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C4 Sprinkle Lime

Lin Ming said coldly: "Not only do I have to hand over the Earth Fiend Yin Lotus, but I also have to cut off my own arm?"

At this moment, when Tian Muyang saw Lin Ming's eyes, he felt as if he was being stared at by a ferocious beast.

He couldn't help but feel afraid, but his fear was quickly replaced by anger.

Because he was an Inner Sect disciple of the Earthly Origin Stage, he felt that he could not be scared by an Outer Sect disciple of the Body Tempering Stage.

"Kill him!"

Tian Muyang made up his mind to obtain the Earth Fiend Yin Lotus. This was the spirit grass that could help him reach the Earthly Origin Stage and fuse with the Evil Force.

Once the assimilation was complete, his strength would soar again.

Just as Tian Muyang and the others were about to attack Lin Ming, Lin Ming said, "Senior Brother Tian, I am willing to hand over the Earth Fiend Yin Lotus."

Lin Ming immediately began to curry favor with them.

Tian Muyang and the others were puzzled.

"He really is a coward."

"He doesn't dare to disobey Senior Brother Tian!"

Tian Muyang's lackeys immediately began to mock Lin Ming.

Tian Muyang also revealed a contemptuous expression.

Lin Ming respectfully handed the Earth Fiend Yin Lotus to Tian Muyang.

The Evil Evil was emitting a cold aura.

Tian Muyang and the others suddenly felt a sharp pain in their eyes.

"Shengshi Ash."

"He actually dared to do such a thing!"

Tian Muyang and the others were furious. At this moment, the pain made them howl in pain.

"Mystic Fist!"

In an instant, Lin Ming's fist landed on the chests of the five lackeys.

The five of them fell to the ground, and their sternum was broken.

Right now, they were on the verge of death.

All five of them were in the Body Tempering Stage, so they couldn't withstand a single punch from Lin Ming, who was at the ninth layer of the Body Tempering Realm.

"I want you to die!"

"Sky-Breaking Leg Technique!"

With a furious roar, Tian Muyang's leg was surrounded by a terrifying energy as he kicked at Lin Ming.

However, he did not manage to kick Lin Ming.

However, Lin Ming was surprised by the strength of an Earthly Origin Stage martial artist.

Lin Ming leapt up and grabbed the hardwood spear that had been stabbed into the snake's body. With the support of the spear force, he used the Air Bursting Spear.

The long spear pierced through Tian Muyang's throat, and blood dripped from the tip of the spear.

The new Inner Sect disciple of the Earth Fiend Sect, Tian Muyang, was dead.

At the beginning, Lin Ming's face was pale, and he felt a little uncomfortable.

However, he quickly adjusted himself.

He knew that this was the Martial Arts Realm, where only the strong were respected.

The law of the jungle was the only rule here. If he was weak, his fate would be very miserable.

He slapped off the lime on his palm.

Lin Ming smiled. The system's novice gift bag was really useful.

Lin Ming did not stay here for long.

After all, this was a barren mountain. If any Vicious Beast were to smell the stench of blood here, they would definitely rush over.

Lin Ming began to search the belongings of the five Body Tempering Stage followers, but he only found a few pieces of gold.

There was nothing on Tian Muyang's body.

Lin Ming was confused.

Tian Muyang was an Inner Sect disciple of the Earth Fiend Sect, so he should have a treasure on him.

Lin Ming suddenly saw a ring on Tian Muyang's finger.

It was the Storage Ring.

Lin Ming took it off and realized that there was a space inside. This made Lin Ming very excited.

The Storage Ring's value was extremely high, so Tian Muyang's status should be extraordinary.

Then, Lin Ming stored the shattered gold and the snake that he had killed into the Storage Ring.

The Earth Fiend Yin Lotus was also stored in the Storage Ring.

The Storage Ring was extremely valuable. In order to prevent others from coveting it, Lin Ming put it on his neck and hid it under his clothes.

After that, Lin Ming returned to the Spacious Sect.

Lin Ming did not return to the residence of the Outer Sect disciples. After all, there were too many people there.

He entered the woodshed where he had been thrown a few days ago.

It was only then that Lin Ming had the time to check the items inside the Storage Ring.

The Earth Fiend Kick, a High Grade Human Rank martial art.

It was the martial skill that Tian Muyang used. He did not expect the Storage Ring to actually have such a secret manual. Lin Ming decided to cultivate it for a while.

After that, he planned to sell it on the black market, where he could earn a lot of money.

Things like cultivation techniques and martial skills were very popular, and their prices were extremely high.

"Money ticket!"

Lin Ming was overjoyed. He carefully counted and found that there were a hundred tickets worth ten taels of gold. They were worth a thousand taels of gold in total.

Lin Ming was in need of a suitable weapon. He planned to use this money to forge a suitable weapon.

"Spirit Stone!"

There were five fist-sized Spirit Stones here, and they were filled with dense spiritual energy.

The Spirit Stone could not only be absorbed by martial artists who had reached the Earthly Origin Stage, but it was also a hard currency in the Martial Arts Realm.

A Low-grade Spirit Stone was worth ten thousand gold taels.

There were a total of five Spirit Stones here!

He was rich!

Lin Ming was overjoyed. As expected, killing people and seizing their treasures was the fastest way to become rich.

In addition to that, there were some personal belongings of Tian Muyang. Lin Ming felt that he needed to find a chance to get rid of them. He also found a corner of a sheepskin scroll in the corner.

There seemed to be some paintings on it, but he did not know what they meant.

He let out a long breath.

He had gained a lot this time. He had cultivated both martial skills to the Mastery Entering Stage, obtaining an Earth Fiend Yin Lotus, a piece of snake meat, a storage ring, a large amount of gold, a High Grade Human Rank martial skill, and five Spirit Stones.

"I've already condensed an Elemental Force Seed in my Dantian. This is a sign that I'm about to break through."

All of a sudden, Lin Ming noticed a change in his Dantian.

"When I enter the Earthly Origin Stage, the Martial God Creation System will upgrade my martial skills and other levels, so I need to upgrade the items that I can upgrade."

Lin Ming pondered for a moment.

"[System, upgrade Ghost Step, Mystic Fist, and Spear Dao.]"

The system's mechanical voice sounded.

"[Ghost Step has been upgraded to the Completeness realm!]"

"The Mystic Fist has been upgraded to the Completeness!"

"In the process of leveling up, the spear intent has reached the Great Completion!"

At this moment, countless inspirations came one after another like a tidal wave.

The Inner Sect Assessment was just around the corner, and Lin Ming's strength had undergone a tremendous change!

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