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Jia yuanling’s arguing is pale and powerless. The guests present surely didn’t take themselves as idiots. Seeing that he still wanted to frame Ling Zhang, all of them started to scold him in anger and contempt.

Jia Yuanling staggered a few steps back. He looked at Ling Zhang, and his entire body shivered when his eyes met with Ling Zhang's cold and mocking gaze. Under the stimulation, his drowsy head actually became a bit clearer, as if he understood something.

"It's you!" Jia Yuanling gnashed his teeth, and looked at Ling Zhang furiously, "You did all this!"

Ling Zhang sneered, "The ones adulterating your father's concubine are not you? Isn’t it that you guys are in lust now? That jade pendant isn't yours? The ones who were caught on the spot weren't you? What does all this have to do with me? "

Jia Yuanling was forced to retreat a few more steps by Ling Zhang's string of questions. He had a guilty conscience, and now, he understood that Ling Zhang had already discovered their scheme a long time ago. Even though he clearly knew that Ling Zhang's answer was irrelevant, he didn't dare to confront Ling Zhang in front of everyone's faces.

"If you don’t want people to find out what you did, you’d better don’t do it. Jia Yuanling, what you did today, you should know it well enough, so you can't blame me for being ruthless."

The expression in Jia Yuanling's eyes when he looked at Ling Zhang was disbelief and panic. "You, you …"

Ling Zhang's miserable look was truly satisfying, the fists behind his back were clenched tightly, the excitement in his heart was clenched into fists. The anger and frustration he accumulated after crawling back from the evil spirits had finally found a tiny crack, but it was not enough, what he wanted was far more than what could be satisfied with just this.

"Lord Tao, how the son and father's concubine’s adultery to be convicted according to the Law."

With that sentence, all the voices were down, and the whole back garden became deathly silent. Everyone stared at Ling Zhang.

They had all witnessed Ling Zhang's actions and tone earlier, and now, they were looking at him with a hidden meaning in their eyes.

The childe of the Ling Family was different. The gentle and courteous person that was though of weakness before had suddenly become fierce and ruthless, causing people to wonder if he was pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger before, and was now the real Ling Zhang.

Tao Feng, the governor of Tan Yang thought so as well, all the people who worked as politicians were sly foxes, so the best way to settle this situation with Jia family was to let them solve it themselves, no matter which side they were on, they would only be in trouble, thus he had tried his best to lower the feeling of his own existence, but he was still carried away by Ling Zhang with a single sentence.

If it was in the past, Tao Feng would probably think that Ling Zhang was a big fool, but now, Tao Feng couldn't help guessing if there ware some other motives behind this action of Ling Zhang's.

"If the people of the Jia family were to report the officials, then according to our state’s law, Jia Yuanling and the dancer will both be convicted of adultery, and Jia Yuanling will be sentenced to exile for ten years, and the dancer will be sentenced to death. If the people of Jia family want to settle the score privately, then according to the Law, the crime of adultery is permitted to be punished privately. What Jia family wants to do with Jia Yuanling and dancer is Jia family's business. "

Tao Feng's answer was very cautious and seemed very objective as well.

But as long as Jia Yin was not completely confused about this, Jia family would definitely choose to settle it privately.

"If we add in the crime of framing someone, although Ling Zhang is not talented, he still has the title of Elementary Scholar. Everyone should have heard that Jia Yuanling slandered me just now, if I were to continue reporting, what kind of punishment would Jia Yuanling receive?" Ling Zhang asked again.

Tao Feng trembled, he finally understood what Ling Zhang was trying to do, he was planning to completely lose all decorum with Jia family.

His eyes met Ling Zhang's, and said slowly: "The crime of framing a person with fame is one grade worse than what it was before, according to the Law, should be exiled long for twenty years and as distant as three thousand kilometers without any commutation."

Bang! Jia Yuanling fell down powerlessly onto the ground, the servants of Jia family were also frightened, but Jia Yin was still unconscious. There was no one from Jia family could stand up. The whole scene was totally a mess.

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