The God Of War Forging System/C2 Ghost Step Mystic Fist
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The God Of War Forging System/C2 Ghost Step Mystic Fist
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C2 Ghost Step Mystic Fist

"Lin Ming has actually recovered?" someone exclaimed in disbelief.

Huang Yaofeng had just learned of Lin Ming's recovery and was quick to issue a warning. "If Lin Ming has the audacity to enter the Inner Sect Selection in seven days, I'll make sure he regrets it," he declared.

"He actually thinks he can challenge Yaofeng? He's asking for trouble!" sneered another.

As Lin Ming walked, he was bombarded with a cacophony of jeers and threats. The Outer Sect disciples of the Spacious Sect had been downtrodden for far too long, resenting anyone who seemed to be doing well.

For three years, Lin Ming had been the butt of their jokes, a constant topic of derision. Yet, he simply tightened his grip, his fists clenching in silent resolve.

He didn't need to acknowledge their taunts. His priority was to bolster his strength and make a name for himself in the upcoming Inner Sect Selection.

"Lin Xin'er, you'll soon realize the mistake you've made," he muttered to himself.

Upon entering the Compendium Pavilion of the Outer Sect, Lin Ming found the usual tranquility of the place comforting. The martial arts manuals housed here were considered inferior, and access was limited to those who had achieved certain milestones in the Body Tempering Realm.

Cultivators who reached the Third, Sixth, or Ninth Layer of Body Tempering were entitled to select a manual corresponding to their level of achievement.

The Elder Guardian, with his slightly graying hair, appeared relaxed as he sat in the pavilion. Roused from his half-slumber by Lin Ming's arrival, he opened his drowsy eyes and inquired, "Are you here for the martial arts manuals?"

"Yes, I'd like to take two martial arts secret manuals," Lin Ming replied, maintaining a calm and confident tone.

The Elder Guardian's curiosity was piqued. He scrutinized Lin Ming and asked with a hint of mockery, "Aren't you that girl's little sidekick?"

Lin Ming held back a sigh. The reputation of his body's previous owner as a tagalong seemed to be an indelible stain on his identity, even sparking a flicker of gossip in the Elder Guardian's gaze.

Without a word, Lin Ming launched a punch, channeling his frustration into the strike.

The Elder Guardian, with an air of nonchalance, deflected the punch with a simple palm. Lin Ming's effort felt as though it had been absorbed by a cushion, effortlessly dissipated.

"Not bad," the Elder Guardian remarked, "Your punch carries the strength of a Ninth Layer Body Tempering martial artist."

At that moment, the Elder Guardian looked at Lin Ming with a trace of admiration in his gaze.

"Elder, please keep this confidential for me," Lin Ming said with a smile.

"You must be up to something cunning," the Elder Guardian replied with a sly grin, nodding in agreement.

Lin Ming then made his move, swiftly entering the Compendium Pavilion.

The Compendium Pavilion was modest, consisting of a single floor. Lin Ming got straight to the point.

He was there to find a manual on an agility technique and another on a fist technique. Combined with his spear skills, these would enable him to develop a comprehensive combat ability.

"Ardent Sun Finger."

"Universe Legs Technique."

Lin Ming couldn't help but smirk. Despite their grandiose names, these were merely Human Rank martial arts.

Ultimately, Lin Ming settled on two secret manuals: Ghost Step and Mystic Fist.

"You're aware of the Compendium Pavilion's rules, right? Do not share these manuals with anyone, and make sure to return them within a month," the Elder Guardian instructed.

"Understood," Lin Ming replied, nodding. He then signed the register and tucked the two manuals into his chest, avoiding the watchful eyes of the Outer Sect disciples.

He left the Spacious Sect and headed to a nearby market to buy some supplies.

Afterward, he made his way to a nearby mountain range.

This place was hardly a barren mountain. It was a rugged terrain, home to dense forests and teeming with ferocious beasts.

Mercenary groups often came to hunt these beasts, and disciples from various sects ventured here to seek treasures or to hone their combat skills against the beasts.

Lin Ming was well-acquainted with the area.

He had frequently visited in the past, especially as an admirer of Lin Xin'er, often gathering spiritual herbs for her, which had nearly cost him his life on several occasions.

Today, Lin Ming's purpose was straightforward: the area was devoid of Outer Sect disciples, making it an ideal spot to practice Ghost Step and Mystic Fist.

Moreover, he planned to engage in intensive training for seven days before returning to the sect for the Inner Sect Selection.

The Poison Wolf Hunt Squad is currently seeking temporary members.

"Top-quality Rank 1 ferocious beasts for sale."

At the entrance to the barren mountain, a makeshift market had formed, with several mercenary groups actively recruiting.

Lin Ming, however, paid them no mind. His intention was to venture into the barren mountain.

"Disciples from the Earth Fiend Sect have been spotted in the barren mountain recently, searching for the Earth Fiend Yin Lotus."

"We encountered them while hunting ferocious beasts in the mountain. We even came across the leader of the Inner Sect disciples from the Earth Fiend Sect. He arrogantly drove everyone away."

"Anyone who refused to follow his orders was killed."

These fragmented conversations reached Lin Ming's ears.

But Lin Ming wasn't concerned with their words.

After all, he was there to train in martial arts; these people were of no consequence to him.

Accompanied by the rustling of leaves, Lin Ming made his way into the barren mountain.

"The Martial God Creation System can help me double my martial skills proficiency. I should aim to maximize my proficiency before my next breakthrough."

"I'll set a modest goal for now: to elevate my Martial Skill Proficiency to the Mastery Entering level."

Lin Ming chuckled to himself.

In an instant, he scaled a large tree with the agility of a monkey. He pulled out two martial arts books from his pocket and began reading them intently.

In his past life, Lin Ming's high IQ, a staggering 170, was the key to his success as a top hacker.

Thus, his ability to grasp new concepts was exceptional. It didn't take long for him to commit the two martial arts techniques to memory.

Lin Ming didn't immediately start practicing these techniques.

Seated cross-legged on the tree trunk, he meticulously organized his memories until he was thoroughly familiar with both martial arts techniques.

Then, Lin Ming sprang into action.

He executed the Ghost Step, moving like a phantom.

Lin Ming's form shifted continuously, and eventually, he even strapped a large stone to his back.

Drenched in sweat, he remained oblivious to the discomfort.

While sprinting, he swung his fists in a manner that was difficult to predict.

A day later, Lin Ming deliberately disturbed a wild hornet's nest, provoking a swarm of enraged hornets that attacked him relentlessly.

Lin Ming seized this opportunity to refine his Ghost Step technique.

In the blink of an eye, five days had flown by.

Meanwhile, Lin Ming was making his way toward the deep recesses of the desolate mountain.

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