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The God Of War Forging System/C19 The Bossy Elder Su
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C19 The Bossy Elder Su

Ripples of energy spread out in all directions with Lin Ming at the center.

Some of the disciples around him were shocked. At the same time, they activated their Elemental Energy to protect themselves!

Ding Chunqiu's cultivation base was at the Late Period of Heavenly Origin Stage. His palm force had actually materialized.

Seeing this, some of the Soaring Cloud Peak disciples let out annoying mocking laughter.

It was as if they could see Lin Ming being crushed into a meat patty.

Lin Ming's feet dug into the ground, and his body was bent.

Lin Ming let out a low growl.

Lin Ming was like a beast that had been imprisoned. His roar was heartbreaking to hear.

Some of the female cultivators who had high hopes for Lin Ming also closed their eyes at this moment. They couldn't bear to look at him.

The Golden Platform Demon Subduing Palm had disappeared. After all, Ding Chunqiu was only a Heavenly Origin Stage martial artist. He couldn't turn his attack into a physical entity.

However, from this angle, one of Ding Chunqiu's toes touched Lin Ming's neck.

Lin Ming tried his best to resist. His body was like a spear, and he would rather be broken than bend!

"Kneel!" Ding Chunqiu shouted. His eyes flashed with a cold light.

He wanted Lin Ming to thoroughly experience the sorrow of the weak before he died.

Lin Ming's bones let out a sharp sound of friction. It was as if his thin and weak body would break in the next moment!

"The current you is just a poor worm under my feet," Ding Chunqiu said with a sneer of ridicule.

"If you have the guts to kill me, then kill me! Otherwise, I will definitely kill you in the future!" Lin Ming shouted.

However, blood kept flowing out of his mouth.

"Future? You won't live past today!" Ding Chunqiu said. He stood with his hands behind his back, as if he was a Yama who had just announced his fate.

At this moment, Lin Ming really wanted the Martial God Creation System to increase his cultivation. However, he was still conscious in his rage.

Now even if he used the system to quadruple his cultivation level, he would still be no match for Ding Chunqiu!

He sighed in his heart and thought to himself, "However, I have no choice but to give it my all."

He touched his neck with his palm.

Lin Ming's Storage Ring contained the quicklime he had stored. He only had one chance, and he had to succeed.

"Elder Ding, aren't you going too far by bullying the disciples of the sect like that?" A charming voice sounded.

It was Su Yao. At this moment, she was so angry that her chest rose and fell. Her cute face was filled with anger.

She clenched her fists tightly, as if she wanted to kill Ding Chunqiu.

"The Law Enforcement Hall is working right now. What right do you have to interfere with us?"

In the next moment, with a light shout, Su Yao's body was sent flying backwards. There was a trace of blood flowing out from her delicate little mouth.

"Thank you, senior sister. If I am still alive, I will definitely repay you!" Lin Ming shouted.

At this moment, Lin Ming, who was being suppressed by Ding Chunqiu, let out a low and miserable laugh from his mouth.

A glint flashed across Ding Chunqiu's eyes when he heard this. Obviously, he realized that Lin Ming valued relationships very much.

If he had used a gentle way to communicate with Lin Ming just now, he might have been grateful and would not have caused the current situation.

However, even if he acted overbearingly, so what?

Was he wrong? No!

A genius was no longer a genius after his death. If Lin Ming didn't respect him in the slightest, then he deserved to die!

Ding Chunqiu was used to being overbearing!

At that moment, there was a loud rumbling sound. A stream of light arrived in the air in an instant like a bolt of lightning.

"A strong cultivator of Origin Core Stage!" Someone exclaimed.

After all, this person was walking in the air. Sensing the terrifying aura from that person's body, some of the disciples were even pressed to the ground.

Their faces were pale.

"How dare you hit my granddaughter? Ding, do you not want to live anymore?" An extremely domineering voice spread throughout the entire space.

At the same time, it was as if Ding Chunqiu was directly hit by a finger. His body flew out like a meteor, and he brushed against the ground, leaving behind a long mark!


He sent Ding Chunqiu flying with a single strike.

The disciples around them were breathing heavily, unable to hide the shock in their hearts. Ding Chunqiu was the Vice Hall Master of Law Enforcement Hall, yet he was sent flying just like that.

Countless disciples were afraid of Su Changqing, the Deputy Hall Master of the Law Enforcement Hall.

However, Lin Ming was saved because of this. When he saw the old man standing in the air, he was stunned.

The Elder Guardian of Scripture Pavilion was actually so terrifying.

He and Lin Ming had met several times in the past, but he didn't know that he was an Origin Core Stage expert.

The Senior Sister Su Yao was actually his granddaughter.

"Su Changqing, don't go too far! You are a criminal of the sect, yet you actually dared to enter the Inner Sect, and you even dared to attack the Disciplinary Elder!" At this moment, Ding Chunqiu was in a sorry state and was very angry.

"If you hurt my granddaughter even a little, I'll kill you!" Standing in the air, Su Changqing said in a domineering manner.

He released a terrifying pressure that enveloped Ding Chunqiu.

Although Ding Chunqiu was now a Peak of Late Period of Heavenly Origin Stage warrior, there was still a huge gap between him and a true Origin Core Stage warrior.

Humiliation and resentment filled his chest.

"Su Changqing, you have crossed the line." At this moment, an ethereal voice came from the depths of the Spacious Sect.

This voice was ethereal. However, when the incomparably domineering Su Changqing heard it, he couldn't help but be taken aback.

This was the Great Elder of the Spacious Sect, the hall master of the Law Enforcement Hall!

"Alright, on account of you, I will leave. However, I hope that this will be the last time. Anyone who hurts my granddaughter has to pay a painful price." Su Changqing said coldly.

Hearing his words, the voice became silent.

Ding Chunqiu's face was covered in cold sweat.

No one dared to provoke Su Yao because of her existence.

Lin Ming let out a sigh of relief in his heart and felt envious. He didn't have such a powerful backer.

However, Lin Ming was soon relieved. In the world of martial arts, the most important thing was to improve his own martial strength!

"Grandpa, Junior Brother Lin is innocent. These guys are too much. I want to take Junior Brother Lin away," Su Yao said.

Lin Ming was moved when he heard this.

Su Yao was really too good to him.

"Lin Ming, come with me." Su Changqing nodded slightly.

"Su Changqing, Lin Ming has committed treason by harming his fellow disciples. His crimes..." Ding Chunqiu said angrily.

"Get out of here. If the Spacious Sect is dominated by you, then it won't be far from decline." Su Changqing said coldly.

In the next moment, Lin Ming felt a gust of strong wind sweep over him and wrap him up.

When he saw his surroundings again, he was already in a courtyard not far from the Outer Sect's Compendium Pavilion.

This was Su Changqing's usual residence.

"Thank you very much for saving me, Senior Su and senior sister. I will not forget your kindness." Lin Ming cupped his hands and said.

Su Changqing looked at Lin Ming with a hint of admiration in his eyes.

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