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C10 Lin Ming Still Loves Me

A figure flashed by.

Everyone was stunned, and their eyes widened.

A figure appeared beside Lin Ming in a flash. He grabbed Lin Ming by the shoulder and asked him in a shrill voice, "Did you use a Great Completion spear force just now?"

The Assessment Elder had lost his usual calm.

However, it was no wonder. The spear force was too difficult to comprehend.

To comprehend the spear force was extremely demanding on the martial artists. Not only did it require the martial artist to maintain a pure and kind heart on the basis of being proficient in martial arts, it also required them to have an extremely high level of comprehension towards a certain weapon.

"What do you think, Elder?"

Lin Ming asked with a mysterious smile on his face.

"I was too careless. I didn't notice at all that you were a hidden talent."

The Assessment Elder looked up at the sky and laughed.

However, his smile was bitter.

Because he had missed out on a genius. It was no exaggeration to say that Lin Ming's talent and potential were ten times greater than Lee Yasheng's.

Moreover, there was a possibility that Lin Ming would break through once again in the Spear Dao.

If he could comprehend the legendary spear intent, then practicing the spear technique would be like having the help of a god. In addition, if he were to use the same martial skill, his power would also increase dramatically.

Except for super geniuses, no one could comprehend the aura of the Great Completion spear intent.

"Great Completion spear force?"

"He's too powerful!"

"He's gifted!"

Hearing the Assessment Elder's words, the Inner Sect disciples were all extremely shocked.

There were also Senior Brothers in the Inner Sect who had comprehended the aura of weapons. However, those Senior Brothers were all Successor Disciples, and they were all much older than Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was too young.

He was only sixteen or seventeen years old!

When they thought of this, they were all stunned.

In comparison, they even felt that all these years of cultivation had been wasted.

Lin Ming had dealt them a huge blow.

The surrounding Outer Sect disciples were also very shocked. Some of them swallowed their saliva, while others sucked in a cold breath.

Although they felt that it was very powerful, they could not explain the reason behind it.

However, Lin Ming had changed from a useless person to a genius. It was a magnificent transformation. He had shocked everyone with just one change.

Lin Ming held a spear in his hand.

His strength was too terrifying. Huang Yaofeng's head almost exploded.

Other than that, there was something else about his strength.

They were Outer Sect disciples who used to beat and scold Lin Ming. But now, they were scared out of their wits by Lin Ming.

Now, Lin Ming's status and strength had increased dramatically.

Lin Ming had already secured his position as an Inner Sect disciple, and he was the first in this selection. They were really afraid that Lin Ming would settle accounts with them in the future!

"I announce that Lin Ming, Lee Yasheng, Huang Yaofeng, and the others have passed the Inner Sect Selection and successfully entered the Inner Sect."

The Assessment Elder looked at Huang Yaofeng, who was in a sorry state, and felt speechless.

Huang Yaofeng deserved it. Moreover, Lin Ming was really cruel.

"Sun Chen also entered the Inner Sect."

"The announcement has been completed. The rewards will be given out next. Lin Ming and Lee Yasheng, please take a step forward." The Assessment Elder said with a smile.

Even when facing such a powerful opponent, Lee Yasheng was still able to maintain his composure. There was a smile on his face.

This made the Assessment Elder feel a little more at ease.

After all, talent and comprehension ability were not the deciding factors in practicing martial arts. If a martial artist wanted to become a strong person, they still needed to have a mentality of never admitting defeat.

Now, Lee Yasheng's performance was not bad.

"A reward of one Essence Gathering Pill and a Spirit Stone."

"Lin Ming, pack your luggage and report to the Inner Sect tomorrow."

As the Assessment Elder spoke, he handed the reward to Lin Ming.

"Of course, Elder."

Lin Ming said respectfully. He turned around and left without hesitation.

"Bring Huang Yaofeng back and let him recover before reporting."

The Assessment Elder pointed at Huang Yaofeng, who was still lying on the ground as if he was dead. He wondered if Lin Ming had turned him into an idiot.

After hearing the Assessment Elder's words, the people who used to be loyal to Huang Yaofeng began to hesitate.

They were too snobbish and easily swayed.

After all, everyone knew how powerful Lin Ming was. They wanted to stay as far away from Huang Yaofeng as possible, afraid that if they got too close to him, they would provoke Lin Ming.

"Didn't you hear me?"

After seeing the anger of the Assessment Elder, a few of them walked forward.

However, they grabbed Huang Yaofeng's leg and dragged him towards his residence.

No one had anything to say. Huang Yaofeng himself had caused today's miserable state.

The annual Inner Sect Assessment had ended.

But right now, all of the Outer Sect disciples knew about Lin Ming, and all of the Outer Sect disciples who had offended him were very afraid of him.

The crowd arrived at Huang Yaofeng's residence.

Unlike other Outer Sect disciples, he did not stay in the shared house, but instead, he had his own private room.

Inside the room, there was a faint and elegant fragrance.

Lin Xin'er had just finished bathing, but her beautiful eyes were still a little red.

Lin Xin'er looked at her own beautiful face and sexy figure in the mirror. She was even a little suspicious of whether what she did was right or wrong.

In her heart, she more or less regretted it.

"No, I don't regret it. I would rather cry beside the Inner Sect disciples than laugh in front of useless people. "

"Brother Yaofeng is the best. I made the right choice!"

Lin Xin'er muttered to herself, firming her belief and encouraging herself.

At this moment, a muffled sound came from outside the door.

The sound startled Lin Xin'er. She quickly rushed to the door and saw Huang Yaofeng, who was usually tall and handsome, lying on the cold ground like a dead dog.

Huang Yaofeng's body was covered in dirt, making him look very miserable.

One side of his head was even deformed, as if it had been hit by something.

Lin Xin'er screamed, "What's going on? Brother Yaofeng is injured?"

After all, Huang Yaofeng was her everything now. What exactly happened after she left?

Hearing this, the two Outer Sect disciples moved away from Huang Yaofeng and Lin Xin'er as if they were trying to avoid a plague.

"What's going on?"

"Huang Yaofeng is really an idiot. He insisted on challenging Senior Brother Lin Ming, who was the first place in the Inner Sect Assessment. If it wasn't for Senior Brother Lin Ming showing mercy to him, Huang Yaofeng's brain might have exploded."

"Lin Xin'er, you have made a mistake in your judgment. You have lost a lot because of the small benefits."

"Let's get out of here. Don't let the Senior Brother Lin Ming know. Otherwise, we will be in trouble."

"Stay away from this shameless couple."

After saying a few sarcastic words, the two of them fled as if they were fleeing for their lives.

Lin Ming.

He was first in the Inner Sect Assessment.

Huang Yaofeng had challenged Lin Ming, but the result was that he had been beaten up to such an extent.

Lin Xin'er immediately extracted the key words from the conversation between the two Outer Sect disciples.

She fell down on the ground, and her delicate body could not help but tremble.

Other than shock, her heart was filled with regret.

She even began to feel wronged and started to cry.

After crying for a while, Lin Xin'er's delicate body suddenly trembled. She wiped her tears away, and her slightly red eyes lit up.

"This doesn't make sense. Why did Lin Ming attack Huang Yaofeng so heavily?"

"It's because of me? That's right. It must be because of me."

"Before, Lin Ming pursued me with a passion that lasted for three years and one day at a time. He must still love me. He must be waiting for me to repent and go to him. "

"Lin Ming still loves me. He won't take issue with my past. Yes, I'm going to find him now."

Lin Xin'er immediately stood up and stepped on Huang Yaofeng's face with one foot. However, Lin Xin'er did not notice this at all. She twisted her slender waist and ran toward Lin Ming's residence.

At this moment, the full moon was hanging high in the sky.

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