The God Of War Forging System/C15 Break Through the Spear Intent and Kill Your Opponent
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The God Of War Forging System/C15 Break Through the Spear Intent and Kill Your Opponent
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C15 Break Through the Spear Intent and Kill Your Opponent

Cracking sounds kept appearing.

At this moment, every single one of the Soaring Cloud Peak disciples revealed an ugly and shocked expression. The ant that they thought would be easily suppressed and killed turned out to be an ancient dragon.

Just as they were about to fall into a state of shock, a miserable scream rang out from the combat arena as a figure was sent flying away like a kite with its string cut.

This person was none other than Huang Yaori, who was previously in high spirits and looked down on Lin Ming.

Now Huang Yaori's hair was in a mess, and his entire body was bathed in blood. There were many frozen cracks on his body, making him look extremely miserable. He looked like a ghost that had crawled out of hell.

But Lin Ming's eyes did not waver. He was already familiar with the rules of the world. To be merciful to the enemy was to be cruel to oneself.

He walked towards Huang Yaori and swore to kill him.

All of a sudden, a disciple of the Soaring Cloud Peak shouted: "No, that's not right. How could a new disciple possess such a terrifying Evil Force? Furthermore, he has just broken through to the Earthly Origin Stage."

A few Soaring Cloud Peak disciples shouted: "This person is too vicious. He must have used some despicable method!"

"Damn it! How could he be so cruel and merciless to his fellow disciples? He deserves to be executed! Shameless bastard!"

All of a sudden, a sharp gust of wind blew over.

However, Lin Ming's reaction speed was no longer the same as it had been when he stepped into the Earthly Origin Stage.

He shifted his body and dodged the sharp stone.

Without a doubt, with the help of a martial artist's Elemental Energy, this sharp stone was definitely comparable to a bullet from Lin Ming's previous life.

If it were to hit his body, it would definitely leave a bloody hole!

Lin Ming's eyes were burning with anger.

"Hit him! How dare this brat use such a despicable method?"

"Get the hell out of here."

"This matter should be reported to the Law Enforcement Hall. Throw this tumor out of the Spacious Sect."

"Furthermore, we should cripple his cultivation and sever his limbs as an example."

Some of the Soaring Cloud Peak disciples said angrily.

Lin Ming, on the other hand, was just a disciple who had just entered the Inner Sect and had no one to rely on.

Successfully entering Inner Sect was like being placed in a huge fish pond. Only if your performance was good enough, would you be able to be recruited by the three main peaks of the Spacious Sect, and then become a true Inner Sect disciple.

These three main peaks were the Soaring Cloud Peak, the Earth Emperor Peak, and the Human King Peak. Without a doubt, the Soaring Cloud Peak held the highest status.

Lin Ming had not been recruited by any of the peaks. In other words, he was still alone.

This was also the reason why people like Huang Yaori could wantonly humiliate Lin Ming.

At this moment, many disciples made their moves. Streaks of incomparably sharp stones shot towards Lin Ming like arrows.

Although Lin Ming was enraged at this moment, he couldn't just rush down the stage and fight with the Soaring Cloud Peak disciples.

"How shameless!" the young girl spat. This person was none other than Su Yao, who had once fought with Lin Ming on the Human King Peak.

She was furious to the extreme. How dare these Soaring Cloud Peak disciples spout such nonsense? They were simply too shameless.

Lin Ming used Ghost Step and successfully dodged all the sharp rocks.

However, this also stopped him from killing Huang Yaori.

Huang Yaori looked like a demon. He lowered his head and laughed, then looked at Lin Ming with extreme hatred.

All of a sudden, a scarlet pill appeared in his palm.

This pill emitted a pungent smell, as if it had been condensed with fresh blood.

He hesitated for a moment. However, in the next moment, Huang Yaori firmly swallowed the pill.

In the next moment, the body of Huang Yaori, who was kneeling on the ground on one knee, burst out with an incomparably dense Power of Vitality. It was as if a blood storm had formed around his body. It was extremely shocking.

A few of the Soaring Cloud Peak's disciples trembled in fear. "This is a Blood Revitalizing Pill!"

The Blood Revitalizing Pill was an extremely vicious pill. After a martial cultivator consumed it, the pill would stimulate the potential in their bloodline, allowing their strength to increase rapidly for a short period of time.

However, if someone were to take that pill, they would not be able to regret it. The effects of the pill would last until the blood of the cultivator dried up. It was a kind of bloody pill.

The sound that Huang Yaori made naturally attracted the attention of the other spectators. They were all very shocked, and there were also some who were disdainful and mocking.

However, they had nothing to do with Lin Ming, so they naturally wouldn't help him.

Justice was based on the premise that the two sides were equal in strength. Now that Lin Ming was alone, no one thought it was worth offending the Soaring Cloud Peak for him.

In the next moment, a sharp sword light accompanied by a bone-piercing chill flashed.

Huang Yaori immediately grabbed the long sword of a Soaring Cloud Peak disciple. In the next moment, the long sword pierced through the air and vibrated.

The long sword was like a poisonous dragon as it charged towards Lin Ming.

Blood splattered everywhere. Lin Ming had managed to dodge the sharp rocks shot by the Soaring Cloud Peak disciples earlier, but now he had been caught off guard by Huang Yaori.

Huang Yaori's sword left a deep wound on Lin Ming's chest.

The burning pain made Lin Ming's eyes turn slightly red. He was filled with killing intent.

"Wind and Cloud Sword Techique, Wind and Cloud Change, kill!" Huang Yaori shouted.

At the same time, his aura was still soaring, and was even close to the threshold of Late Period of Earthly Origin Stage.

Moreover, this was a low-rank Profound Rank sword technique. Although the sword technique had only reached the Mastery Entering Stage, Huang Yaori used it together with the terrifying Elemental Energy.

Sword lights filled the sky, and Lin Ming was at a complete disadvantage.

"Kill him!" A few Soaring Cloud Peak disciples shouted.

"Who can lend me the spear?" Lin Ming, who was in a desperate situation, shouted.

However, no one answered him.

At this moment, they all knew that Huang Yaori of the Soaring Cloud Peak had gone crazy. He swore that he would kill Lin Ming. And that was also the inevitable result.

No one wanted to cause unnecessary trouble here.

"Junior Brother, catch it," a charming voice sounded.

Along with a flash of light, a long spear appeared in Lin Ming's hand.

To everyone's surprise, it was Su Yao who gave Lin Ming the long spear. She was called the Little Witch of the Inner Sect.

"System, increase Spear Dao's comprehension!" Lin Ming roared in his heart.

"The system is upgrading its Spear Dao. The spear force has already reached a perfect level. The system is currently refining the spear intent. Your spear intent has reached 10%!"

At that moment, Lin Ming felt a huge amount of enlightenment surge into his mind. At that instant, it was as if the long spear in his hand had truly become a part of his body.

After mastering the spear intent, Lin Ming felt that his understanding of the spear had undergone a tremendous change. He suddenly understood some difficult concepts.

"Die." Huang Yaori shouted.

Huang Yaori's ferocious face approached Lin Ming. The long sword in his hand stabbed at Lin Ming's important part.

However, at this moment, Lin Ming's face was calm.

"Use your blood as a tribute to my spear intent!" the young man muttered in a low voice.

In the next moment, the long spear was thrust forward. Everyone felt that Lin Ming's spear was incomparably dazzling, and the tip of the spear seemed to have turned into a sun.

In the next moment, blood splashed everywhere.

A spear tip pierced out from the back of Huang Yaori's neck.

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