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The God Of War Forging System/C17 If Lin Ming Didn't Agree to His Terms He Would Die
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C17 If Lin Ming Didn't Agree to His Terms He Would Die

A scream.

More than a dozen Soaring Cloud Peak disciples, who had just rushed up to the combat arena in an aggressive manner, were gradually shot down from the battle stage.

What shocked the onlookers even more was that the disciples who had been thrown out of the battle stage were piled up together. It could be seen that Lin Ming, who was on the combat arena, had a very good control over his fist strength.

"This newcomer is too cruel!"

"He's a monster."

"His combat strength is too strong."

The people around them were all shocked.

"Well done!" Su Yao waved her fist and shouted.

"It's your turn!"

Lin Ming was like a ghost. In the next instant, he appeared in front of the crooked-mouth young man.

The crooked mouth young man held a cold sword in his hand. However, there was a trace of fear on his face.

He was also completely stunned by the fist technique that Lin Ming had just used. Was Lin Ming's fist technique really the Mystic Fist that they knew about?

He couldn't see the trajectory of Lin Ming's punch. Most importantly, there were eight Fist Prints in the Mystic Fist. This meant that it was a High-Grade Human Rank Fist Technique that had reached the level of Completeness.

Just now, Lin Ming had unleashed dozens of Fist Print in an instant!

What the hell?!

Furthermore, he had been a little wary of Lin Ming's spear technique. He had thought that since Lin Ming's spear had been broken, he would be a fish on the chopping block.

He had not expected Lin Ming to transform into a bloodthirsty shark!

"Wind and Cloud Sword Techique, Wind and Cloud Destruction!"

The crooked-mouth youth roared as the Elemental Energy on his body crazily poured into the long sword in his hand.

As the sword light rained down, the color of the world seemed to change.

A cracking sound was heard. Lin Ming's shadows were shattered one after another.

However, the crooked mouth young man did not discover Lin Ming's true form, which made him sweat profusely.

"I'm here," Lin Ming said.

All of a sudden, he heard a sound. He felt as if ice water had been poured over his head, and a chill ran from his heels to the back of his head.

The air trembled, and as many as a dozen terrifying Fist Prints, which contained the ultimate evil force, appeared in his eyes. They were like a Gatling gun of blue fire, instantly enlarging in his pupils.

The youth with the crooked mouth shouted loudly, and his face was hit a few times.

His cheekbones seemed to have been shattered.

His body flew out of the combat arena.

Lin Ming, who was on the battle stage, let out a sigh of relief.

Although the Mystic Fist and Ghost Step didn't consume as much Elemental Energy as the spear intent, the crazy attack just now had almost exhausted all of Lin Ming's Elemental Energy.

"You're so handsome, Junior Brother!" Su Yao, who was standing below the stage, exclaimed excitedly.

She even jumped, causing her breasts to tremble.

Lin Ming felt a little dizzy.

However, he quickly regained his senses.

Some female disciples looked at Lin Ming with sparkling eyes at the same time.

After all, this was a world where the strong would be respected. With the strength and potential that Lin Ming had displayed, his future achievements would be limitless.

Some female cultivators even threw flirtatious glances at Lin Ming. They were passionate and bold.

Obviously, they were extremely optimistic about Lin Ming's potential.

"What's going on?" An angry voice came from afar.

Many of the disciples shrank their necks when they heard this.

The people of Law Enforcement Hall had arrived.

The one leading the group was an elder of the Law Enforcement Hall. Some of the older disciples who were watching observed a moment of silence for Lin Ming.

Because they knew that this elder came from the Soaring Cloud Peak.

Lin Ming was not an idiot. He immediately bowed and was about to speak.

However, his voice was interrupted.

"Elder Ding, you have to help us."

"This new disciple's character is vicious, and his attacks are ruthless. Not only did he use an evil technique to kill Huang Yaori, but he also heavily injured us."

"He has evil intentions, so he must be the scourge of the Spacious Sect, the scum of the Martial Arts Realm!"

"Elder Ding, you must kill him!"

Even the crooked-mouth disciple whose cheekbone was broken by Lin Ming was slandering him.

They ignored the facts and said that everything was Lin Ming's fault.

Elder Ding's name was Ding Chunqiu. He was the Deputy Hall Master of Law Enforcement Hall. He had a great deal of authority in the Spacious Sect.

Almost all the disciples were afraid of him.

At this moment, he glanced at the Soaring Cloud Peak disciples with a pair of cold and gloomy eyes.

"A bunch of trash." Ding Chunqiu cursed in his heart.

Such a group of Earthly Origin Stage Soaring Cloud Peak disciples had actually been defeated by a newbie who had just entered the Inner Sect.

They had truly embarrassed the Soaring Cloud Peak.

Moreover, the corpse of Huang Yaori of the Soaring Cloud Peak was lying on top of the battle stage. It was obvious that he was dead.

There was no doubt that Lin Ming's actions had not only humiliated everyone in the Soaring Cloud Peak, but it had also embarrassed Ding Chunqiu.

However, when Ding Chunqiu came over, he was also shocked when he saw the martial skill that Lin Ming was using.

A martial skill at the High Grade of Human Rank could actually unleash a power comparable to the Profound Rank.

Could it be that he was a martial arts genius?

If Lin Ming wasn't a martial arts genius, he would have killed him a long time ago.

"Lin Ming, do you know what kind of mistake you made?" Ding Chunqiu asked.

Ding Chunqiu stared at Lin Ming and an extremely terrifying aura erupted from his body.

Even Lin Ming was shocked. He groaned and took three steps back.

Lin Ming's face darkened.

Ding Chunqiu was not a good person. He was being too unfair.

Lin Ming didn't say a word. After all, everyone could tell that Ding Chunqiu was going to convict Lin Ming.

The Soaring Cloud Peak disciples' eyes were filled with resentment, but their faces were filled with ridicule.

"Elder Ding, it's not like that. Before the duel between the original Junior Brother Lin Ming and Huang Yaori, they had already made a life and death contract."

"After that, these Soaring Cloud Peak disciples ignored the rules and went up to the combat arena to beat Junior Brother Lin Ming up. However, they were defeated." A charming voice rang out.

The person who spoke was none other than Su Yao, who had a strong sense of justice. She stood up for Lin Ming and spoke up for him.

Lin Ming's heart warmed as he looked at the girl.

At this moment, only his senior sister was willing to stand up for him.

Previously, she had lent the gun to Lin Ming, but now, she was standing up for him.

Lin Ming would remember this favor.

"I don't want to hear about this." Ding Chunqiu waved his hand impatiently.

He stared at Lin Ming and said, "What I just saw was you killing a genius disciple of the Soaring Cloud Peak. Furthermore, you bullied and severely injured the Soaring Cloud Peak's disciples."

"I'll give you a chance. If you join the Soaring Cloud Peak, I won't pursue your crimes any further!" Ding Chunqiu stared at Lin Ming and ordered.

If this were an internal conflict of the Soaring Cloud Peak, the effects would be much less severe.

At the same time, Ding Chunqiu secretly transmitted his voice: "Soaring Cloud Peak is your best choice. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to walk down the combat arena today!"

Ding Chunqiu was threatening Lin Ming.

Lin Ming could even see the cold look in Elder Ding Chunqiu's eyes.

What he meant was very clear. If Lin Ming didn't agree to his conditions, he would have to die!

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