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"Is everyone looking for me?"

Just as these people were talking, Ling Zhang suddenly appeared behind them. His dress was neat and tidy, other than a little reeking of alcohol, he looked completely fine, and there were no traces of committing adultery with anyone.

"I was resting in my room when I heard such a ruckus. I was some distances away when I heard someone call out my name. What happened?"

The atmosphere suddenly froze, no one expected Ling Zhang to suddenly appear, and he seemed to be out of his business.

"Ling Zhang, how dare you to show up after all this!" Immediately, someone jumped up and pointed at Ling Zhang and scolded, "Yuan Ling treats you as his brother, but you betrayed your brother and committed adultery with his father's concubine!"

The others immediately regained their senses, and looked at Ling Zhang with suspicion.

Ling Zhang coldly snorted, his expression sinking. "What did you say!?"

"You clearly know what you did, how shameless are you to let us say it?" The people beside Jia Yuanling were the very ones that want the event to be worse.

Ling Zhang’s face turned harsh, and suddenly rushed forward, and before anyone could react, he kicked fiercely at that person's lower abdomen, causing him to be kicked backwards with a loud 'Ah' sound.

Everyone was stunned by Ling Zhang's kick!

"How bold are you to wrong me, Ling Zhang! Open your dog eyes and see clearly who I am, my Ling Family is not the one you can afford to offend!" Ling Zhang said each word icily, looking down from above at the person who was kicked to the ground. The anger and killing intent in his eyes could clearly be seen, and the fierce and merciless imposing manner was so powerful that no one dared to say a word.

"You, you dare to kick me?" That person sat up in a confounded state, and when his eyes made contact with Ling Zhang's, he even lost the aura to stand up, making himself stutter and stutter.

"Impudent, what do you take my Jia family as?! No assault here!" As the Chief of the Jia family, Jia Yin was the first to recover from shock.

Ling Zhang turned around to look at him, that pair of cold and vicious eyes made the hearts of Jia Yin and the people behind him turn cold, and they all unconsciously took a step back.

"Where?" I think your Jia family is a huge joke. Which father's concubine would sneakily come to his son's yard? Is your son's caretaker dead? Either he was intentionally letting her in, or this woman had the means to easily get in. No matter what it is, it can only prove that she was a regular guest, and that she did something shameful, so I don't think you all need my reminder to realize that. "

"Furthermore, this place is just a wall away from the Main Hall. Why can't the people in the Main Hall hear what was happening here? Why don't you investigate the dirty relationship between your concubine and your son? You want to use me as a scapegoat just because he has made her faint? Although I, Ling Zhang am alone here today, I am not someone easy to be bullied! "

"What do you mean!" Jia Yin was so angry that his fingers were trembling, looking at Ling Zhang's eyes, bursting out flames of anger.

"Are you deaf?" Ling Zhang was not the least bit pressured by his gaze. "I'm saying that your son and the few people around him are the ones who are adulterers with this concubine."

After Ling Zhang said this, everyone was shocked, and their gazes towards Jia Yuanling and the few people beside him were immediately filled with suspicion.

When they saw it, everyone was stunned?

He only saw that Jia Yuanling and the rest who were standing near the dancer have their faces and eyes red, and even have their breathing ragged, as though they had gone insane.

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