The God Of War Forging System/C16 Upgrading the Martial Arts Breaking Through the Xuan Level.
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The God Of War Forging System/C16 Upgrading the Martial Arts Breaking Through the Xuan Level.
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C16 Upgrading the Martial Arts Breaking Through the Xuan Level.

The blood on the tip of the spear fell to the ground, looking like flowers of blood, bewitching and bloody.

Only then did the surrounding onlookers calm down. However, when they thought back to Lin Ming's terrifying spear strike just now, they were still very shocked.

"No, this is absolutely impossible. How could he kill Senior Brother Huang Yaori?"

"He must have used some kind of demonic technique to use that spear strike just now. Look, his face is pale right now. This is the evidence."

"We want to take revenge for Senior Brother Huang Yaori!"

"Kill this despicable man. Look, Senior Brother Yaori's body is a little shrivelled up. This person must have used some kind of evil art. He must be punished! "

The disciples of Soaring Cloud Peak gradually calmed down as their hearts filled with anger.

Su Yao snorted lightly: "These people are too shameless. They are distorting the truth." Her beautiful and cute face was filled with anger.

However, it was obvious that at this moment, the Soaring Cloud Peak disciples' hearts had been completely engulfed by the flames of anger.

One by one, the disciples rushed up to the combat arena.

Lin Ming pulled out the long spear from Huang Yaori's neck and pointed it at the sky. His aura was very stable.

His long black hair danced like seaweed, and his heart was filled with anger. He thought, "From the very beginning, Huang Yaofeng has always been domineering. They humiliated me, and even used forbidden medicine like the Blood Revitalizing Pill to fight with me. These Soaring Cloud Peak disciples even spoke nonsense and distorted the truth. Should I be killed by them?"

Lin Ming's eyes sparkled sharply. He roared, "I have a life and death agreement with Huang Yaofeng. No matter which one of us dies, the other doesn't have to take responsibility. You bunch of bastards, how shameless!"

He looked like an invincible hero. The eyes of the female disciples lit up when they saw his handsome appearance.

One of the Soaring Cloud Peak disciples with a crooked mouth revealed a sinister smile on his face as he shouted: "Kill him! Don't waste your breath on him! This brat has a vicious nature. Since he killed his fellow disciples, he deserves to be executed!"

The reason why they dared to do such a thing was because they knew that the law would not punish the public.

Only by killing this newcomer, Lin Ming, would the Soaring Cloud Peak disciples be able to quell their anger.

Lin Ming was still alone. So even if they did kill Lin Ming, they would at most receive a small punishment.

At this moment, there were already more than a dozen disciples who had jumped onto the combat arena. One after another, they drew out their weapons, and waves of Elemental Energy mixed with Evil Aura wreaked havoc.

A few of the older disciples, who had been just watching, now had serious expressions on their faces. They had never expected that Lin Ming, a mere disciple who had just entered the Inner Sect, would actually be able to obtain victory.

Without a doubt, Lin Ming's victory had caused Soaring Cloud Peak to lose a lot of face.

"Profound Rank Low Grade - Wind and Cloud Sword Techique."

"High-grade Human Rank - Rock Snapping Staff Technique!"

"Profound Rank Low-Grade - Heart-shattering Palm!"

On top of the combat arena, a tyrannical and cold Elemental Energy tore through the void and fused into numerous attacks that attacked Lin Ming who was in the middle of the arena.

Seeing this, Lin Ming's anger was completely ignited. He roared angrily, "You're courting death, aren't you?"

At this moment, the people in the surrounding area attacked him at the same time. Their Fist Light and sword aura had almost devoured Lin Ming!

Even though the spear intent was very powerful, it would consume a huge amount of Lin Ming's Elemental Energy. The spear strike just now had consumed one-third of Lin Ming's Elemental Energy.

Lin Ming was confident that if he used all his strength, he would be able to kill some of them before he died. But he didn't want to die yet.

"Ghost Step!"

A sword aura wrapped around with a terrifying cold light, as if it was stirring up the wind and the clouds. This move was the Wind and Cloud Sword Techique. It came from the Soaring Cloud Peak disciple who was leading the group with a crooked mouth.

The sword light tore through several of Lin Ming's shadows and slashed the combat arena, leaving behind a deep sword scar. There was a trace of coldness flowing through the sword scar.

Lin Ming's figure flashed. However, more than a dozen Earthly Origin Stage disciples attacked him at the same time.

Although most of these people were Early Period of Earthly Origin Stage cultivators, only the crooked-mouthed young man and one or two disciples, who were Middle Period of Earthly Origin Stage cultivators, remained.

However, under their overwhelming attack, even a Late Period of Earthly Origin Stage martial artist might not dare to fight them head on.

Lin Ming thrust his spear forward.

Although he had broken through several attacks, the subsequent attacks were relentless and sent him flying.

Lin Ming felt something rush up his throat.

Lin Ming almost spat out a mouthful of blood, but he swallowed it.

His internal organs were shaken. He had suffered internal injuries.

"I'll fight with you. I'm going to kill you!" Lin Ming cursed.

"Martial God Creation System, upgrade my martial skills, Mystic Fist and Ghost Step!" Lin Ming roared in his heart.

"The proficiency of the High Grade Human Rank martial skill, Mystic Fist, has increased by 4 times. The Mystic Fist has broken through the Profound Rank and advanced to the Low Grade Profound Rank martial skill!"

"The proficiency of the High Grade Human Rank martial skill, Ghost Step, has increased by 4 times. Ghost Step has broken through the Profound Rank and has been upgraded to a Low Grade Profound Rank martial skill!"

A vast amount of martial arts knowledge flooded into Lin Ming's mind like a tidal wave. Lin Ming was slightly taken aback.

He did not expect that these High Grade Human Rank martial skills would have already reached the realm of Completeness. After increasing it by four times, they would be able to break through to the Low Grade Profound Rank!

In a matter of seconds, Lin Ming had digested the knowledge of various martial arts techniques.

Right now, Lin Ming could clearly point out some of the flaws in the Human Rank martial skills.

However, Lin Ming's opponents would not give him any time to catch his breath.

In the split second that Lin Ming was distracted, the Soaring Cloud Peak disciple launched another attack.

Lin Ming blocked his attack with his spear.

However, in the next moment, the spear exploded into pieces. Only the tip of the spear shot into the sky.

"His spear is broken. He's like a toothless tiger, let's kill him!" The youth with the crooked mouth roared savagely.

He seemed to have seen Lin Ming's corpse lying on the combat arena!

Su Yao, who was standing below the combat arena, had a hint of paleness on her cute face.

However, Lin Ming, who was on the combat arena, lowered his head slightly and revealed an evil smile.

Lin Ming moved like a ghost. He was so fast that only a dozen afterimages could be seen.

"His speed is so fast. Is that Ghost Step?" Some of the disciples of the Soaring Cloud Peak exclaimed in shock.

In the next moment, they felt as if a mountain of fists was pressing down on their bodies.

The defensive barrier that they hastily raised was instantly shattered.

One figure after another was thrown off the combat arena like a broken gunny sack. Blood even sprayed out of their mouths.

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