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The God Of War Forging System/C18 Ding Chunqiu's Killing Intent Was Palpable
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C18 Ding Chunqiu's Killing Intent Was Palpable

Lin Ming's eyes narrowed. It was obvious that Ding Chunqiu was threatening Lin Ming.

After all, if Lin Ming were to join the Soaring Cloud Peak, it would mean that it was just an internal conflict. The Soaring Cloud Peak had lost a weakling, but an expert had joined them.

From the looks of it, the Soaring Cloud Peak had profited.

Hearing Elder Ding's words, although the Soaring Cloud Peak disciples' faces were filled with unwillingness, they could only remain silent.

Even some of the Inner Sect disciples who had not yet been recruited by the three peaks looked at Lin Ming with envy and jealousy.

After all, the Soaring Cloud Peak was the leader of the three main peaks.

The Soaring Cloud Peak was the strongest peak in the entire Spacious Sect.

They had thought that Lin Ming had gotten himself into big trouble this time. They didn't expect that this would turn out to be a great opportunity for Lin Ming!

Of course, the main reason was that Ding Chunqiu could tell that Lin Ming seemed to have a huge secret on him.

Otherwise, Lin Ming, who had offended the Soaring Cloud Peak, would have died today.

Su Yao snorted lightly to show her disdain.

After all, she hated the overbearing behavior of the Soaring Cloud Peak in the past.

However, the decision was now in Lin Ming's hands.

Moreover, if he joined the Soaring Cloud Peak, given his talent, he would definitely make rapid progress.

Although Su Yao's beautiful eyes were filled with disappointment, she did not say anything else.

"I refuse!"

However, all of a sudden, Lin Ming's words shocked everyone.

When the surrounding people heard this, their faces were filled with shock and disbelief.

Even the mood of some Soaring Cloud Peak disciples suddenly changed from unwillingness to wild joy. They looked at Lin Ming as if he was a dead man.

"This fool has actually refused such a good opportunity."

They were all overjoyed.

When Su Yao looked at Lin Ming, her cute face was full of surprise.

She also heaved a sigh of relief.

However, in the next second, she began to worry about Lin Ming. Obviously, since Lin Ming had rejected Ding Chunqiu's offer to rope him in, what had happened today would be difficult to resolve.

"You said you wanted to reject me?"

All of a sudden, Ding Chunqiu appeared on the combat arena.

His originally gloomy face was now filled with viciousness.

At the peak of Heavenly Yuan Stage, he emitted a terrifying aura. It was as if a heavy punch had landed on Lin Ming's chest.

From Ding Chunqiu's furious shout to the moment the attack formed by the condensed aura landed on Lin Ming's body, Lin Ming was completely unaware of it.

At this moment, Lin Ming couldn't hold it in any longer. He spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying.

Even the bones in his body creaked as he was sent flying.

How terrifying!

The surrounding disciples all unleashed their auras to block the impact.

This was just Elder Ding's aura, yet it was already so terrifying!

Ding Chunqiu was indeed worthy of being the Vice Hall Master of Law Enforcement Hall!

The Soaring Cloud Peak disciples, on the other hand, were extremely excited. They all looked at Lin Ming with eyes filled with contempt and schadenfreude.

Lin Ming's body did not stop until he was sent flying out of the combat arena and crashed into a stone pillar of a building in the distance.

Lin Ming wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. At this moment, Lin Ming's eyes were shining with a light that could even make Ding Chunqiu feel a chill.

"You didn't mishear me. I just want to reject you!"

"Today, the Soaring Cloud Peak has truly disappointed me. I swear that I will never join the Soaring Cloud Peak in my life!"

Lin Ming's words shocked the surrounding disciples.

A disciple who had just joined the Inner Sect actually dared to disrespect the Vice Hall Master of Law Enforcement Hall!

Furthermore, he had publicly refused Ding Chunqiu's invitation!

Hearing this, Ding Chunqiu's expression changed drastically.

"You better remember that sooner or later I will seek revenge on you for what happened today!" Lin Ming said coldly.

In the next moment, all the surrounding disciples felt a bone-piercing chill.

They saw Ding Chunqiu's clothes fluttering in the air even though there was no wind.

A terrifying killing intent lingered around him!

When he looked at Lin Ming, he really wanted to kill him.

Since he couldn't get Lin Ming, he would just destroy him.

Although Lin Ming only displayed a small portion of his talent, it was enough to make Ding Chunqiu tremble in fear. Therefore, no matter what, he had to kill Lin Ming today.

"You arrogant idiot, you still dare to threaten Elder Ding with your strength? You really overestimate yourself."

"All those who insult the Great Elder must die!"

"Elder Ding, this person has harmed disciples of the same sect and insulted an elder. Moreover, he has also sullied the reputation of my Soaring Cloud Peak. He deserves to die ten thousand times for any of his crimes!"

At this moment, countless Soaring Cloud Peak disciples were furiously cursing and despising Lin Ming.

It was as if they were the ones who had been wronged.

From beginning to end, they had completely forgotten that they were the ones who started all of this.

However, in the end, Lin Ming became the target of public criticism.

"Are you going to pay me back ten times over in the future?"

"Do you think you can leave safely today?"

The ferocious look on Ding Chunqiu's face did not fade in the slightest.

"Profound Ranked High Grade, Golden Platform Demon Subduing Palm!" Ding Chunqiu shouted.

In the next moment, with a cold shout from Ding Chunqiu, violent Elemental Energy surged around his body and a palm print fell down.

This palm imprint was golden-red in color, and there were even lines circulating on it.

Even though it was still floating in the air, it was enough to make many disciples feel suffocated.

"Profound Rank, Mystic Fist!" Lin Ming shouted.

At this moment, Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a sharp and cold light. He seemed to be powerless in front of Ding Chunqiu.

Moreover, the mocking eyes of the Soaring Cloud Peak disciples around him made Lin Ming furious.

However, Lin Ming would never sit still and wait for death.

The deep blue cyclone above the Dantian began to spin wildly.

As the Elemental Energy that contained the Eighth Grade Earth Fiend Lotus King was poured into Lin Ming's fist, he suddenly erupted like a volcano that had been silent for many years.

At this moment, all the Elemental Energy in Lin Ming's body poured out.

In an instant, dozens of Fist Print formed.

When the Fist Print smashed into the Golden Platform Demon Subduing Palm, it produced a deafening sound.

Ding Chunqiu's eyes were filled with a cold glint. A high Grade Human Rank martial skill was actually used so well by this new disciple.

Furthermore, the Evil Force actually made him feel a little afraid.

"You really overestimate yourself. Kneel down!" Ding Chunqiu shouted.

In the next instant, Ding Chunqiu jumped up with his hands behind his back. He stepped on the golden palm print with one foot and the palm print pressed down on Lin Ming's body.

The tiles under Lin Ming's feet instantly exploded!

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