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"Second Master, not good, young master is in trouble in Jia Family!"

Prefecture Yamen. Ling Family's servant ran all the way to the same room and found Ling Zhaowen, who was the Second Master of Ling Family and was on duty.

Ling Zhaowen frowned, "Why are you yelling all the way in, you have no rules."

The servant quickly swallowed his saliva, and after catching his breath, he anxiously said: "Second Master, Young Noble is in trouble. Just now, Lord Tao's follower, Wang Ke, came back bringing his order badge back and urgently allocated ten servants of Yamen. Upon seeing me, he asked me to pass on to you that Young Noble is in trouble, Jia family's Jia Yuanling wants to wrongly accuse Young Noble of having an affair with Jia Yin's new concubine."

Ling Zhaowen's face changed, he suddenly got up, the chair fell with a clang on the ground, "What did you say?!"

The servant took another deep breath and continued, "... But this lie was seen through by everyone, now that Young Noble has brought Jia Yuanling up in court, the Lord Tao has called the servants of Yamen to go and arrest Jia Yuanling!

Ling Zhaowen heaved a huge sigh of relief. As his emotions went up and down, his back was covered in cold sweat. "Quick, go to Jia family!"

He brought his servants and hastily rushed to Jia family. On the way, Ling Zhaowen met a vast group of people, led by Tao Feng and Ling Zhang.

When Ling Zhang saw Ling Zhaowen, his cold and vicious expression was quickly replaced with pleasant surprise, and his eyes lit up, "Second Uncle!"

Even if he could reverse the situation and successfully apprehend Jia Yuanling and the others, it wouldn't be as pleasant a surprise as seeing his own close Second Uncle at this moment.

This was the living Second Uncle, and the perfectly sound Second Uncle.

Ling Zhang's chest felt heavy, and his throat seemed to have been blocked by something. His eyes quickly reddened, as if he would not be able to control himself from crying if he were to say one more word.

Ling Zhaowen saw with his own eyes that his own nephew had suffered a great grievance, and immediately felt his heart ache. He quickly walked over, raised his hand and steadily pressed on Ling Zhang's shoulder, using his eyes to appease him, he turned and looked at Tao Feng with a serious and angry expression: "Lord Tao, what happened?"

"Zhaowen, Ling Zhang was wronged in this matter, I will seek justice for him." Tao Feng said.

"My nephew is usually the most courteous and upright, he actually dares to wrongly accuse my nephew, this is going too far!" Ling Zhaowen shouted in anger.

Tao Feng consoled him, "All of us have clearly seen this matter. Don't worry, we have caught all of the people who were truly involved with Jia Yin’s concubine, including Jia Yuanling and other few people, and will definitely not let Ling Zhang receive an unfair treatment."

Ling Zhaowen was shocked. What? He had only thought that Jia Yuanling had wrongly accused Ling Zhang, but he never expected that Jia Yuangling would actually do something immoral that even an animal wouldn’t do!

Ling Zhang raised his hand and grabbed Ling Zhaowen's sleeve, gently shook it, and then hoarsely shouted: "Second Uncle."

Although Ling Zhang was barely able to calm himself down, his voice was still low and hoarse.

"Let's not block the path of the Lord Tao, returning to the Prefecture Yamen is more important."

Ling Zhaowen looked at his nephew's eyes, as though he had understood something, he immediately gave way to Lord Tao, "Lord Tao, please."

Tao Feng nodded his head, he then looked at Ling Zhang with his eyes filled with implicit praise, and led the group continue heading for Prefecture Yamen.

Ling Zhaowen walked side by side with Ling Zhang and said in a low voice, "Tell me what happened quickly."

Ling Zhang told Ling Zhaowen everything that had happened in the Jia family, and then said to Ling Zhaowen: "Second Uncle, quickly go and invite the Lord universal adjudication to Yamen."

Ling Zhaowen had already understood what was going on. After hearing Ling Zhang's words, he frowned and said in a measured voice: "Zhang Er, you should know that universal adjudication had already been bribed by Zhang Chong a long time ago. It's useless even if he comes."

Probably because he did not want Ling Zhang to feel bad, Ling Zhaowen's tone of voice contained some hesitation and awkwardness.

"Second Uncle, I know. I didn't ask you to invite universal adjudication here to uphold justice, but …" Ling Zhang whispered the remaining words into Ling Zhaowen's ear: "What if Zhang Chong wants to rebel? The universal adjudication is leaving for the capital in a month. If he finds out about this at this time, do you think the alliance of interests between him and Zhang Chong can still be that firm? He will suspect and be apprehensive and Zhang Chong will definitely have his own misgivings as well. "

"Rebel?" Ling Zhaowen was shocked.

Ling Zhang held onto his hand tightly, steadied him, and said: "Second Uncle, of course Zhang Chong isn't really rebelling."

"Then why …"

"We're just guiding them verbally." Ling Zhang stared at him, "Next we will have a tough battle to fight. Zhang Chong will definitely rush over to save Jia Yuanling. We must let Zhang Chong have some scruples in order to suppress him, if not, everything that I have done today would have been in vain."

Ling Zhaowen was not stupid, he of course understood everything very quickly, "Will it work?"

"What happened today was in our interest. All of the guests present were my witnesses, and I have already made the preparations." Ling Zhang told Ling Zhaowen what he had said to Fang back then.

Ling Zhaowen was shocked, he never thought that Ling Zhang would say such words. He looked at Ling Zhang's eyes that flickered with a sharp light, and could not help but have a great change of the way he looked at his nephew.

"Second Uncle, we don't have much time left, you have to hurry." Ling Zhang said to him.

Ling Zhaowen rushed over in a hurry to protect his nephew from the wind and rain. He did not expect his nephew had already planned everything properly, and that he would actually be persuaded.


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