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Jia Yuanling usually acted how upright and respectful he was, but at this moment, his face was flushed red as if he was thinking about something ridiculous, which was extremely shocking.

Her father's concubine laid on the ground in a mess, as his son, he could not even move his eyes away. This was not only absurd but also an indirect proof of what Ling Zhang had just said!

Jia Yuanling gasped for breath heavily, doing his best to pretend to be calm, he did not understand why his mind would be so blank when he saw the lady's body or why his entire body was hot and dry, as though he had been possessed, and was unable to shift his eyes away, but no matter what, he had to quickly deny it!

"I didn't, Zhang Di, you should just admit it, don't try to argue and frame me anymore."

Jia Yuanling thought that he had covered it up well, but he didn't know that his sorry state was already exposed. If he didn't speak in this state, he might have been able to convince others, but now …

Ling Zhang swept his eyes across the crowd, he could clearly see their suspicion and disgust towards Jia Yuanling in their eyes, and knew that at this time, no matter what Jia Yuanling said, it would not be believed.

He sneered in his heart. What he suffered in the past, he now wanted to return it a thousand times to Jia Yuanling and the others!

"I framed you? Jia Yuanling, take a good look at the people behind you, and look in the mirror to see how you look like now. "

Jia Yuanling's face suddenly became unsightly, he looked at everyone, and finally figuerd out how people judged him, of course including his father face’s turning green as he pointed at him and wanted to curse him out of anger, but was unable to say a single word. Jia Yuanling quickly turned to look, and was stunned on the spot.

He only saw that the four childes following him all had flushed faces and their eyes were blurry. Saliva dripped from the corner of their mouths as they looked at the dancer on the ground in a crazed manner, and muttered to themselves, "... "This woman is too coquettish, how unforgettable it is after making love with her for once. Tsk tsk, how cold is she lying on the ground? Quickly come to big brother's embrace to let us warm you up."

Jia Yuanling opened his eyes wide, and looked at the few people in disbelief, "You, you all!"

"Eh? "What is this thing?" One of them touched the dancer's hand and the jade pendant. He took it out and looked at it for a moment, then turned to Jia Yuanling and said, "Yuan Ling, why is your jade pendant here, did you forget to take it away? Hurry and take it back, don't let anyone see it. "

Jia Yuanling's face expression changed greatly, and retreated, "What jade pendant, it's not mine!"

However the letter “Ling” carved on that jade pendant was clearly seen. Maybe at first glance, it looked very similar to 'Ling', but at the second glance, it looked very similar to the 'Ling'. There was no point arguing about it, however, since this jade pendant was often worn by Jia Yuanling, anyone who knew him knew this jade pendant.

"This is truly ridiculous. Brother Jia, having a son like this is truly unfortunate for your family."

"Exactly, and he was pretending that he really didn't know anything just now. His mouth is full of lies."



Curses of disgust came out from their mouths, Jia Yuanling's face completely crumbled, Jia Yin was so angry that he fainted, the people from Jia Family were instantly flustered.

"No, I didn't do it, it wasn't me, it was Ling Zhang, Ling Zhang!" Jia Yuanling pointed at Ling Zhang and said loudly, as if someone really believed him.

"You still want to frame childe Ling, do you think we are blind?"

Ling Zhang looked at this farce, and saw the ugly expressions of Jia Yuanling and the four people behind him being loathed by the crowd. He felt that his anger had been relieved, and he also felt sad for his previous life.

In his previous life, these people were easily guided by others and scolded him. Now, even if they scolded the right person, Ling Zhang had realized that it was impossible to rely on these people to reach a fair judgement. He needed to be strong enough to influence others, in order to be able to seek justice for himself.

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