The God Of War Forging System/C2 Ghost Shadow Step Vanishing Fist
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The God Of War Forging System/C2 Ghost Shadow Step Vanishing Fist
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C2 Ghost Shadow Step Vanishing Fist

"How did Lin Ming recover?"

"Just now, Huang Yaofeng found out that Lin Ming has fully recovered. He told me that if Lin Ming dares to participate in the Inner Sect Selection in seven days, he will definitely cripple him."

"How dare he argue with Huang Yaofeng? He deserves to be bullied!"

Along the way, all kinds of mocking and threatening words entered Lin Ming's ears.

The Outer Sect disciples of the Spacious Sect had been suppressed at the bottom for too long. They didn't even want to see anyone living a good life.

In the past three years, Lin Ming had become their laughingstock.

Lin Ming just clenched his fists.

He had no need to pay attention to these people. He had to increase his strength as soon as possible and strive to become famous in the Inner Sect Selection.

"Lin Xin'er, I will let you know that you have made the wrong decision."

In the Compendium Pavilion of the Outer Sect.

Lin Ming entered the Compendium Pavilion. Normally, this place was very quiet.

After all, all the martial arts secret manuals here were of the lowest quality. Moreover, this place was only open to martial artists who had reached the Body Tempering Realm.

For example, every cultivator who breaks through to the Third Layer of Body Tempering, Sixth Layer of Body Tempering, and Ninth Layer of Body Tempering would receive a martial arts manual from each of them.

The Elder Guardian was very relaxed, and his hair was slightly white. When he heard that someone was coming, he opened his slightly sleepy eyes.

"Are you here to get the martial arts manual?"

The Elder Guardian asked.

"Yes, I want to collect two martial arts secret manuals."

Lin Ming answered in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

When the Elder Guardian heard this, his interest was immediately piqued. He looked at Lin Ming carefully and asked, "Are you that girl's follower?"

Lin Ming was speechless.

Lin Ming almost covered his face. It seemed like the fact that the former owner of this body was a follower was deeply rooted in people's hearts.

In fact, Lin Ming even saw some flames of gossip in the Elder Guardian's eyes.

Lin Ming threw a punch.

The old man only lazily stretched out a palm and easily blocked Lin Ming's fist.

Lin Ming felt as if his fist had hit cotton and was easily neutralized.

"That's right, this punch has the strength of a martial artist at the Ninth Layer of the Body Tempering Realm."

At this moment, the old man looked at Lin Ming with a hint of praise in his eyes.

"Elder, please keep this a secret for me."

Lin Ming smiled.

"You must have a sinister plan."

The old man smiled sinisterly and nodded.

Lin Ming moved and entered the Compendium Pavilion.

There was only one floor in the Compendium Pavilion, and it was very simple and crude. He went straight to the point.

This time, he wanted to look for a agility technique secret manual and a fist technique secret manual.

Only when they were combined with his spear technique could he form a more systematic fighting strength.

"Ardent Sun Finger."

"Universe Legs Technique."

Lin Ming pursed his lips. They were only Human Rank martial skills, but their names were very advanced.

In the end, Lin Ming chose two secret manuals.

One was called Ghost Step, and the other was called Mystic Fist.

"Don't you know the rules of the Compendium Pavilion? Do not spread these two manuals to outsiders. In addition, you must return them within a month. "

The Elder Guardian said.


Lin Ming nodded his head and continued to sign. He took the two secret manuals in his arms and hid them from the eyes of many Outer Sect disciples.

Then he left the Haoran Faction to go to a nearby market to purchase some items.

After that, he rushed to the barren mountain not far away.

In reality, this place was not a barren mountain. Instead, it was a mountain range with steep terrain. On the mountain, there was a lush forest with a large number of Vicious Beasts.

From time to time, a few mercenary groups would come over to hunt down the Vicious Beasts.

Furthermore, there would naturally be a few disciples from the various sects who would enter this place to search for treasures or hunt down Vicious Beast to train their combat ability.

Naturally, Lin Ming was not unfamiliar with this place.

After all, he used to come here quite often. As Lin Xin'er's admirer, he often came here to collect spirit herbs for her.

This caused him to be almost killed by the Vicious Beasts several times.

The reason why Lin Ming came here today was very simple. There was no Outer Sect disciple here. He was here to cultivate Ghost Step and Mystic Fist.

In addition, he planned to train bitterly here for seven days before returning to the sect to participate in the Inner Sect Selection.

"Poison Wolf Hunt Squad is now recruiting temporary members."

"It's going to sell the best First Rank Vicious Beasts."

The entrance to the barren mountain had already formed a sporadic market, and there were even a few mercenary groups recruiting people here.

However, Lin Ming ignored them. He planned to enter the barren mountain.

"Recently, some disciples of the Earth Fiend Sect have appeared in the desolate mountain. They are looking for an Earth Fiend Yin Lotus."

"We met them when we entered the desolate mountain to hunt down the Vicious Beasts. We even met the leader of the Earth Fiend Sect's Inner Sect disciples. He chased everyone away in a very arrogant manner."

"Anyone who disobeys him will be killed."

Lin Ming could hear the intermittent sounds.

However, Lin Ming did not care about what they said.

This was because he was here to practice martial arts. These people had nothing to do with him.

Along with the sound of leaves rustling, Lin Ming entered the barren mountain.

"Martial God Creation System can help me double the proficiency of my martial skills. Before I break through, I should do my best to increase the proficiency of my martial skills."

"I have a small goal; I want to level up my Martial Skill Proficiency to the Mastery Entering Stage."

Lin Ming smiled.

In the next moment, he climbed up a big tree like a monkey. He took out two martial skill books from his pocket and began to read them with relish.

In his previous life, the reason why Lin Ming was able to become a top hacker was because his IQ was very high.

His IQ had reached an astonishing 170.

Therefore, Lin Ming's comprehension ability was very powerful. Very quickly, he memorized the two martial skills in his heart.

Lin Ming did not choose to cultivate these two martial skills immediately.

He sat cross-legged on the tree trunk and began to sort out his memories, until he was very familiar with the contents of these two martial skills.

Only then did Lin Ming move.

He used Ghost Step.

His figure was like a ghost.

Lin Ming's figure kept moving, and in the end, he even tied a large rock to his back.

His clothes were soaked with sweat, but he didn't notice at all.

As he ran, he kept swinging his fist. His attacks were unpredictable.

One day later.

Lin Ming pierced through a wild hornet's nest, and a large number of wild hornets were furious. They attacked him with all their might.

Lin Ming used this opportunity to temper his Ghost Step.

Five days passed in the blink of an eye.

Lin Ming, on the other hand, was heading towards the depths of the desolate mountain.

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