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"So what if this was the truth…"

It was unknown if it was Ling Zhang's calmness that provoked Jia Yuanling. He spoke painstakingly with his bloody mouth.

"You admit it." Ling Zhang clenched his hands behind his back and stared at him.

Jia Yuanling laughed in ridicule. He said with his bloody mouth, which looked extremely disgusting, "You think you can convict me with just these few people?"

"You think I can't? Now you are kneeling on the court. " Ling Zhang said coldly.

"Cough cough, hehe …" Jia Yuanling spat out a mouthful of blood, and looked at Ling Zhang with ridicule: "You think that Tao Feng can do anything to my Jia family? In your dreams!"

"Young master!" Other people did not have any reactions yet, but the butler of Jia Family was so scared that he anxiously stopped Jia Yuanling, perspiring in cold sweat.

"What are you shouting for?" Jia Yuanling suddenly turned and fiercely glared at him, "You bunch of useless things, you just watched as I got beaten up and didn't even shield me. When my foster father came, he will peel your skins off! "

"Yuanling!" This time, even the Fang was shocked, she anxiously berated Jia Yuanling, trying to conceal it: "What nonsense are you spouting?"

Tao Feng's face was already as black as the bottom of a pot, his gaze causing Fang's scalp to go numb.

"Foster father? You actually recognize Zhang Chong as your father. " Ling Zhang said to Jia Yuanling.

"Surprised? If I didn't pity for you and make you follow me, do you really think you're a noble young master of Tan Yang? You bastard have no parents, do you really think that your old grandpa can support you? You Ling Family are not aware of what kind of people you are and even dare block the way of my Jia Family, and you even want to punish me? Wishful thinking!" Jia Yuanling said arrogantly.

Everyone in the court was shocked by Jia Yuanling's arrogance, and the commoners outside once again began to discuss loudly.

On the surface, Ling Zhang looked angry, but in his heart, he wanted to laugh out loud.

Because he had already spotted Second Uncle and another middle-aged man in official uniform walking in from the crowd.

The timing was so appropriate. He was still thinking of how he should trap Jia family, but Jia Yuanling took the initiative to hand over the handle of himself.

"Looks like what I said wasn't wrong. Jia family has already looked down on the government and law to such an extent, just because you recognized Zhang Chong as your foster father? Jia Yuanling, as long as Da Yue exists, no one can take a step over the law on this court, unless he wants to rebel! "

The middle-aged man who was about to enter the court suddenly hesitated, and his expression slightly changed.

Jia Yuanling's face also changed, his eyes staring straight at Ling Zhang.

"Since you said that if the Commander Zhang is here, then the rest of us will be in trouble. I want to see if he, Zhang Chong, is already lawless to such a point that, in the presence of the people of Tan Yang and under the sun, he actually dare make a right-to-wrong thing, trample on the law of Da Yue and act at his own will! "

"I wonder if he wants to kill us all, or he would trap the entire Tan Yang with his troop and prevent anyone of us from leaving Tan Yang! If he dares, I, Ling Zhang, am even less afraid. I, Ling Zhang, do not need to do anything, the imperial army will naturally come to seek justice for us! "

Ling Zhang said loudly.

The entire Prefecture Yamen was silent, and no one dared make a sound.

"That's right, I would like to have a look as well." Tao Feng broke the silence, enunciating every word.

"That's right, we want to see it as well!"

"Can he kill all of us, or what?!"

"I have always respected the State Guard, but I never thought that a mere Jia family would actually dare to be so arrogant just because he recognized the State Guard Commander as his foster father. Is the State Guard still the State Guard that I respect!?"

After the silence, people became boiling, the people shouted loudly, and the crowd became furious.

A group of people had just rushed to the exit of Prefecture Yamen when they heard these words. The leader's face darkened.

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