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Zhang Chong used a lot of strength in this kick, causing Jia Yuanling to be sent flying straight into a pillar!

That mouthful of blood was vomited all over the ground. Jia Yuanling could not believe that Zhang Chong would treat him in such a manner. "Father …"

"My son, my son!" Fang almost fainted from crying.

Zhang Chong's violent action stunned many people, the hostility and doubt of the citizens were replaced with fear. They became silent in an instant.

After kicking Jia Yuanling, Zhang Chong retracted his leg. He was satisfied with being able to stop them, and his sharp eyes swept the surrounding area, looking at Ling Zhang and Ling Zhaowen with disdain.

"Lord Tao, this evil creature deserves to be punished, I do not tolerate misbehaviors, I have overstepped my boundaries with this kick, I hope that Lord Tao will forgive me." Zhang Chong said, the muscles on his face twitched, making him look more sinister.

"Commander Zhang is too serious, since there are no objections, I will make a judgement in the case of Jia Yuanling framing Elementary Scholar Ling Zhang." Tao Feng said.

"Foster father...Save me …" Jia Yuanling struggled to make a sound, wanting to crawl over.

"Commander Zhang, I beg of you, please save Yuanling. Yuanling said the wrong thing just now, I apologize to you on his behalf, you can't just watch and do nothing!" Fang also turned and kowtowed towards Zhang Chong.

" Commander Zhang is not softhearted, is he?" Ling Zhaowen said.

"Lord Ling,are you looking down on me?" Zhang Chong's expression turned cold, becoming even more ferocious.

Ling Zhaowen was not afraid of him, and displayed an expression of wait-and-see.

"I know that the citizens of the Tan Yang have misunderstood me. Don't worry, I, Zhang Chong, am definitely not the kind of person who favors someone for personal gain. Everyone, do not waver your trust in the State Guard just because of a few words from others." Zhang Chong turned and said to the commoners outside.

Then, he turned around and said to Tao Feng: "Lord Tao, please make the judgment in the way it should be, I, Zhang Chong, have no objections to this judgement."

"Alright, I admire you." Tao Feng said, and then quickly convicted Jia Yuanling and the others.

Jia Yuanling was sentenced to three thousand miles of exile for twenty years. The other four people received different punishments according to their crimes.

Jia Yuanling didn't catch his breath for a moment. His chest heaved violently for a while, and then, he fainted.

Seeing that, the Fang rolled her eyes and fainted.

The servants of Jia family were all at a loss. Each and every one of them panicked, not knowing what to do.

There would be no change to the verdict.

"Master is wise." Ling Zhang said, "You are really the most unprejudiced judge alive. The people of Tan Yang are fortunate to have my lord here."

"Thank you, lord, for upholding justice for my Ling Family." Ling Zhaowen said.

"My lord is wise!" Some of the commoners outside shouted, and then many of them began to shout.

At this time, Tao Feng's reputation was very high, the guests who came with him to testify exchanged glances with each other, and also praised Tao Feng.

Zhang Chong's face congealed, and looked straight at Tao Feng.

After leaving the court, Zhang Chong suddenly turned to look at Ling Zhang.

It was a bloodthirsty gaze filled with cold malice, as though a ferocious wolf was about to tear Ling Zhang to shreds.

Even though it only lasted for a moment and the people around could not perceive it, Ling Zhang could still see the killing intent coming from Zhang Chong.

Ling Zhang calmly and unhurriedly looked into his eyes. It was inevitable that he would start a conflict with Zhang Chong, so he had been mentally prepared for a long time.

A gaze filled with killing intent was nothing. What he wanted was Zhang Chong's life!

He hadn't forgotten how dozens of Ling Family died before he was reborn.

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