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The God Of War Forging System/C1 The War God System
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C1 The War God System

The Heavenly Cloud Kingdom, Southeastern Province, Spacious Sect.

Outer Sect, woodshed.

"Lin Ming is so pitiful. Lin Xin'er, whom he had been pursuing for three years, has fallen in love with someone else. He even went to argue with that person. He was almost beaten to death."

"The cruelty of this world is beyond your imagination."

"Three years have passed, but Lin Ming's cultivation base is still at the Fourth Layer of the Body Tempering Realm. However, Huang Yaofeng is one of the top three experts in the Outer Sect."

"This time, Huang Yaofeng has a high chance of entering the Inner Sect, and Lin Ming is only a pitiful Outer Sect disciple."

"He is not worthy of love."

Lin Ming heard these sarcastic remarks.

Inside the woodshed, Lin Ming could only smile bitterly.

He had transmigrated!

In his previous life, Lin Ming had been one of the top international hackers. He had created a network system that could hack into N Country's top-secret system.

He showed the shameless nature of N Country in front of all the people in the world.

The whole world was in an uproar.

Lin Ming had suddenly teleported to this place during the internal celebratory banquet.

He had been assassinated.

However, Lin Ming had transmigrated into the body of a piece of trash!

"Lin Ming, don't come looking for me from now on. We are from two different worlds. We can't be together."


"Don't call me that. It makes me feel very disgusted. If Brother Yaofeng hears it, he will think that I'm dirty. "

The girl said with a look of disdain.

"But, Huang Yaofeng only wants to play with your body. Sooner or later, he will abandon you."

"A lot of female cultivators in the sect have been deceived by him."

"If you slander Yaofeng again, don't blame me for being ruthless. Yaofeng has already decided to only treat me well."

The memories of his previous life's body's owner flooded Lin Ming's mind.

In the past, Lin Ming was very useless. In three years, he saved up all the resources and gave them to Lin Xin'er.

In order to help Lin Xin'er find cultivation resources, he was almost killed by the Vicious Beasts several times.

However, he ended up in a very miserable state.

When Huang Yaofeng's foot stepped on Lin Ming's chest on that rainy night yesterday, he could clearly see Lin Xin'er's cold eyes.

Lin Ming was very angry, but this was a world that advocated martial arts.

At the moment, Lin Ming's cultivation base was at the fourth tier of the Body Tempering Realm, while Huang Yaofeng's cultivation base was at the ninth tier of the Body Tempering Realm.

Huang Yaofeng could kill him with one hand.

"[Detecting the aura of an overlord from the master's body. Activating the Martial God Creation System.]"

Just as Lin Ming was feeling extremely depressed, a clear voice rang out in his mind.

Lin Ming was shocked, but he was once a top hacker and was no stranger to the system.

"System, please introduce the functions of the Martial God Creation System."

Lin Ming cleared his throat.

He tried his best to keep his emotions calm.

Whether or not he could rise up in this world would depend on the system.

"The purpose of the Martial God Creation System is to make its master into a peerless Martial God.

Every time you break through a major realm, you can unlock a new function of the Martial God Creation System.

Beginner's Gift Pack, 1. The initial cultivation base will increase by two times, and the martial skill proficiency will increase by two times. (Note: For every major realm you break through, the strength of these two functions will increase by 2 times compared to the original strength. )

For examples, if you break through to Earthly Origin Stage, the system will reward you with a four times increase in your cultivation. When you break through to Heavenly Origin Stage, the system will reward you with an eight times increase in your cultivation.

Newbie Gift Bag, 3. Skill, Sprinkle Lime.

Lin Ming finally understood. In his previous life, he was a top hacker and was very sensitive to numbers.

Generally speaking, the higher the realm of a martial artist, the slower his cultivation speed would be. However, the higher Lin Ming's realm, the faster his cultivation speed would be.

Lin Ming said excitedly, "Open the beginner's gift pack."

"Your cultivation base has begun to increase! Your cultivation base will be able to break through to the Ninth Layer of the Body Tempering Realm!"

Soon, Lin Ming broke through to the ninth layer of the Body Tempering Realm.

This must have something to do with Lin Ming's long-time cultivation.

Although he gave almost all of his cultivation resources to Lin Xin'er, his foundation was still very good.

This allowed Lin Ming's cultivation to reach the ninth layer of the Body Tempering Realm.

Furthermore, all of the injuries on his body were healed.

He began to level up his martial skills. The Air Bursting Spear, a high Grade Human Rank martial skill, had reached the Completeness realm.

The weapon Lin Ming practiced was a spear. The cultivation of martial skills was divided into four levels: First Glimpse, Mastery Entering, Understanding, and Completion.

Before, Lin Ming's Air Bursting Spear had already reached the peak of the Mastery Entering stage, but he was unable to break through to the next level.

Now the system had directly upgraded Lin Ming's Air Bursting Spear to the level of Completeness.

At this moment, Lin Ming felt like the long spear had become a part of his body.

Lin Ming picked up a sharp wooden stick from the woodshed and swung it with force. The sound of air being torn apart could be heard.

Then, there was a dull sound.

The tip of the stick easily pierced into the hard stone wall, but the stick did not break at all.

"Flow Like Silk is the symbol of mastering spear force."

When all the power in the long spear was concentrated at a single point, his grasp of the long spear reached the realm of Flow like Silk.

He had mastered the spear force. If he broke through again, he would be able to comprehend the spear intent.

Lin Ming smiled.

Although he had come to this world that advocated martial arts, with the Martial God Creation System, he would definitely become an expert.

He would definitely make Lin Xin'er and Huang Yaofeng look at him in a new light.

The third reward in the gift pack was lime.

Lin Ming read the introduction. Soon, a sinister smile appeared on his face.

After opening the firewood door, Lin Ming rushed out.

The surrounding people mocked and ridiculed him, but he didn't care in the slightest.

Right now, he only wanted to become stronger.

He needed to get used to his body and strength as soon as possible.

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