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Looking at Tao Feng's expression, Ling Zhang knew that today's matter was already more than half done.

The Tan Yang was a very special place, and the authority of the State Guard was greater than that of the civil officials led by Tao Feng. In his previous life, the reason why the officials of the Tan Yang Palace were so adamant on not letting him go was because of the pressure exerted by the State Guard Commander behind his back, and also because of the support of Zhang Chong, the Jia family dared to be so arrogant.

The Tan Yang had basically become one of the State Guard's words. It was not exaggerated for the State Guard Commander to say that he was the local Emperor.

And what Tao Feng loathed the most was having Zhang Chong do things on top of his head. Fang's words were like a knife stabbing into Tao Feng's heart.

Fang bit her lips. She knew that she had deeply offended Tao Feng, so it would be even harder for her to repair her relationship with him. However, Jia Yuanling's pleading for help from the side had provoked her again and again, so she wanted to buy time for Zhang Chong to save the situation.

"Lord Tao, Commander Zhang has always liked Yuan Ling a lot and has always treated him as his own nephew. Now that you want to capture Yuan Ling, I wonder if you are going too far by saying that."

After Fang finished speaking, Ling Zhang let out a cold laugh.

Fang's gaze immediately turned to Ling Zhang, her tone was freezing cold and resentful: "What are you laughing at?"

"I'm laughing at your ignorance and foolishness." Ling Zhang ridiculed.

"What did you say!?" When the elders like me were speaking, not only did you interrupt but also slander me, you are too presumptuous! " The Fang was furious and said maliciously: "As expected, those who don't have a father and mother's upbringing cannot get onto the stage."

Ling Zhang's gaze quickly became cold, "If my parents were like you, I would rather not have such a foolish mother like you, Jia Yuanling is really unlucky. With a mistress like you in the Jia family, the ancestors of the Jia family would definitely be angered to revive from their grave."

"According to the Law, State Guard cannot interfere in local affairs, and military affairs cannot intersect, but right now, not only do you want the State Guard to obstruct our most authorized local official from handling the case, you also want to threaten the Lord Tao and use military power to suppress the government. Mrs. Jia, can I think that you, on behalf of the Jia family, have ignored and stood above all the law? Could it be that Commander Zhang Chong has already associated with you guys, treating the law as a child's game, and stepping on His Majesty's warning under his feet? Could it be that the entire Tan Yang has become Zhang Chong's and your Jia family's domain? Could it be that you already have the intention to rebel? "

His words were sonorous, righteous, and strict. Everyone's expressions changed.

Fang's face instantly turned white, she anxiously refuted under the questioning gazes of Tao Feng and the others: "No, please be clear, I have no such intention even a little bit"

No matter how calm the Fang was, she was still a woman. She couldn't help but panic when she faced Ling Zhang's heinous crime.

Tao Feng's face became even more imposing, he looked at Ling Zhang with respect, then turned to Fang and said sternly: You do not need to speak anymore, if you have anything to say, let's talk about it in the court!

Fang took a step back, her pursed lips slightly trembling. She was both frightened and angered by Ling Zhang to the point that her chest couldn't help but rise and fall, yet she couldn't find any words to refute.

Ah — cousin!


One of the five childes, including Jia Yuanling suddenly broke free from his bindings, and as if he was crazy, he started to kick things, smash things, and smashed the potted plants that Ling Zhang had specially moved over for the sake of laying down the Bewitching Formation.

Ling Zhang frowned, then felt joy in his heart.

He had already achieved his goal, so there was no need for the Bewitching Formation anymore. Now that it was destroyed, he could avoid being seen through by others.

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