The God Of War Forging System/C11 A New Skill after Breaking Through to the Earth Yuan Level
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The God Of War Forging System/C11 A New Skill after Breaking Through to the Earth Yuan Level
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C11 A New Skill after Breaking Through to the Earth Yuan Level

In the evening, the moon hung down like a veil.

Lin Ming returned to the woodshed and sat down cross-legged. He adjusted himself to his best condition.

Tonight, he was going to swallow the Essence Gathering Pill and break through to Earthly Origin Stage.

The two breaths that came out of Lin Ming's nostrils surged out like white flood dragons.

At this moment, Lin Ming was prepared to consume the Essence Gathering Pill and start breaking through.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Lin Ming frowned slightly. Logically speaking, based on his current performance during the day, no one should dare to disturb him.

He simply stood up.

The door of the woodshed opened.

Under the moonlight, there was a pure and charming girl. She was wearing a thin layer of clothes that revealed her snow-white skin.

This girl's figure was extremely sexy. She seemed to have just finished bathing and her skin had an alluring fragrance.

This girl's legs were long and white.

This person was Lin Xin'er.

At this moment, her pair of slightly red eyes stared at Lin Ming in a daze.

Even though Lin Ming didn't have a good impression of Lin Xin'er, who was full of schemes and schemes, he couldn't help but be distracted by the memories of the original body's owner.

However, Lin Xin'er happened to catch Lin Ming's momentary absent-mindedness.

She was ecstatic.

"Lin Ming, let's make up now. I agree to be with you. Can we go back to the past?"

Lin Xin'er grabbed Lin Ming's palm.

She caressed her face gently with his palm. Her skin was very delicate.

There was no doubt that even if Lin Ming wanted to have sex with her right now, she would not refuse.

"We're going to make up again? Do you want our relationship to return to the past?"

"Lin Xin'er, you can leave. From now on, I don't want to see you again."

Lin Ming pulled his hand back and said coldly.

After all, she was the person his previous owner had liked, so Lin Ming didn't act too ruthlessly.

When Lin Xin'er heard this, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

It was truly hard for her to imagine that the young man who once waited outside her residence for an entire night for her would one day say such words.

It was hard for her to imagine that the young man who had once ignored the danger and went deep into the wilderness just to make her smile would say such words one day.

It was hard for her to imagine that the young man who had once been extremely harsh to himself but had poured all his resources into her would actually say such words one day.

"Don't do this, Lin Ming. I know I was wrong."

"You want me, don't you? I can satisfy you tonight. You can do whatever you want. Don't abandon me. I know you still love me."

"Lin Ming, you once said that no matter what I become, you will like me and protect me."

Lin Xin'er cried.

She even started to tear off her clothes. All Lin Ming could see was her fair skin.

Lin Ming sneered. In the past, he had been too humble. He had been so humble that he had lost all his dignity.

"Lin Xin'er, do you know now that you are wrong?"

There was a hint of mockery on Lin Ming's face.

"When you chose that trash, Huang Yaofeng, everything was over."

"You're right. We are indeed from two different worlds. We are destined to never interact with each other again."

"With the current you, I will feel disgusted just looking at you. Even if you were to take off all your clothes and lie in front of me, I wouldn't have any desire for you."

"Get lost!"

After saying that, Lin Ming slammed the door shut.

Lin Ming was very happy to scold her.

The good-for-nothing who had always been looked down upon had finally changed today.

Lin Xin'er's cries could be heard from outside.

She muttered to herself. Lin Ming had been pursuing her for three years. Even if she had to use another three years, she would still pursue Lin Ming.

Lin Xin'er rambled on and on and even mentioned that Huang Yaofeng seemed to have an older brother from the Inner Sect. However, Lin Ming had sealed his ears with something and was already cultivating.

"Origin Gathering Pill!"

Lin Ming held a milky white pill in his hand. The fragrance of the pill was enough to make the Elemental Force Seed in his Dantian slightly restless.

"It works."

Lin Ming's eyes lit up.

He didn't hesitate any longer.

He swallowed the Essence Gathering Pill.

In the next instant, Lin Ming felt an incomparably gentle energy pour into his Dantian.

On top of the Elemental Force Seed that was about to germinate. A clear shattering sound rang out, as if the Elemental Force Seed had germinated.

In the blink of an eye, the Elemental Force Seed cracked.

In the next moment, the Elemental Force Seed turned into a mist-like vortex and appeared in the center of Lin Ming's Dantian.

But it wasn't over yet.

At this moment, Lin Ming's body was like a dried-up sponge, crazily absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy.

The spiritual energy even wrapped around Lin Ming like a ribbon.

After a long while, Lin Ming opened his eyes. He felt a powerful force fill his limbs and bones.

Above his Dantian, the Elemental Energy vortex was spinning like a galaxy, as if it was waiting for his summon.

As long as Lin Ming willed it, he would be able to burst out with a terrifyingly powerful Elemental Energy.

This feeling was simply too great.

Even the feeling of standing at the top of the Internet in his previous life was not as comfortable as this.

"Master, congratulations on breaking through to the Earthly Origin Stage!"

"Reward: 1. Cultivation Empowerment: Initial cultivation x 4; 2... Martial arts skill proficiency increased by four times. (Notice: Every time you break through a realm, the strength of the increase in these two skills will be twice as strong as the initial increase in strength.)"

"Activate the new Martial God Creation System function; 3. The additional value of the spirit plant and the year of the immortal grass * 4."

"Four. The skill of sprinkling lime has been improved. This skill has a higher level of concealment, and martial artists below the Heavenly Origin Stage are unable to guard against it. "

The Martial God Creation System had given him a lot of rewards.

Lin Ming was already very familiar with three of the rewards. However, he was very fond of the third function that had just been unlocked, which was the addition value of the year of the spirit plant and the immortal grass.

Lin Ming thought to himself: "So if I use the system, a twenty-five-year-old spirit plant can easily become a hundred-year-old one?"

When Lin Ming thought about it, he was excited. Compared to before, the hundred-year immortal grass had been upgraded to a whole new level.

Suddenly, Lin Ming's heart skipped a beat.

He touched his neck with his palm, and a stream of light flashed. It was incomparably cold.

Evil Aura surrounded the spirit plant. Lin Ming didn't seem to be holding a spirit plant, but an ice sculpture.

This was the Third Grade Earth Fiend Yin Lotus that Lin Ming had obtained from the desolate mountain.

"Can I use the system to increase the year of this Earth Fiend Yin Lotus? It is now a Grade-3 Evil. What will happen after I use this skill?"

"System, increase the age of the Earth Fiend Yin Lotus."

"It has transformed into two hundred years of Demonic Earth Lotus, Grade-8 Evil Force!"

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air as he thought to himself, "This is really a powerful skill."

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