the hands of the golden haired Princess and deeply kissed them with gratefulness and sincerity.

With sparkles in his eyes, the valiant King declared, “Tell me my Princess whatever you like and this humble King will gladly give it to you and to your phoenix.”

“Nothing. I would not ask anything for something I gave freely. Have a rest King Attikus and be fully healed.” Then the beautiful Princess and her Phoenix flew from the window of the King’s room after excusing themselves.

King Attikus and his men could not do anything but to follow with their eyes the golden haired princess and her phoenix, until their forms are no longer visible.

“Santi, I wanted to know where Alondra and her phoenix live. Could you do that for me?” King Attikus asked after he could no longer see even the tail of Alondra’s phoenix.

“Of course my King. I will try to look for them,” Santi replied with a mischievous smile on his face. He can sense that their King is interested with the golden haired princess.

King Attikus glanced at Santi and saw his mischievous smile. He smiled back and patted his right shoulder. “By the way, we need to be ready always; the Sentarous might return or let us plan of attacking them too.”

Santi vowed his head. “Yes my King. We need someone to act as a spy to check the activities of Sentarous in their Kingdom.”

“Their group staying at Knossos Kingdom seems small in numbers and weaker compared to their group in Sentauron Kingdom It will be easier to attack their Kingdom in Knossos then.” The King suggested which his group of men and/or soldiers agreed.

Thereafter, King Attikus dismiss his soldiers. “Every one, you can go. Santi please stay.”

“Yes, my King.”

“Santi, I wanted to get the Knossos Kingdom from the Sentauros, to give it back to its rightful Queen.” King Attikus looked at his right hand man, who nodded in agreement.

“We will get it back from the Sentauros my King. Princess Alondra deserves to rule her parents’ Kingdom and not the Sentauros.” Santi stated with conviction on his tone.


Princess Alondra and Phoenixia reached their Phoenix Place called Paradise at the top of Mount Olympus. This is where Phoenixia and now Alondra live. After the death of her parents and the captured of their Kingdom by the Sentauros, Alondra found herself as someone who has nothing except for the diamond ring that she is still wearing that came from Prince Perci of the Kingdom of Abila. She knows that Prince Perci was able to flee and survived when the Sentarous attacked them. She knows further that she can come to his Kingdom as his fiancée, but she decided not to do so. She has nothing to be considered as a Princess fitted for a Prince like Perci; maybe someday, when she already regained her lost kingdom.

Suddenly, King Attikus flashed into Alondra’s mind. A swift smile crossed into her lips as she remembered him looking at her adorably. She cannot remember that he was the man she helped at the Gladian Arena. During that time, all she was thinking was to save a human from that three-eyed monster, who has killed so many human beings already.

Alondra caressed Phoenixia’s fine feathers. “Phoenixia, when can I reclaim the Knossos Kingdom? It has been more than one year when my parents died but I have not regained their thrones yet.”

Phoenixia flipped its wings and looked at Alondra. From Phoenixia’s eyes Alondra saw the answer. She saw a valiant man flashed through Phoenixia’s eyes. Her eyes narrowed.

“King Attikus?!” Alondra exclaimed while looking at Phoenixia with wonder.

Pheonixia flipped its wings again and moved her beautiful tail back and forth.

King Attikus on one hand is standing in front of his room’s window. He is looking at the sky, searching for a flying phoenix with a golden haired princess on its back. But to his dismay, he only saw flying birds going to and pro.

“Ahh, Alondra, my Princess Alondra, when can we meet again?” he murmured.

No one knows where the phoenix and her golden haired princess live. Even Santi could not locate them.

King Attikus, walked back to his bed. He needs some rest and presto, he will be back to his normal, strong self again. He left the window open with hope that Alondra and her Phoenix will come all of a sudden.

King Attikus fell into his deep slumber. In his sleep he dreamt about the golden haired princess with her phoenix roaming the sky happily. He vividly saw her twinkling face as she stood up at the back of her phoenix and raised her two hands like she was totally free. Then from somewhere, roaring winds came and swept her like cotton; she fell from her phoenix’ back as the wind encircled her and swallowed her. He shouted her name until he could not see her anymore.

King Attikus woke up sweating. He sat up on his bed with rugged breathing. Suddenly, he felt that someone is looking at him. He abruptly looked at the window and there he saw her golden haired princess smilingly standing inside her room beside the window, where her phoenix sat silently.

“Princess Alondra,” he gently whispered.

The young woman walked towards his bed and sat at the edge thereof. “How are you King Attikus?”She asked gently.

“Totally fine now that you are here my princess.” King Attikus‘ voice was shaking. Thinking about his dream, he wanted to embrace Alondra.

“King Attikus, are you fully awake now?” she asked again.

“Yes, Yes I am.”

“Can we talk? I mean I need to tell you something.” Princess Alondra became hesitant for a while.

King Attikus smiled. “You can tell me Princess, I will be honoured to listen.”

“Will you let us stay in your Kingdom in the meantime? I can be one of your soldiers. I know how to fight.” Princess Alondra shyly said but with seriousness in her voice.

The King’s face glow in a second upon hearing the woman’s request. “Of course, you can stay here in the Palace but not as a soldier but as my special and dignified visitor. Your Phoenix can stay too.”

Alondra’s face suddenly lit with happiness and Pheonixia flipped its wings.

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