THE GLADIATOR'S PHOENIX QUEEN/C5 Alondra and Phoenixia at Greenorth Kingdom
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THE GLADIATOR'S PHOENIX QUEEN/C5 Alondra and Phoenixia at Greenorth Kingdom
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C5 Alondra and Phoenixia at Greenorth Kingdom


King Attikus chose one of the biggest and most beautiful rooms in his palace. He even asked one of the palace’s servants to clean it again, decorate and replace all the beddings and curtains. He is too excited that Princess Alondra and her phoenix, which he knows the name now as Phoenixia, will be staying at the Greenorth Kingdom from now on.

Alondra and Phoenixia, are walking unto the garden of the palace. Phoenixia flipped its wings when they reached the garden. “Phoenixia look! Just like in Knossos Kingdom and Paradise, Greenorth Kingdom has a garden too. This might be your favorite place here too.” Alondra gently caressed her twin phoenix’s head. Phoenixia in return swayed her tail left and right, letting Alondra understand that she is right with what she said.

King Attikus saw Alondra and Phoenixia in the garden. He was mesmerized by the way the Princess speaks with Phoenixia like it is human.

“Princess Alondra, you and Phoenixia might want to rest already. Your room is ready now.” King Attikus walked forward going to the garden area.

Alondra turned her head when she heard King Attikus’ voice. “Thank you King Attikus. Phoenixia here is still enjoying this garden.”

“Yes, I can see that. Good thing Pheonixia likes the Palace’s garden.” The King smiled. Suddenly, he remembered something in this garden but immediately removed it in his mind.

For several times, Princess Hernani visited him but he always made sure that he was away when she was around. He does not want to happen again what happened between them in this garden, especially now that he found Alondra already.

“Remembered something or someone King Attikus?” Alondra asked upon seeing that the King was in deep thoughts. She is too keen when it comes to observing people around her.

“Ahh nothing Princess.” He tried to smile at the woman. He became aware that Princess Alondra is a very observant person.

“King Attikus, please let me join in your soldier’s troop. I wanted to help. I don’t want to be just a visitor.” The princess’ eyes are somewhat pleading looking directly at King Attikus.

King Attikus shook his head. How could he tell her that he wants her safe? He does not want her to be hurt or put her life into any risk. “I am still thinking where to put you but not in my soldiers troop. They are all men there.”

“Alright. Thank you,” she softly said and then caressed Phoenixia’s feathers again.

King Attikus spotted the diamond engagement ring on the Princess’ hand. “Whoever gave you that ring, he is very lucky,” he said in an unfathomable tone.

Princes Alondra was surprised upon hearing the words of the King. She looked at her ring finger and shook her head sadly. “I am just wearing it as I don’t know where to put it; but I am not sure if he still remembers me.”

“May I know the man’s name who gave you that?” The King who is jealous now tried to be nosy.

“Prince Perci of the Kingdom of Abila.” Alondra said while shrugging her shoulders.

King Attikus’ expression became serious. “I see.”

Alondra just smiled and caressed Phoenixia’s feathers again.

“I hope that Prince Perci will not remember you.” King Attikus murmured.


King Attikus called Santi upon returning and sitting on her King’s throne.

“Yes my King” Santi vowed his head.

“Santi, check everything about Prince Perci of the Kingdom of Abila. I need to know him,” King Attikus instructed his right hand man.

“As far as I know Prince Perci is a very handsome young Prince my King.” Santi is trying to hide a smile. He has a hint why his King is interested to know about this Prince Perci.

“How handsome?” The King asked with narrowed eyes.

“Hmmm, as handsome as you my King but you are more valiant than he is. As far as I know during the attacked of Sentarous at the Knossos Kingdom, he just fled without giving any help to the Princess of Knossos.” Santi now is smiling.

“Know if he is still unmarried until now. That is what I want to know.” King Attikus looked at Santi seriously.

“Yes my King. I will do that.” He vowed his head and asked the King if he still needs something else from him. When the King shook his head, Santi excused himself and go.

King Attikus, in a way felt insecure knowing that Prince Perci is a young and handsome man. But knowing that he is a coward one, he wanted to laugh. He sighed, stood from his throne and visited their training field.

While at the training ground, Santi came and whispered something to him.

“My King, I was not able to lie to Princess Hernani because she said she saw you already. She is at the garden,” Santi whispered.

“What?! Are you kidding me? Bring her at the veranda. I don’t want her at the garden. That garden is for Alondra and Phoenixia,” King Attikus whispered back to Santi.

Santi almost laugh at the reaction of his King. “Alright my King. I will bring Princess Hernani at the veranda.” He nodded and excused himself from King Attikus.

From her room in the second floor of the Palace, Princess Alondra could see from her window the training field. There are soldiers who are practicing self- defense and use of swords. She became excited. She decided to go down as she wanted to join them, if the King will agree.

“Hmm, Phoenixia, stay here in the room okay? I will just go down.” She caressed the bird’s feathers and it wiggled its tail as a response.

Princess Alondra walked into the corridor of the palace. Before reaching the stairway that would direct her down to the ground floor, she passed by the veranda in the second floor. She paused when she saw the back of a sexy figure wearing a yellow long dress. She seemed like sipping some wine.

“Who is she?” Princess Alondra murmured.

As if the woman felt that someone is looking at her, she suddenly turned around and she saw a tall, young, blonde haired woman with a face that could launch a thousand ships. Princess Hernane’s eyes narrowed as she slowly walked towards the blonde haired woman.

“You must be new here? I have not seen you around before.” Princess Hernane said as she looked at the woman again from head to foot.

Although she felt uneasy on how the woman in yellow dress looked at her, Alondra still managed to curl her lips with a smile. “Yes, I am just a visitor. If you will excuse me.”

“Wait, I haven’t got your name yet.”Princess Hernani’s right eyebrow rose instantly, while waiting for the blonde haired woman to reply.

“Alondra. My name is Alondra. It will be a pleasure for me to know you too.” Alondra smiled again trying to lighten up the air between them.

“Hernani, Princess Hernani of the Gladian Kingdom.” With chin held up, Princess Hernani introduced herself with pride.

“I see, nice meeting you Princess Hernani. You must be waiting for the King.”

“Ah yes, but he is coming already. Santi told me. Who are you visiting here by the way?” Hernani’s eyes keenly observed Alondra.

In a distance, King Attikus saw the two women. He walked briskly. “Princess Hernani!” he shouted.

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