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After putting the jade in dancer’s hand, Ling Zhang was ready to leave and find a place to hide to watch a good show, but the moment he turned around, his head suddenly swelled up and ached, he gasped for breath, the sight forward went dark, and his feet staggered and almost tripped on the floor.

"W-what's going on?" Ling Zhang pressed down on his forehead, "Why does it hurt so much?"

The worst part was that his vision gradually turned blurry, and he was unable to see the road in front of him.

Ling Zhang was shocked. It had been so difficult for him to revive and have the chance to revenge the Jia Family. Could it be that he would faint here and repeat the tragedy of his previous life again?

No, absolutely not!

Ling Zhang clenched his teeth and started to pant harshly, forcing himself not to fall down as he walked towards a secluded corner. By the time he found a hidden place with much difficulty, he was already drenched in sweat.

Just as he nestled up, Ling Zhang could no longer hold on and fainted.

After fainting, he was also very unsteady. Many strange things suddenly appeared in his mind. Small Confusion Formation, Small Life Stealing Formation, Small Concealment Formation, Small Concealment Formation … The knowledge He felt was very strange as well as familiar, but his memories were very blurry, as if he had learnt it before. It was just that now, the knowledge had been found in the depths of his brain at one go, and was forced for him to learn it again.

Some of them were drawn on the paper by his young pen, some of them were drawn by someone holding his hand on the ground, and some of them were personal experiences when someone threw him into the Confusion Formation and he cried for losing the way out.

Who taught him this? That voice was sometimes very gentle and sometimes very strict. It was so familiar that it made him want to cry. The warmth of his blood vessels slowly seeped out from the bottom of his heart. He remembered. It was his mother's voice.

How long had it been since he'd not heard his mother's voice?

His mother had died of illness and his father had disappeared. How long had it been since he had not felt any warmth and care of his parents?

He still remembered that when his mother died, there were many books in the study that his mother left behind. Many of them were about formations, but they were all burned down by his father later on because his father said that it was these ominous things that caused his mother's death.

After burning the books, his father disappeared. His grandfather and Second Uncle did not want him to feel sad, so they made the servants at home talk less about his parents, and gradually these things were not mentioned anymore. After he went through the academy's formal lectures, he had gradually forgotten about the formation that his mother had once taught him.

If he insisted on studying and did not forget, would Ling Family in his previous life be less passive? At least he had more power to do something, would it be different? After all, he had personally experienced the power of the Confusion Formation that his mother laid down once. If he knew the exact formation, would it be a chance to help the family members run away?

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as an 'if'. The tragedy of his past life had already happened, and Ling Zhang would never allow that tragedy to happen again in this life.

Ling Zhang began to desperately think back to all the knowledge in his mind regarding formations, not sparing a single drop, and used all of his strength to deeply imprint this knowledge into his mind.

After Ling Zhang completely collected all the knowledge, a long time seemed to have passed.

In fact, it had only been a while long enough just to make a cup of tea, there was no movement from the garden outside, but there would be soon.

The moment Ling Zhang woke up, he immediately came out from his hiding place, and his eyes darkened. It might just the right time to make the show bigger than imagined!

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