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He was sentenced to be exiled for twenty years and three thousand miles. Once the sentence was executed, it meant that Jia Yuanling's life would be over.

However, if Jia Yuanling succeeded in framing Ling Zhang, the only person who would be over for the rest of his life would be Ling Zhang.

As a result, no one felt that Ling Zhang was ruthless, they were shocked by his sudden change in attitude.

"Ling childe!" Suddenly, a woman's voice interjected. A noble woman led a group of servants and walked out majestically from around the corner, "Yuan Ling did something wrong. He should have taken responsibility even if he was exiled. As his mother, I will absolutely not protect him. "But …"

Can you allow me to clean up the mess in front of us? A family's disgrace should be settled within the family, everybody please go back the hall. Jia family has added fuel to the fire today, after dealing with today's mess, our master will definitely pay all of you visits to apologize.

This woman was Jia Yin's wife, and was also Jia Yuanling's mother, Fang. The moment Fang came out, it was as if the servants of Jia family had a backbone, and the unconscious Jia Yin was quickly carried away to see a doctor. A few women used a cloth to casually cover the dancer's body, and four to five muscular men forcefully tied up the four childes who were already unconscious, including Jia Yuanling.

Fang's actions were crisp and clean, but Ling Zhang had to settle Jia Yuanling's crime today!

"Mrs. Jia is indeed a powerful being, I am deeply impressed, but since I am the victim, I should have the authority to request the authorities to immediately take Jia Yuanling in, Lord Tao isn’t it right?" Ling Zhang looked at Tao Feng.

Fang's expression stiffened, a trace of malice finally surfaced on her calm face, and her pair of ice-cold eyes looked coldly at Ling Zhang.

Ling Zhang was not afraid of her at all, he had even seen evil spirits before, what did this Fang count as?

Tao Feng stood between the two of them with a troubled look on his face, "This …"

"Lord Tao, you are the most powerful offical of the Tan Yang. Although my Ling Family is not any noble family, Jia Family is that better off than us anyway. Could it be that the Lord Tao is clearly biased towards the Jia family?"

Tao Feng had a thump in his heart as he looked at Ling Zhang's sharp gaze.

At this time, Tao Yi, who was behind him, suddenly spoke up, "Ling childe has misunderstood. My father came here as a guest today and if we want to take Jia Yuanling in, we have to send someone back to Prefecture Yamen to call for support."

Ling Zhang's gaze shifted towards Tao Yi, and he met his gaze with calmness and ease, to the point where a trace of admiration was hidden in his gaze.

Appreciate? Ling Zhang was puzzled. In his previous life, Tao Yi didn't have any connections with him. Tao Yi spent all year not in the Tan Yang, but studying in the capital. According to his knowledge, Tao Yi had only been in Tan Yang for a very short time during this period of time in his previous life. After the farce in the Jia Mansion, he had left the Tan Yang. And until the disaster happened in Jia family, he had no idea if he had ever come back.

In his previous life, Ling Zhang did not have much of an impression of Tao Yi. He did not understand why Tao Yi's attitude towards him had changed in this life.

Temporarily suppressing this doubt, Ling Zhang said: "So that's how it is. No problem, I am willing to wait. Mrs. Jia doesn't have any objection right? After all, you said earlier that you wouldn't stop Jia Yuanling from being exiled. "

Ling Zhang looked at Fang with his sharp and cold eyes, and met her cold and venomous gaze head-on. they stared at each other for a moment, and in the end, the Fang looked away, lowering her eyes slightly, revealing a weak look, "Ling childe, of course, I won't take back what I said, but Yuan Ling has always treated you as his own brother, and today, he has also gotten confused because of the alcohol. I apologized to you for what he did, so on occasion like this you still hold the idea of putting him to death?

"Mrs. Jia was wrong. First, even though Jia Yuanling had drunk a bit today, he had laid out his plan calmly, and his head was clear, so those who are not blind can't see anything. Second, even if he had drunk a bit, and used to commit adultery with Father's concubine, it's still a fact that he slandered me, and it's actually a fact that, in spite of the many years of friendship between us, he was the one who acted first, so it's only logical that I counterattack. Therefore, everything that happened today was Jia Yuanling's shameless and unrighteous move, and it wasn't me, Ling Zhang, who was unwilling to let go. If Mrs. Jia still wants to plead for mercy, then it would be relying on his strength to bully others. "

"You!" Fang was furious, he raised his head and glared at Ling Zhang.

"Lord Tao, please inform Yamen as soon as possible." Ling Zhang said to Tao Feng.

Tao Feng was helpless, Ling Zhang had his reasons, he was a victim, and there were so many people watching, if he did not accept it now, it would be too late.

Tao Yi secretly pulled on Tao Feng's sleeves, and said to him in a low voice: "Father, why are you worrying about this? Today's matter is Jia family's fault, and it is under everyone's eyes, so you only need to handle it impartially. If you continue to hesitate, it will only be the opposite of what you expext. "

Tao Feng's eyes lit up, and replied in a low voice: "I was muddle-headed for a moment, you're right."

Tao Feng immediately sent people to notify Yamen that they were here, his attitude was the opposite of what it was like before, and he became more unyielding.

Fang's face immediately became pale, both of his hands tightly grabbed onto the kernels s in his hands. He looked at Ling Zhang as if he wanted to ruthlessly cut off a piece of meat from Ling Zhang's body.

"No, Lord Tao, I was just muddle-headed, I did not mean to slander Ling Zhang," Jia Yuanling panicked when he saw that Tao Feng was really going to capture him and bring him to the Prefecture Yamen, "Considering I am from the Jia family, please forgive me."

"Lord Tao," At this time, Fang spoke again, "Why don't you ask the Lord Commander to come and help you handle this matter."

Ling Zhang's face turned cold, but before he could say anything, Tao Feng's face also became gloomy: "Mrs. Jia, who I want to punish is not up to others to interfere."

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