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C5 Inner Sect Test

At that moment, Lin Ming felt a great deal of inspiration rushing into his mind. He could not help but have a headache.

The Martial God Creation System was too powerful.

It had actually raised two martial skills to the Completion, and the spear force to the Great Completion!

Lin Ming crossed his legs and meditated.

A day passed in the blink of an eye.

Suddenly, in the narrow space of the woodshed, Lin Ming flashed and left behind several afterimages.

At first, he was restricted by the space and his movements were not smooth. In the end, his movements were so smooth that nine afterimages appeared.

A muffled sound came from the void.

Eight Fist Print were instantly unleashed.

Slowly, the eight Fist Print disappeared.

"That's great."

Lin Ming exclaimed.

At the same time, a few people arrived outside the woodshed.

"That piece of trash, Lin Ming, has returned? He hasn't been cleaning the Outer Sect for the past few days. How dare he!"

The person in the lead had a ferocious expression on his face.

"Senior Brother Cao, let's teach him a good lesson."

One of the disciples flattered.

Cao Xiong was the overlord of the Outer Sect.

He was a cultivator of the seventh layer of the Body Tempering Realm, and he was Huang Yaofeng's subordinate. He bullied the weak and feared the strong. He would always ask others to do the work that he needed to do.

"Why is there any news in this house? What the hell is he doing? Tell him to get the hell out of here."

Cao Xiong said while frowning his brows.

"Yes, Senior Brother Cao."

The disciple kicked the door hard.

The door was kicked open by him: "Trash Lin Ming, get the hell out here."

These Outer Sect disciples basically didn't take Lin Ming seriously. They thought he was Lin Xin'er's follower.

After all, he had been at the fourth layer of the Body Tempering Realm for the past three years, and he had never broken through.

A thin Lin Ming slowly walked out of the woodshed.

"Trash, you look like a gigolo. It's a pity that you don't have the fate of a gigolo."

"You've been chasing after Lin Xin'er for three years, but you haven't even touched her hand. Last night, I saw Boss Huang hugging Lin Xin'er. She was really alluring."

"The Inner Sect Assessment will begin today. Do you dare to participate? I was wrong. A trash at the fourth layer of the Body Tempering Realm like you doesn't even have the qualifications to participate!"

All kinds of mocking voices could be heard endlessly.

They even wanted to spit on Lin Ming's face.

They could not have Lin Xin'er, but when they saw that Lin Ming was even more unlucky than them, they felt a kind of perverse pleasure when they bullied him.

Furthermore, bullying a piece of trash was just too easy.

Furthermore, they could use this to curry favor with Cao Xiong, and perhaps they would even be appreciated by Huang Yaofeng.

They were very proud of themselves.

"Lin Ming, where have you been these past few days? Why aren't you cleaning up the Outer Sect?"

Cao Xiong's body erupted with the power of the Seventh Layer of Body Tempering, causing a strong wind to blow towards Lin Ming.

But Lin Ming, who normally did not dare to resist, was different now. Before the strong wind could even touch Lin Ming, it felt as if it had been separated by a sharp sword.

He straightened his body!

"You are just a bunch of clowns. Since you are willing to clean the Outer Sect, then clean it for the rest of your lives. From today onwards, I will not clean anymore."

Lin Ming said indifferently.

Lin Ming did not care about the sarcastic remarks he made at all.

Lin Xin'er was nothing to him.

"What did you say?"

Cao Xiong said angrily, "You dare to scold me? Do you want to die?"

The lackeys were shocked by Lin Ming's imposing manner.

Today, Lin Ming seemed to be a little different.

An indescribable aura emanated from his body.

However, they quickly changed their minds.

"You're too presumptuous."

"Are you crazy?"

"You actually dare to laugh at us?"

The lackeys were furious.

Lin Ming simply shook his head and ignored them.

After all, they were not on the same level.

Lin Ming stepped forward and said, "Scram. I still need to participate in the Inner Sect Assessment."

"He wants to take part in the Inner Sect Assessment!"

"Let's cripple him."

After that, one of them pounced on Lin Ming. He was at the fifth layer of the Body Tempering Realm, so he felt that he could easily defeat Lin Ming.

He threw a punch at Lin Ming's head.

He wanted to use this punch to defeat Lin Ming.

The afterimage shattered.

"This is an afterimage!"

Cao Xiong was very surprised when he saw the shattered afterimage.

In an instant, he fell to the ground and vomited blood.

The rest of the people were shocked.

Why was Lin Ming so strong?

His head was hit hard and he didn't have time to react.

When he felt dizzy, he saw Lin Ming walking towards the location of the Inner Sect Assessment.

Cao Xiong was shocked by Lin Ming's strength.

At the location of the Assessment.

Above the mountain gate of the Haoran Faction was where the Inner Sect disciples cultivated. Below the mountain gate was where the Outer Sect disciples lived. The Outer Sect disciples were in charge of some miscellaneous matters of the sect.

To be precise, they were not even disciples of the Spacious Sect.

Their status could not be compared to that of the Inner Sect disciples.

The status of the Inner Sect disciples was very high, and even if they killed Outer Sect disciples, they would not be punished.

Therefore, Outer Sect disciples worked very hard to become Inner Sect disciples.

At this moment, there were already a lot of Outer Sect disciples in the square in front of the gate. Even if a lot of them did not have the chance to participate in the test, they would still come to watch the battle.

"I heard that there are three disciples who have the highest chance to enter the Inner Sect this time."

"The top three of the Outer Sect are Lee Yasheng, Huang Yaofeng, and Sun Chen."

"The three of them have all reached the Ninth Layer of Body Tempering, and they will soon reach the Earthly Origin Stage. No one in the Outer Sect can compare with them!"

"I want to know if there will be any potential candidates. Sun Chen is already prepared for battle. I feel that he is very strong. "

When Lin Ming arrived, no one paid any attention to him.

After all, the main characters today were the three experts.

Someone shouted, "Look, Huang Yaofeng is here."

A tall man with a handsome face, but slightly pale with dark circles under his eyes arrived.

He was hugging a girl in yellow.

The yellow-clothed girl looked extremely pure and innocent, but she also carried a trace of charm.

She was Lin Xin'er.

She leaned into Huang Yaofeng's arms with a sweet smile on her face.

His cheeks were pink, as if he was shy.

All of a sudden, Huang Yaofeng noticed Lin Ming, who was standing at the back of the crowd.

He strode toward Lin Ming.

When everyone saw Lin Ming, they all had playful expressions on their faces.

"Lin Ming, do you really dare to come?"

Huang Yaofeng revealed a mocking smile.

"It has nothing to do with you."

Lin Ming shot a cold glance at Huang Yaofeng as he spoke with disdain.

Huang Yaofeng was taken aback, and the surrounding people all shook their heads. They felt that Lin Ming was crazy. He actually dared to provoke Huang Yaofeng. After all, Huang Yaofeng was almost certain to enter the Inner Sect.

If Outer Sect disciples dared to provoke Inner Sect disciples, they would be courting death.

Huang Yaofeng did not expect Lin Ming to be so bold today.

He stepped forward and whispered in Lin Ming's ear, "If you are not convinced, you can challenge me."

"I forgot to tell you, Lin Xin'er's skin is really smooth. Last night, I made love to her seven times. You haven't even held her hand, poor thing."

Huang Yaofeng laughed out loud.

He was provoking Lin Ming.

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