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Jia Yuanling's rear garden was a Jiangnan garden style, it was winding and elegant, thus providing convenience for Ling Zhang.

His mother had taught him the knowledge of formations that were suited to local conditions, and some even focused on the conditions of the world. However, the Bewitching Formation he was going to spell does not require a good timing. With the right position and nobody’s interruption, it is quite proper for him to confirm if it is as marvel as his mother had ever told him.

He set about to prepare for it once he made up his mind. Ling Zhang followed the memories he had just recalled, and moved all of the potted plants around the garden, and then moved a few stalks of plants that were used for ornamental purpose away to make room for some kind of fragrant potted plant in the corner of the back garden. In the end, he even changed the position where the dancer had fallen.

Just as he was about to finish setting up the formation, he heard some noise in front, so he quickly finished the last part and prepared to hide. But who knew that just as he stood up and accidentally saw dancer's body, he suddenly felt dizzy. He didn’t feel right and immediately left from the raw door.

Even as the one who set up the formation, he was affected by it. He was looking forward to the effects of the Bewitching Formation more and more.

At this time, the sound of intense footsteps could be heard from the corner leading to the back garden. Another voice was saying, "…" Father, is there a mistake? Zhang Di is not that kind of person, he is resting in his room while drunk, why would he do such a thing? "

It was Jia Yuanling's voice.

Then, he heard someone curse 'unfilial son' angrily, followed by the sound of someone being pushed to the ground.

"Yuan Ling, are you alright? There is no need for you to speak up for Ling Zhang."

That's right, why would Ling Zhang do such a shameful thing and be afraid of others finding it out?

Ling Zhang, who was hiding in the darkness, had a solemn face as he listened to their performance. His heart, which had been suppressed until now, started to churn with anger once again. Even at a time like this, Jia Yuanling was still acting, no wonder he could not see through him in the previous life.

"Master, they are here!" someone shouted.

It seemed that they had discovered the dancer. and stepped into the Bewitching Formation.

Ling Zhang walked forward a few steps out of the cover so that he could see what was happening inside the formation without anyone noticing him.

People were crowded over there, headed by Jia Yan, the present Chief of Jia Family, and Behind him were all the guests who had come to visit the Jia family. There were Tao Feng , the governor of Tan Yang and his son Tao Yi, He Zhongming, the Chief of the He Family from the east entrance of the city, as well as a few other influential people of the Tan Yang. There were even some female family members present!

Logically speaking, these people were outsiders, they should not be present at such an occasion. However, perhaps Jia Yuanling and the rest wished for more people to know about his' shameful matter ', and actually lured these people over.

The situation in his previous life was too chaotic, Ling Zhang simply did not have the time to differentiate the people surrounding him. He only knew that many people, as if the entire Tan Yang were present. He still remembered the scold and contempt from them.

In this life, he was finally able to clearly see the faces of these people, and made the match with the sources of scold and contempt from his memories. Ling Zhang's eyes also became cold.

"Ah —" Suddenly a woman screamed, "There!"

"Gods! How could this be?! It's actually real!"

"Bitch! Bitch!" Seeing the hint of sex and dirt in the unconscious dancer, Jia Yin was so angry that he couldn't speak for a long time. His face was completely red, and veins were popping out from his neck, "This damned bitch! I will kill her! "

"How can this be? Zhang Di really did such… " Jia Yuanling was about to say something, but when he saw that there was only one dancer lying there, he stopped. It was as if someone had grabbed onto his neck, and his face contorted a little.

"No, didn't they say that the one committing adultery with this woman is Ling Zhang? Why don't we see him?"

"That's right, who exactly is the one committing adultery with the dancer?"

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