The God Of War Forging System/C13 A Battle to the Death!
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The God Of War Forging System/C13 A Battle to the Death!
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C13 A Battle to the Death!

"Lin Ming, prepare to meet your end!" The speaker's voice was laden with domineering arrogance, thundering through the surroundings.

"Soaring Cloud Peak? Huang Yaori?" Lin Ming murmured under his breath, his eyes narrowing in a flash of recollection. Lin Xin'er had mentioned last night that Huang Yaofeng had an older brother in the Inner Sect. Could Huang Yaori be that brother?

A sharp look flashed in Lin Ming's eyes. He wasn't one to start trouble, but he certainly wasn't afraid of it either. Moreover, having just advanced to the Earthly Origin Stage, Lin Ming's strength had surged, and he was eager for a battle.

Stepping out the door, Lin Ming was confronted by a young man in black, exuding arrogance with his hands behind his back and a powerful surge of Elemental Energy radiating from him. He looked down upon Lin Ming with disdain.

A group huddled around him, with Huang Yaofeng as their centerpiece, lying on a stretcher, his head bandaged and moaning in pain.

Casting a brief glance at them, Lin Ming's expression darkened. Without waiting for Huang Yaori and his entourage to speak, Lin Ming's voice cut through the tension, icy and direct, "Did you break my door?"

"What's your problem? Feeling cocky, are you?"

"You really lack any sense of decorum. Get ready for a beating."

The Inner Sect disciples with Huang Yaori bristled with indignation, resembling power-abusing bullies ready to pounce.

Lin Ming paid them no heed, which only intensified their perceived insult. Their eyes sharpened, eager to carve wounds into Lin Ming's flesh.

Huang Yaori sneered, "You're as arrogant as the rumors suggest."

He went on, "I merely damaged your door, hardly worth mentioning. But you nearly shattered my brother's skull. I can't let that slide. There's an old saying: a life for a life. It seems you'll have to settle your debt with blood."

With that declaration, a formidable presence erupted from Huang Yaori. He stood with his hands clasped behind him, the very picture of dominance, as if he were the sovereign of the arena, ready to crush Lin Ming beneath his might.

"Oh my God! Senior Brother Yaori is incredibly strong. It appears he has firmly established himself in the Middle Period of the Earthly Origin Stage."

"Absolutely. Someone at the Middle Period of the Earthly Origin Stage has several times the Elemental Energy reserves compared to the initial stage. Not to mention, Senior Brother Yaori has merged with Grade 3 Evil Force. His attack power must be astonishing!"

Feeling Huang Yaori's presence, his followers quickly stepped back.

They looked up to Huang Yaori with great admiration. To them, Lin Ming seemed like no match at all, and they believed Huang Yaori could defeat him with ease.

Yet, Huang Yaori was slightly taken aback to see Lin Ming standing as still as a javelin, unaffected by his imposing aura.

Remarkably, Lin Ming remained unfazed and utterly composed.

"You truly lack respect. In your view, my sect amounts to nothing. You demand blood as recompense for a minor slight suffered by your brother. But to me, he's not even worth comparing to my sect. And you don't even bother to inquire about the full story?" Lin Ming retorted sharply, without a trace of courtesy.



The crowd around Huang Yaori exclaimed.

Huang Yaori fumed with anger, thinking, "He dares to insult me as a dishonorable wretch."

Upon hearing this, a chilling murderous aura emanated from Huang Yaori.

"I have no interest in the details of the incident. It's irrelevant to me. Even if my brother had an affair with your woman. If he decides to kill you, you have no right to resist. It would be solely your fault! Today, I offer you a way out. Kneel before me and destroy your cultivation. Then, I might spare you," Huang Yaori declared with a threatening tone.

"In the Martial Arts Realm, the weak are like ants, subject to the whims of the strong! I'm going to teach you that lesson today."

Lin Ming's mind replayed Huang Yaori's words.

His fists clenched, a torrent of rage boiling within his chest.

Huang Yaori's arrogance knew no bounds.

The onlookers around Huang Yaori sneered coldly, gazing at Lin Ming as though he were already a dead man.

Once Lin Ming could no longer bear the pressure and ruined his cultivation, he would face their hellish torture. Death was the only thing waiting for him.

"I have another choice!" Lin Ming declared, his eyes gleaming with determination.

Huang Yaori crossed his arms and placed his hands behind his back, looking down at Lin Ming with disdain. "You have no other options."

"My choice is to defeat you!" Lin Ming countered.

The moment Lin Ming's words trailed off, the combat arena was momentarily hushed, followed by an uproar of laughter.

"This is hilarious!"

"Can you believe this loser actually thinks he can take down Senior Brother Huang Yaori? How dare he? Has he lost his mind?"

Laughter filled the arena as Huang Yaori's supporters looked at Lin Ming as if he were a fool.

"This is truly amusing. It seems I need to personally defeat you, though I worry it will haunt you as a nightmare," Huang Yaori said, confident of his impending victory.

"The Inner Sect's combat arena."

With that, Huang Yaori turned and strode towards the Inner Sect's combat arena.

The combat arena served as a venue for Inner Sect disciples to spar and settle deep-seated grudges.

News that a new Inner Sect disciple was challenging Soaring Cloud Peak's talented Huang Yaori spread like wildfire, thanks to the deliberate efforts of Huang Yaori's followers. This extraordinary announcement had the normally diligent Inner Sect disciples buzzing with excitement.

Rumors swirled that the young man challenging Huang Yaori was the strongest of the four newly inducted disciples.

"This newcomer is audaciously ignorant."

"A mere weakling fresh from the Outer Sect dares to challenge a Soaring Cloud Peak disciple like Huang Yaori? While not the cream of the crop, Huang Yaori's abilities are formidable."

"He'll dispatch this new disciple as easily as slaughtering a chicken."

Upon hearing this, some disciples sneered in derision.

Virtually everyone underestimated Lin Ming.

After all, even the top-ranked newcomer was insignificant in their eyes.

Huang Yaori lightly tapped the ground with the tip of his foot, his figure soaring gracefully like a wild goose, and in a flash, he landed on the combat arena.

He stood with his hands clasped behind his back.

Though Huang Yaori wasn't the pinnacle of genius at Soaring Cloud Peak, he was undoubtedly still a prodigy.

His entrance immediately elicited shrieks from some of the female disciples.

"Go Senior Brother Yaori! Show this newcomer how things are done around here."

"He's so handsome!"

"Senior Brother Yaori carries himself with such grace."

Meanwhile, Lin Ming ascended the steps to the combat arena with a steady gait.

The contrast in their entrances was stark, prompting varied reactions from the audience.

"Lin Ming, since we're going to compete, let's make it interesting with a wager," Huang Yaori proposed playfully, hands still behind his back.

Lin Ming looked puzzled.

"If you lose, from now on, whenever you see me, you'll kneel and kowtow, saying 'I know I was wrong.' How does that sound?"

"Senior Brother Yaori is so clever. Such humiliation is far worse for that newbie than a swift defeat."

The disciples buzzed with conversation.

In that moment, Lin Ming's anger flared. He responded coolly, "I find that bet lacks thrill. I propose we gamble with our lives instead."

The crowd gasped in astonishment at his words.

This newcomer must be out of his mind!

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