The God Of War Forging System/C3 Earth Terminus Yin Lotus
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The God Of War Forging System/C3 Earth Terminus Yin Lotus
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C3 Earth Terminus Yin Lotus

Three sharp stings, like arrowheads, pierced through an afterimage.

A buzzing sound that made people's scalp go numb could be heard. It was the sound of those poisonous wild wasps flapping their wings.

Although this kind of Vicious Beast was neither large nor had a strong offensive strength, even Earthly Origin Stage cultivators would not dare to provoke it.

After all, these small Vicious Beasts lived in groups. Once they were provoked, they would not stop until they had killed their enemy.

"Ghost Step."

Lin Ming shouted in a low voice, and two more afterimages appeared behind him.

The wild wasps that were chasing after him shot out the poisonous stingers in their bodies.

The poisonous stingers pierced through the two afterimages, causing them to be riddled with holes.

The wasps quickly fell from the sky and died.

The remaining Yellowjackets, however, were obviously enraged to the extreme. When they discovered his figure, they chased after him again.

Under his extreme condition, two more afterimages appeared behind him.

Including the previous one, there were five afterimages.

Yet another batch of Yellowjackets died.

"I don't want to play with you guys anymore."

"S Mystic Fist."

As soon as he finished speaking, five Fist Print appeared.

The Yellowjackets that were chasing after him were all struck by the fist. Before they could even react, they were all killed.

The five Fist Print gradually dissipated.

Lin Ming bent over and panted heavily.

His clothes were soaked with sweat, and it dripped onto the ground along the ends of his hair. He was carrying a large rock on his back.

Lin Ming kept regulating his breathing, his face full of joy.

Previously, he liked to take risks and challenge the impossible.

Now, in five days, he could create five afterimages even if he carried a huge rock on his back.

Ghost Step, one afterimage, First Glimpse, three afterimages, Mastery Entering; six afterimages: Understanding; nine afterimages: Completeness.

Mystic Fist, two Fist Prints, First Glimpse; Four Fist Print, Mastery Entering; Six Fist Print, Understanding; Eight Fist Print, Completeness!

In just five days, Lin Ming had already cultivated two high grade Human Rank martial skills to the Mastery Entering Stage.

"I really am a genius. My comprehension ability is too strong."

At this moment, Lin Ming couldn't help but feel a little proud of himself.

However, he did not immediately ask the Martial God Creation System to increase his proficiency in martial skills.

If he raised his proficiency level to the limit, and then he used the Martial God Creation System, he would be able to get a better result.

He could break through at any time, so he was not in a hurry.

Lin Ming had already found out from the system that the spear force could be doubled.

However, Lin Ming had a level-headedness and patience that far exceeded that of other martial artists of his age.

"I've basically accomplished my small goal. I'll find a place to take a shower and return to the sect."

Lin Ming chuckled.

In the next moment, he began to search for water.

An hour later.

"The air here is very humid. Logically speaking, there should be water nearby, but the temperature is really low."

Lin Ming muttered to himself.

Finally, he saw a pond a mile away.

However, what shocked Lin Ming was that there was a layer of ice in the middle of the pond.

A lotus flower quietly bloomed like an ice sculpture.

"Earth Fiend Yin Lotus!"

Lin Ming suddenly exclaimed.

The Earth Fiend Yin Lotus was a precious treasure. This was because only after an Earthly Origin Stage warrior fused with the Evil Force could they unleash even greater power.

The Evil Force was divided into nine levels.

The Earth Fiend Yin Lotus had a Grade-3 Evil Force, so it was definitely an extraordinary treasure.

From the looks of it, it had just matured.

Lin Ming licked his dry lips slightly, and his eyes were filled with excitement.

However, he vaguely remembered that when he was outside the barren mountain, he had heard someone discussing that the disciples of the Earth Fiend Sect were also looking for this item.

However, obtaining this kind of treasure depended on luck. Lin Ming naturally wouldn't give it to them.

Moreover, according to his memory, the Earth Fiend Sect and the Spacious Sect seemed to have some conflict.

Just as Lin Ming was about to pick the Earth Fiend Yin Lotus, a fishy wind rushed over.

Lin Ming immediately used Ghost Step.

The sound of an afterimage shattering could be heard. A huge snake that was flickering with a cold luster suddenly scuttled out.

It pounced towards the place where Lin Ming had been standing.

Lin Ming's forehead was dripping with sweat. This snake was really sinister.

If he didn't react fast enough, or if he didn't master the Ghost Step, he would have lost his life here today.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Ming arrived at the snake's heart and threw a punch.

The snake was a First Rank Vicious Beast, equivalent to a human cultivator at the ninth layer of the Body Tempering Realm. It was on the verge of breaking through.

It was guarding the Earth Fiend Yin Lotus because it wanted to eat it when it matured to break through.

A hissing sound came from the snake's mouth.

It was obvious that it was enraged.

"Air Bursting Spear, spear force!"

The hardwood long spear shot out from Lin Ming's hand. The tip of the spear even flashed with a dazzling cold light.

The wooden spear penetrated the snake's heart and nailed it to the ground.

Soon, it died.

Lin Ming let out a long breath. He knew that he shouldn't stay here for long. With a flash of his body, he grabbed the Earth Fiend Yin Lotus in his hand.

The Earth Fiend Yin Lotus was very cold. It made Lin Ming feel as if he was holding not a plant, but an ice cube.

"Give me the Earth Fiend Yin Lotus!"

A few figures appeared in front of Lin Ming and surrounded him.

The leader was tall and strong, and he looked at Lin Ming with an arrogant expression.

"Are you from the Haoran Faction?"

"I am Tian Muyang, an Inner Sect disciple of the Earth Fiend Sect, and you are just a member of the Spacious Sect. If you hand over the Earth Fiend Yin Lotus and cut off one of your arms, I will spare your life."

Tian Muyang was very overbearing. He planned to snatch the Earth Fiend Yin Lotus from Lin Ming.

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