The God Of War Forging System/C12 Huang Shuri Had Rudely Sought out Lin Ming to Take Revenge on Him
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The God Of War Forging System/C12 Huang Shuri Had Rudely Sought out Lin Ming to Take Revenge on Him
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C12 Huang Shuri Had Rudely Sought out Lin Ming to Take Revenge on Him

Lin Ming exclaimed, "This has actually become an Eighth Grade Evil Force Demonic Earth Lotus!"

Even though Lin Ming had already mentally prepared himself, at this moment, he was still very shocked.

After reaching the Earthly Origin Stage, the martial artists would search for the Evil Force to fuse with the Elemental Energy. This way, they would be able to produce a more powerful attack.

The Evil Force was divided into nine grades.

Among them, the Level-9 Evil Force was very rare. Lin Ming had never even heard of anyone being able to fuse with the Level-8 Evil Force.

The Eighth Grade Evil Force was already considered very good.

And now, Lin Ming had used the latest skill of the Martial God Creation System to upgrade the fifty-year-old Earth Fiend Yin Lotus to the Eighth Grade Evil Force Demonic Earth Lotus.

This Earth Fiend Yin Lotus was originally a Grade-3 Evil Force. After it was increased by four times, it had become a Grade-8 Evil Force. It could be seen that the higher the grade, the harder it was to increase it.

"I will be much stronger after I absorb it tonight!" Lin Ming said excitedly.

Right now, the Demonic Earth Lotus in his hand was as beautiful as an exquisite piece of art.

Lin Ming plucked one of the petals and ate it.

A bone-piercing chill spread through Lin Ming's body. Even the sweat stains on Lin Ming's hair turned into ice crystals at this moment.

The Evil Ghost's icy intent had turned into an icy blue, as if it wanted to devour the energy vortex above his Dantian.

Lin Ming's energy vortex spun at high speed, as if it was fighting against the icy blue and resisting its devouring.

He muttered: "Only by completely fusing with the Grade-8 Demonic Earth Lotus can I increase the quality of my Evil Force to a greater extent."

He revealed a firm expression.

Even with the help of the Martial God Creation System, it only played a supporting role. If he wanted to get stronger, he had to rely on himself!

Therefore, if he wanted to become stronger, he would have to suffer more pain than anyone else!

Lin Ming made up his mind and swallowed the remaining petals of the Demonic Earth Lotus.

The Eighth Grade Evil Energy was running around inside Lin Ming's body.

He could feel the pain in his meridians. The evil force wanted to devour Lin Ming's cyclone and become the master of his Dantian.

But at this moment, Lin Ming's cyclone spun wildly, resisting the Evil Force.

At this moment, Lin Ming's body was covered with a layer of hard ice.

Gradually, when the sun had just risen, a clear shattering sound came from the small woodshed.

Following that, the sound of many things shattering could be heard from the small woodshed.

At some point, the ice crystals on Lin Ming's body shattered and turned into ice water. He opened his eyes.

His eyes flashed with an icy blue, then turned black.

"I did it." Lin Ming could not hide his excitement. This feeling of achievement was even more satisfying than the hard work he had put in for years in his previous life to finally reach the peak of the Internet!

Lin Ming realized that his Qi cyclone had already fused with the Grade-8 Demonic Earth Lotus.

The Qi cyclone had become several times larger.

Lin Ming had no idea how big the cyclone was, but he felt that his was definitely one of the largest.

The slowly rotating cyclone was surrounded by a heart-palpitating ice blue color.

This was an extremely overbearing Evil Force.

After all, this Evil Force came from the Eighth Grade Demonic Earth Lotus.

There was a very strong sense of power in his body.

Lin Ming stood up and used the Ghost Step. He only left behind afterimages along the way.

He arrived in front of a huge rock in a remote part of the Outer Sect.

Suddenly, Lin Ming moved at a very fast speed.

Lin Ming's fist landed on the boulder that was even bigger than him.

A violent explosion reverberated through the entire valley, and the rocks were thrown in all directions.

On the youth's palm, there was a faint blue Elemental Energy that couldn't be removed. There were still some traces of ice crystals on the shattered boulder.

Lin Ming took a deep breath. His attack just now did not use any martial skills.

The power of this punch might have already surpassed the Mystic Fist of the Completeness realm.

If this punch were to land on a person's body, just the Evil Force alone would be enough to make him feel extreme pain.

When Lin Ming defeated Huang Yaofeng, he used the Great Completion spear force.

Now he was confident that even if he didn't use a weapon, he could still kill Huang Yaofeng with this punch.

"Good morning, Senior Brother Lin Ming."

"Senior Brother Lin Ming, you look so good today."

When Lin Ming returned to the woodshed, the Outer Sect cultivators who had already started cultivating greeted him warmly when they saw him.

There was even a clear compliment in their words and actions.

The disciples of the Outer Sect, who had once called Lin Ming useless, were now very respectful to him when they saw him.

They were afraid that Lin Ming would hold a grudge against them and punish them.

However, the current Lin Ming did not care about these people. He simply packed his things.

After he put his things into a Storage Ring on his neck, he headed towards the inner sect of the Spacious Sect.

When he passed by the mountain gate, Lin Ming looked at the gold-plated words on the tall and majestic mountain gate: Spacious Sect.

He couldn't help but feel excited.

After all, once he entered this gate, he would be out of the mortal world.

This was the beginning of his true journey into the Martial Arts Realm.

One Senior Brother from the Inner Sect who was in charge of receiving him brought Lin Ming to receive the Inner Sect's service and the identity token, as well as bring him to his residence.

The Senior Brother said, "Junior Brother, this is where you live now."

This Senior Brother looked ordinary, but his attitude was gentle.

"Thank you, Senior Brother!" Lin Ming thanked him. After exchanging a few more words with Lin Ming, the Senior Brother turned around and left.

After all, in the world of martial arts, everyone's cultivation time was extremely precious.

This was a small and isolated courtyard.

Lin Ming was very satisfied with it. After all, the environment here was much better than that of the Outer Sect.

Moreover, the privacy here was even better.

Lin Ming thought to himself, "I can cultivate a small field here and plant some spirit medicines and immortal grass. The spiritual energy here is the densest, and it is very suitable for cultivation."

Just as Lin Ming was planning out the layout of his Inner Sect residence, there was a sudden explosion from the small door of the courtyard, which gave Lin Ming a fright.

An incomparably domineering voice shouted: "I am Huang Yaori from the Inner Sect's Soaring Cloud Peak. Lin Ming, prepare to die!"

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