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The God Of War Forging System/C13 Fight to the Death
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C13 Fight to the Death

"Lin Ming, prepare to die!"

The person who spoke was very domineering and arrogant.

His voice echoed like thunder in the surroundings.

"Soaring Cloud Peak? Huang Yaori?" Lin Ming muttered in a low voice. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed.

He vaguely remembered that Lin Xin'er had mentioned last night that one of Huang Yaofeng's older brothers was an Inner Sect disciple.

Could it be that Huang Yaori was the big brother of Soaring Cloud Peak?

A sharp glint flashed across Lin Ming's eyes.

He didn't know how to cause trouble, but he was definitely not afraid of getting into trouble!

Furthermore, Lin Ming had just stepped into the Earthly Origin Stage. His strength had increased sharply, and he was looking for someone to fight with.

Lin Ming opened the door and walked out.

A young man dressed in black stood in front of Lin Ming, his head held high with his hands clasped behind his back. His entire body was filled with powerful Elemental Energy fluctuations. He looked down at Lin Ming.

There were a few people surrounding him.

The main character of this group was Huang Yaofeng, who was lying on a stretcher with his head wrapped in gauze and wailing.

Lin Ming glanced at them and his face was also gloomy.

Before Huang Yaori and the others could say anything, Lin Ming asked coldly, "Did you break my door?"

"What the hell? You're very arrogant!"

"You really don't have any rules. Just wait to be beaten."

The Inner Sect disciples on Huang Yaori's side all scolded angrily.

They looked like vicious dogs that relied on their power to bully others.

Lin Ming ignored them, which only made them feel even more humiliated. Their eyes were as sharp as knives, and they wanted to pierce through Lin Ming's body and make a few bloody holes.

At this moment, Huang Yaori sneered and said, "You are really as arrogant as the rumors say."

Huang Yaori continued, "I just broke one of your doors. It was not worth mentioning at all. However, you almost blew up my brother's head. I won't let you off so easily. As the saying goes, if a person kills someone, they have to pay with their life. I'm afraid you can only pay with your blood!"

After saying that, a powerful aura burst out from Huang Yaori's body.

Huang Yaori placed his hands behind his back in a very domineering manner. He was like the master of the scene, wanting to slap Lin Ming to the ground.

"Oh my god! Senior Brother Yaori is so strong. It seems that he has already stabilized his Middle Period of Earthly Origin Stage cultivation. "

"That's right. A man who had reached the Middle Period of Earthly Origin Stage had several times more Elemental Energy reserves than the initial stage. Furthermore, Senior Brother Yaori had already fused with the Grade 3 Evil Force. You can imagine how shocking his attack power is!"

Sensing Huang Yaori's aura, the surrounding subordinates all retreated.

They seemed to admire Huang Yaori. In their eyes, Lin Ming could not even withstand a single blow, and Huang Yaori could easily defeat him.

However, what surprised Huang Yaori was that Lin Ming's body was as motionless as a javelin under his domineering aura.

Surprisingly, Lin Ming didn't seem to be affected at all. He looked very calm.

"You are really rude. As far as you can see, my door is nothing. Your brother has just suffered a little injustice, and you want me to pay you back with my blood. But in my eyes, he is not even as good as my door. Besides, don't you want to ask about the whole story? Lin Ming said without the slightest hint of politeness. His words were sharp.

"How dare you!"


The people around Huang Yaori shouted.

Huang Yaori thought angrily, "He actually dared to call me a shameless person."

Hearing that, Huang Yaori's body flowed with strands of cold killing intent.

Huang Yaori said, "I don't need to ask about the ins and outs of this matter. I don't care at all. Even if my brother has a relationship with your woman. If he wants to kill you, you can't resist. Because this can only be your fault! Today, I'll give you a way out. You kneel in front of me and destroy your cultivation. I will let you go!"

Huang Yaori said aggressively: "In the Martial Arts Realm, the weak are like ants, and they can only be bullied by others! Today, I will teach you a lesson."

Lin Ming's mind was filled with what Huang Yaori said.

He clenched his fist, and flames of anger surged in his chest.

Huang Yaori was too arrogant.

The people around Huang Yaori all sneered. They looked at Lin Ming as if they were looking at a dead man.

Once Lin Ming failed to withstand the pressure and destroyed his cultivation, what awaited him would be their hellish torture. All that awaited Lin Ming was death.

"I have another choice!" Lin Ming said. His eyes sparkled with a sharp light.

Huang Yaori hugged his arms and put his hands behind his back. He looked down at Lin Ming and said, "You have no other choice."

Lin Ming said, "My choice is to defeat you!"

As Lin Ming's voice faded, the entire arena fell silent for a moment and then burst into laughter.

"I'm going to die of laughter!"

"A piece of trash like him actually dares to think about defeating Senior Brother Huang Yaori. How could he dare? Is he crazy?"

In the arena, a burst of laughter erupted. The people who were helping Huang Yaori looked at Lin Ming as if he was an idiot.

"This is really interesting. I seem to need to defeat you personally, but I'm worried that this will become your nightmare in the future."

Huang Yaori seemed to have the victory in her hands.

"Inner Sect's combat arena."

After Huang Yaori finished speaking, she turned around and walked towards the Inner Sect's combat arena.

The combat arena was a place where the Inner Sect disciples could exchange their martial arts. Even some of the unresolvable grudges among the disciples could be resolved here.

Very quickly, the news of a new Inner Sect disciple challenging a genius disciple of Soaring Cloud Peak, Huang Yaori, spread around the Inner Sect like a hurricane under the intentional propaganda of Huang Yaori's followers.

This special news made the Inner Sect disciples who had been training hard in the past extremely excited.

Moreover, it was rumored that the young man who wanted to challenge Huang Yaori was the strongest among the four new disciples.

"This new disciple is really arrogant and ignorant."

"A weakling who has just been selected from the Outer Sect actually dares to challenge a Soaring Cloud Peak disciple, Huang Yaori? Although Huang Yaori can't be considered as a top genius, his strength is still not bad."

"He can kill a new disciple as easily as he can kill a chicken."

When some disciples heard the news, they immediately smiled contemptuously.

Almost everyone looked down on Lin Ming.

After all, a newcomer who was ranked first was not worth mentioning in their eyes.

Huang Yaori used the tip of his foot to lightly touch the ground, and his body directly rose up like a goose. In an instant, he had ascended to the combat arena.

He stood with his hands behind his back.

Although Huang Yaori was not a top genius of the Soaring Cloud Peak, he could still be considered a genius.

As soon as he appeared, he immediately caused some female disciples to scream.

"Senior Brother Yaori, do your best. You have to teach this newcomer a lesson and make him understand the rules here."

"He's so handsome."

"Senior Brother Yaori's demeanor is extraordinary."

Lin Ming, on the other hand, was steadily walking up the steps to the combat arena.

The way the two of them appeared was completely different, and the audience's reactions were equally different.

"Lin Ming, since we want to compete, we need to have a bet," Huang Yaori said in a teasing manner as she stood with her hands behind her back.

Lin Ming was very confused.

"If you lose, when you see me in the future, you will kneel on the ground and kowtow, shouting'I know I was wrong.' What do you think?"

"Senior Brother Yaori is really smart. This kind of humiliation is even more painful than killing that newbie."

Some disciples kept discussing.

At this moment, Lin Ming was furious. He said indifferently, "I don't think this bet is exciting enough. I think we should use our lives as the stakes."

When the audience heard this, they were all shocked.

This newcomer must be crazy!

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