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C6 Jealousy


As Princess Alondra heard King Attikus’ voice calling on Princess Hernani, she took that opportunity to immediately excuse herself from the Princess of Gladian Kingdom. She then walked fast and nodded to King Attikus as a sign of her greeting then continued walking, passing through without looking back at King Attikus and Princess Hernani.

King Attikus on one hand turned around and looked at Alondra’s back while walking, until she stepped down the stairs going to the ground floor.

Alondra directly went to the training field. Santi acknowledged her by nodding at her. “Welcome to our training ground Princess Alondra.” He then smiled.

“Santi, I wanted to join your training, would it possible?” Princess Alondra asked Santi, her eyes looking at the man with full of hope for his positive response.

“Ahh, Princess Alondra that I need to ask for the permission of the King. No women are allowed in the training ground and in the battlefield,” Santi apologetically replied.

“Is that so? Isn’t it much better if women too are taught how to fight?” I guessed that was the reason of the downfall of Knossos, because women could not help in defending the Kingdom in times of sudden attack from an enemy,” Princess Alondra softly said.

“Well, maybe we can propose that to the King, Princess Alondra. Actually, that would be a good idea.” Santi smiled in appreciation to the Princess’ suggestion.

Princess Alondra nodded and smiled back at Santi. She felt that Santi is easy to get along with. She seemed like a good man.

“I will just watch then Santi while your men are practicing, would it be okay?” Princess Alondra requested again.

“Yah sure, no problem. We can take our seats there.” Santi pointed on to a bench nearby. They then both take a seat and continued to chitchat.


At the veranda in the second floor, Princess Hernani is looking at King Attikus intensely while her right hand is holding a wine glass that she is sipping from time to time.

“King Attikus, I met a woman here a while ago, a beautiful woman with blonde hair to be more specific.” Princess Hernani’s tone is inquisitive.

“She is Alondra.” A short reply from King Attikus.

King Attikus is still thinking if it is appropriate now to divulge to Princess Hernani that Alondra is the crowned Princess of the fallen Kingdom of Knossos. As far as he knows, Princess Hernani’s father, King Liomo has a strong connection with the Sentauros’ King, who happened to be the cause of the Kingdom of Knossos’ fall.

“I see, so why is she visiting here?” Princess Hernani asked again.

King Attikus did not answer Princess Hernani’s recent question about Alondra, instead he changed the topic by asking, “May I know why you are here Princess Hernani? Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Oh, nothing. I just missed you King Attikus. That’s my only reason for coming here.” Princess Hernani then seductively smiled at King Attikus, which the latter tried to ignore.

“I see, I thought you have an urgent matter that you need my help.”

“I do have King Attikus. Is missing you not an urgent matter?” Princess Hernani stepped forward until she is already too near with King Attikus.

“Princess Hernani, I guess it is not right to be showy here. Anyone can see us here.” King Attikus tried to avoid inhaling Princess Hernani’s breath. He made one step backward.

Princess Hernani’s eyes narrowed. She felt insulted with King Attikus’ action. “Did you not miss me King Attikus?” she asked with narrowed eyes still.

King Attikus kept his silence and just looked at Princess Hernani. He does not want to give her hope if he will tell her a lie and answer her question with a yes. Again, King Attikus changed the subject by asking, “Would you want to eat Princess Hernani? I have asked our Palace Chef to cook something for us.”

“Are you avoiding me intimately King Attikus? Is it because of Alondra?” Princess Hernani’s disgust can be seen now.

“No, Princess Hernani. I just think that it is not appropriate right now to think of something to do beyond friendship. I still owe your Father the respect he deserves and respecting you as a woman and as a friend would be the first thing to do.” King Attikus explained hoping that Princess Hernani would not be agitated more.

“I cannot take that answer. At the onset, we already did, what friends should not do, unless you forget King Attikus, I will let you remember it.” With a swift move, Princess Hernani put down her wine glass on the nearby table, grabbed King Attikus’ face and kissed him hard.

At that time, Santi and Alondra are walking at the second floor, passing by the veranda.

Santi’s eyes grew wide upon seeing King Attikus and Princess Hernani. He tried to look away and planned to grab Princess Alondra somewhere, but the latter already saw, what he saw.

“Princess Alondra, I guessed we have to move now and walk fast from here.” Santi suggested without looking at the Princess. He is worried what Princess Alondra would think between King Attikus and Princess Hernani.

Princess Alondra, looked at Santi with questions in her eyes, but Santi kept his mouth shut. He has nothing to say.


King Attikus, with full force, detached himself from Princess Hernani’s embrace and kisses.

Princess Hernani was so shocked upon thinking that King Attikus’ action was a way of rejecting her.

“Are you rejecting me now King Attikus, after what we have shared in the garden?” Her face’s expression is full of hurt.

“Please do not misunderstand me Princess Hernani. I just want us to know more about us, before delving again into any physical intimacy.” King Attikus directly looked into the eyes of Princess Hernani. He wanted to let her feel embarrass so that she will stop with her sexual advances.

“Are you acting like hard to get now King Attikus?” Princess Hernani asked with irritation in her tone.

“No. I just want that things between us should not be purely about sex Princess Hernani. I don’t want you to feel used. I hope you understand my point.” King Attikus is getting impatient now and Princess Hernani detected so.

“If that is the case, then I will excuse myself now. I’ll just visit some other time, when we can talk like friends, as you said.” She then walked fast without looking back at King Attikus.

King Attikus just shook his head and breathe deeply to calm himself. It took so much courage in him to control himself. He is a man and Princess Hernani is a beautiful and voluptuous woman that no man in his proper frame of mind could refuse her. Maybe right now, he is not in his proper frame of mind because of Alondra. He does not want to be too involved now with Princess Hernani as he does not want to regret his actions later on.

Thinking of Princess Alondra, he immediately looked for her but it was Santi whom he saw.

Upon seeing his King, Santi move fast beside him and whispered something to him.

King Attikus’ face grew ashen as he heard what Santi have murmured to him.

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