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The God Of War Forging System/C6 Three Striking Geniuses
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C6 Three Striking Geniuses

All of the Outer Sect disciples around looked at Lin with pity in their eyes.

He had paid a lot for a woman, but he did not get any reward.

However, what surprised everyone was that if it was in the past, Lin Ming would definitely have been furious. But now, he seemed to be very relaxed.

Lin Ming gave off an indescribable aura.

Lin Xin'er let out a soft snort. She had always looked down on Lin Ming. However, when she glanced at Lin Ming, she realized that the admiration he had for her had disappeared.

Lin Ming's attention was not on her at all, which made her angry.

This feeling made her feel insulted.

She thought that even if it was someone she didn't like, she had to be loyal to her.

"When the Brother Feng enters the Inner Sect, Lin Ming will know that he is just a piece of trash." Lin Xin'er thought bitterly in her heart.

All of a sudden, a cough resounded throughout the entire arena.

At this time, the Outer Sect disciples quieted down. They looked at the old man who was coughing with eyes full of respect.

He was the elder in charge of the Inner Sect Assessment.

Beside him stood a few young people.

Perhaps they had already stepped into the Cultivation World, so they all looked very elegant.

"This time, I'll be in charge of the Inner Sect Selection. There were a total of two criteria for the selection. The first was that this disciple had to reach the Body Tempering Stage, and he could not be lower than the Seventh Layer of the Body Tempering Realm. The second was that he had to pass the combat examination."

"As for your opponents, they are your senior brother and sister. They have all stepped into the Earthly Origin Stage. However, don't be afraid. They have only reached the Early Period of Earthly Origin Stage. "

"Your Senior Brother and senior sister will not be able to use their full strength. As long as you can hold on for a minute and fight with them, you will pass the test. "

"I will give you a score according to your performance. The full score will be ten points. As long as you reach six points, you will pass."

"The prizes for this Inner Sect Assessment are generous. The first place will be rewarded with one Essence Gathering Pill, the second place will be rewarded with two Spirit Stones, the third place will be rewarded with one Spirit Stone."

Hearing this, many Outer Sect disciples felt their blood boiling.

The Essence Gathering Pills were Breakthrough Pills. One Essence Gathering Pill could allow a cultivator to smoothly step from the Body Tempering Stage into the Earthly Origin Stage.

Although the Spirit Stone was not as valuable as the Essence Gathering Pill, it was still extremely precious. A Low-Grade Spirit Stone was extremely expensive.

Hearing that, many people looked at Sun Chen, Huang Yaofeng, and Lee Yasheng.

In their eyes, these rewards were almost prepared for the three great experts of the Outer Sect.

The three of them were very confident in their performance in the assessment.

There was no doubt that the three great geniuses of the Outer Sect had become the focus of attention. What awaited them was glory and praise.

Lin Ming's eyes lit up when he heard about the Essence Gathering Pill.

At this point, he had already broken through to the Ninth Layer of the Body Tempering Realm. If he managed to obtain the Essence Gathering Pill, he would be able to break through to the Earthly Origin Stage. With the help of the Martial God System, his strength would definitely increase by leaps and bounds.

None of them knew that Lin Ming was determined to get the Essence Gathering Pill.

However, if anyone else knew what he was planning, they would probably think that Lin Ming had gone crazy.

"Hu Feng, eliminated." The examiner shouted. Although this young man called Hu Feng had already reached the seventh stage of the Body Tempering Realm, he was still sent flying by the senior in just one round.

Everyone shook their heads.

The requirement for the Inner Sect Assessment was relatively low. As long as one reached the seventh layer of the Body Tempering Realm, they would be able to participate in the Assessment. The main purpose of doing so was to prevent missing out on some geniuses with lower cultivation and stronger combat strength.

However, it was well known that the disciples who were finally able to enter the Inner Sect were all above the Ninth Layer of the Body Tempering Realm.

"Zhou Yueyang, you have failed your challenge," the examiner shouted.

"Ye Feng, you have failed your challenge," the examiner shouted.

The continuous failures of the Outer Sect disciples made the invigilator who was sitting on the chair almost fall asleep.

The battle had ended too quickly, and he didn't even need to score.

"Next, Sun Chen." Suddenly, someone shouted.

At this moment, everyone looked towards Sun Chen.

As for Sun Chen, he also proudly walked out with large strides, enjoying the envious and anticipatory gazes of the crowd.

"Sun Chen, disciple of the Outer Sect, Body Tempering Ninth Layer. Please begin, Senior Brother." Sun Chen said.

"Junior Brother, please be ready."

As soon as he finished speaking, the Inner Sect's Senior Brother began his attack. He was using a fist technique, and the range of his movements was very large.

Fists rained down on Sun Chen.

"Barbarian Bu's Defensive Strength." Sun Chen growled.

His muscles seemed to have grown a lot bigger in an instant on his originally tall and strong body. He was using the defensive martial arts of the Human Rank Middle Grade.

The Senior Brother's fists landed on Sun Chen's body like rain.

"Turtle Shell."

The elder curled his lips and stood to the side.

In the end, relying on his strong physique and astonishing willpower, Sun Chen persisted for a minute.

"Your physical defense is not bad." The young Senior Brother commented indifferently.

"Sun Chen got six points." The elder raised his scoreboard, as if he was about to fall asleep.

"This is great!" Sun Chen said excitedly. Because six points meant that he was qualified, which meant that he could enter the Inner Sect.

Although Sun Chen's body was covered in injuries, the final result of the competition was not bad. Many Outer Sect disciples also looked at him with envy.

"Huang Yaofeng," someone said.

"My name is Huang Yaofeng. Right now, I have broken through to the Ninth Layer of the Body Tempering Realm," Huang Yaofeng said. His eyes lit up.

Because the one who tested him this time was a senior sister. Although she was not tall, her figure was quite good. Her face had a trace of baby fat on it, and she looked very cute.

In an instant, a trace of excitement appeared in Huang Yaofeng's eyes.

Lin Xin'er saw all of this from a distance. She was very jealous, so she stomped her feet fiercely.

The young girl snorted coldly. She was very displeased with Huang Yaofeng's burning gaze. She hit him with her palm.

Her delicate palm contained Elemental Energy. This force scared Huang Yaofeng so much that he quickly retreated and dodged. At the same time, he used his leg technique to attack.

At this moment, the sleepy elder finally became interested and commented, "This guy is quite interesting. His skills are not bad. He had actually cultivated to the Understanding Realm at the High Grade of Human Rank. Moreover, his leg technique was also not bad, so it should be at the Low-grade Human Rank. However, his leg technique has already been cultivated to the Completionteness Realm."

However, Huang Yaofeng's gaze made the cute girl feel offended, so she attacked him fiercely.

However, Huang Yaofeng was like an eel, and his movements were very smooth. Every time, he was able to dodge the girl's attack and escape from death. This made the battle between them very exciting.

A minute passed very quickly.

The girl pouted and left angrily.

If she hadn't been unable to do her best, she would definitely have taught this lecherous boy a lesson.

"You're not bad. You got 8 points." The elder said.

At this moment, the Outer Sect disciples were in an uproar.

This was because eight points was definitely a high score in the Inner Sect Disciple Selection, and this score was unprecedented.

Of course, Huang Yaofeng's high score had something to do with the girl's fierce attacks. It was a blessing in disguise. He had the highest score so far.

"He's too powerful."

"Senior Brother Huang is too cool. Back then, I broke up with him because I didn't do well enough."

Some of the men from the Outer Sect felt respect, while some of the women felt regret and distress.

Lin Xin'er also hurriedly ran forward. She stretched out her soft and white arms, wanting to hug Huang Yaofeng to tell others that he was her man.

However, Huang Yaofeng was able to dodge her hand. Huang Yaofeng's eyes were still on that cute girl. At the same time, he licked his lips.

Lin Xin'er was very angry and wronged.

When she was young, she didn't know how good Lin Ming was. Instead, she treated him like a treasure.

She regretted it a little.

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