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The God Of War Forging System/C20 Su Yao's Question
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C20 Su Yao's Question

"Lin Ming, Yao needs your help now. Are you willing to do it?" Su Changqing looked at Lin Ming and smiled.

When she heard this, Su Yao's pretty face turned slightly red. She looked very cute.

"She needs my help?" Lin Ming was taken aback.

After all, Su Changqing was an expert at the Origin Core Stage, and he could even fly.

Even in the Spacious Sect, he was very powerful.

But Su Changqing actually needed his help?

However, Lin Ming was only stunned for a moment before he came back to his senses. He cupped his fists and said, "Elder Su, if you have anything to say, just tell me. I'm willing to help you with anything related to senior sister!"

Su Yao didn't know why, but when she saw the determined expression on Lin Ming's face, a trace of panic appeared in her heart.

Then her beautiful eyes narrowed.

However, Lin Ming and Su Changqing did not notice her change.

Instead, a smile appeared on Su Changqing's face.

He sighed in his heart. It was so good to be young.

Lin Ming's blood was boiling, and he was filled with energy!

"Alright. My idea was correct. You are a good boy." Su Changqing stroked his beard and laughed. His eyes became even kinder.

"Sit." Su Changqing pointed to a rattan chair. Lin Ming sat down respectfully.

"Yao's physique is special. Since she had stepped into the Earthly Origin Stage, she had yet to fuse with the Evil Force. I even speculate that the Evil Force below Grade 7 will not be able to fuse with Yao's body at all." Su Changqing explained slowly.

Lin Ming was shocked.

Senior Sister Su Yao's physique was actually so special.

She was actually unable to fuse with the Evil Force of ordinary quality.

"Lin Ming, if I'm not mistaken, you must have fused with an Eighth Grade Evil Force, right? It should have a lotus attribute." Su Changqing said.

Suddenly Lin Ming was nervous, but he relaxed.

He couldn't help but sigh to himself that Su Changqing's perception was very strong.

However, he wasn't worried that Su Changqing would harm him. If an Origin Core Stage expert were to attack him, he wouldn't even have the strength to resist.

"Yes. I have fused with the Grade-8 Evil Force, the Earth Fiend Lotus King." Lin Ming didn't hide anything.

Su Changqing smiled and nodded when he heard this. He was happy that Lin Ming trusted him so much.

After all, every warrior had their own opportunities, so he didn't ask too much.

"I found a Grade-7 Evil Force spirit plant in a secret location. It is about to mature. I hope that you can accompany Yao in picking and refining it."

"I'm sure you will have your doubts as to why I chose you."

"First, I have to find an Earthly Origin Stage warrior for Yao to accompany her. Otherwise, when that Grade-7 Evil Force matures, the Demonic Beast that is guarding it will definitely be destroyed when it senses the aura of an expert."

"Second, you have refined the Grade-8 Earth Fiend Lotus King. You have enough resistance and devouring experience to help her fuse with the Grade-7 Evil Force. "

"And thirdly, I trust your character. So, considering all these reasons, you're the perfect man."

"So, are you willing?"

After saying that, Su Changqing looked at Lin Ming, his eyes filled with hope.

Even if Lin Ming had a trace of hesitation and evil thoughts, he would definitely kill him as soon as possible.

However, he noticed that Lin Ming's eyes were extremely clear.

The eyes were the most sensitive to one's inner thoughts. Furthermore, as an expert of Origin Core Stage, he was very good at observing people's thoughts.

"Of course I am willing!" Lin Ming cupped his fists.

"Alright, come here in three days. After that, the two of you will set off together." Su Changqing said.

"No problem." Lin Ming stood up and took his leave.

In the past, Su Yao was extremely arrogant in the Inner Sect. But now, she was gently massaging Su Changqing's shoulders. "Grandpa, do you really trust him that much?"

Su Changqing shot a glance at Su Yao and teased, "Don't you believe him?"

Lin Ming's handsome face and his always-clear eyes appeared in Su Yao's mind, causing her to become a little absent-minded.

Suddenly, Su Changqing scolded in exasperation. "Damn it. He actually attracted my granddaughter. This time, when you guys come back, I'm going to blind him."

Su Yao immediately increased her strength. "How dare you!"

Su Changqing sighed. "It seems like you really like him."

"Grandpa, stop joking with me."

Lin Ming had no idea what Su Changqing and Su Yao were talking about.

After leaving Su Changqing's apartment, Lin Ming planned to go out to a blacksmith shop outside the sect and forge a weapon that suited him.

Lin Ming had earned a fortune after killing Tian Muyang and the others.

Coincidentally, he met Lin Xin'er.

At this moment, Lin Xin'er's beautiful eyes were slightly red, but this seemed to make her peach blossom eyes even more seductive.

She had a pure face, an enchanting figure, and snow-white long legs. Lin Xin'er was a typical sexy goddess.

When she saw Lin Ming, Lin Xin'er quickly ran over.

"Lin Ming, are you here to see me?"

"I like you. Let's make up with each other. I don't want to be your woman. As long as you promise, I'll warm your bed and serve you tea and anything else."

Lin Ming looked at the beautiful face in front of him. This girl was the dream he had chased for three years.

But now, she was begging him humbly.

"I'm sorry, I have mysophobia!"

Lin Ming used Ghost Step and disappeared from where he stood.

After being rejected by Lin Ming, Lin Xin'er burst into heart-wrenching tears.

Her heart ached as if it was being pricked by a needle. Could it be that she would never be able to find the Lin Ming who once loved her so much?

Her body was indeed not clean anymore.

The young lady's heart was filled with regret.

"Junior Sister, did that bastard Lin Ming offend you?"

Suddenly, a gentle voice sounded.

Lin Xin'er saw a tall and handsome man dressed in the clothes of the Inner Sect, looking at her gently.


With a single glance, Lin Xin'er could see the fiery passion flickering in the depths of this person's eyes.

However, she did not care at all. In fact, there was a hint of ecstasy in her heart.

However, she still said in a reserved manner: "Senior Brother, can you make the decision for me?"

Lin Ming arrived at a market town near the Spacious Sect.

He found a blacksmith shop at the east end of the town. It was said that the blacksmith here was the best in the surrounding villages.

"Little brother, what do you need?"

When the shop assistant saw the clothes Lin Ming was wearing, he said this with a trace of flattery on his face.

"I want to customize a spear!"

Lin Ming scanned the area, but he didn't find any spear-shaped weapons.

"Oh, you want to customize a weapon? Give me a moment. I'll go find my master."

Very quickly, a Great Han with stubble all over his face walked out. His skin was bronze, and his muscles were strong and strong.

"Little brother, please come in."

Lin Ming followed the blacksmith into the Inner Court.

"What request do you have?"

"I want to make the best spear."

Lin Ming went straight to the point.

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