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The God Of War Forging System/C7 Lin Ming's Appearance Shocked Everyone Present
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C7 Lin Ming's Appearance Shocked Everyone Present

At this moment, Lin Xin'er's heart was full of bitterness and regret.

After all, Lin Xin'er had been treated like a treasure by Lin Ming back then. She had always been his goddess.

But now, everything had changed.

Last night, Lin Xin'er was afraid that Huang Yaofeng would abandon her if he really entered the Inner Sect.

She had a physical relationship with Huang Yaofeng. However, she did not expect that Huang Yaofeng would be captivated by the Inner Sect as soon as he entered the Inner Sect.

And the results of her Inner Sect selection had long since been announced.

Lin Xin'er was currently at the Seventh Layer of the Body Tempering Realm. She lost in less than ten seconds.

Now, Lin Xin'er could finally rely on Huang Yaofeng.

"Go back and wash up. Wait for me to come back," Huang Yaofeng ordered in Lin Xin'er's ear.

Lin Xin'er felt extremely aggrieved, and her eyes were filled with tears. She did not want to be a man's plaything, so she wanted to become stronger.

But now, she seemed to have become the person she hated the most.

"Next, Lee Yasheng."

Lee Yasheng walked out. He was dressed in white and looked extremely refined.

Moreover, Lee Yasheng was emitting a strong aura, and it even contained a trace of Elemental Energy fluctuations.

"You're already starting to condense an Elemental Force Seed. Not bad." The Assessment Elder commented.

When the outer sect disciples heard the Assessment Elder's comments, they were once again in an uproar. Because Huang Yaofeng was very strong, the Outer Sect disciples were even speculating whether or not Huang Yaofeng could shake Lee Yasheng's position as the number one disciple in the Outer Sect.

But in reality, Lee Yasheng's strength was even more extraordinary. He had already condensed an Elemental Force Seed.

The Essence Gathering Pill seemed to be prepared for Lee Yasheng.

Everyone present was extremely envious.

"I'm Zuo Luo. Junior Brother, let's begin the martial arts competition."

This was the first time that the Inner Sect disciples had introduced themselves, and they looked at Lee Yasheng with a hint of seriousness in their eyes.

Lee Yasheng smiled politely.

Lin Ming looked at Lee Yasheng from a distance and thought to himself, "This man looks so kind on the surface. This kind of person is either really calm or very hypocritical."

"I am Lee Yasheng. Please begin, Senior Brother." Lee Yasheng said.

The next moment, the two of them collided. The scene of the collision was like a spark colliding with the earth.

Lee Yasheng usually gave people a refined feeling, but when he started fighting, he was especially irritable.

"His Martial Skill, Great Hand of Sorrow, has already reached the realm of Completeness. Very good. "

"My martial skill, Falling Leaves Movement Technique, has already reached the Completeness Realm. Alright."

When the elder next to him saw that Lee Yasheng and the Inner Sect disciple were fighting to a stalemate, he could not help but praise Lee Yasheng.

Both of Lee Yasheng's martial skills had reached the level of Completeness.

This was simply too terrifying. Some Outer Sect disciples looked at Lee Yasheng with eyes full of worship.

Even some of the female disciples were very tempted. They kept showing off their beauty and hoping that Lee Yasheng and Senior Brother would be attracted to them.

One minute passed quickly.

"I'll give you nine points. You are very good. Are you willing to become my disciple?" The Inner Sect Elder looked at Lee Yasheng with admiration.

"The Inner Sect Elder is actually taking in a disciple himself. This is too surprising!"

When the countless Outer Sect disciples saw this scene, their hearts were filled with jealousy. They very much wanted to replace Lee Yasheng as the disciple of an Inner Sect Elder.

In their opinion, being able to enter the Inner Sect was already very superior.

And if someone could become an elder's disciple, it would mean that his path of cultivation would be very smooth.

Let alone the Outer Sect disciples, even the Inner Sect disciples who were participating in the assessment were envious of this matter.

None of these Inner Sect disciples were elders or disciples. Those who could become an elder's disciple not only had a backer to rely on, but they would also be able to receive guidance from the elders.

These benefits were priceless.

"Hello, Master." Lee Yasheng was very excited and immediately knelt down.

"Good disciple, quickly get up," the elder said excitedly.

This Lee Yasheng was definitely a talent.

"I declare that the champion of the Inner Sect Selection this time is Lee Yasheng. I will reward him with Essence Gathering Pills." The elder said in a clear voice.

"Wait a moment." At this moment, a voice interrupted the elder's words.

After everyone heard the voice, their gazes instantly focused on a thin but handsome youth.

"Lin Ming, how dare you talk back to an elder!"

"I think something is wrong with him today. Did he really become stupid because of the provocation?"


When everyone saw that it was Lin Ming, they began to curse him.

Huang Yaofeng smiled, and his eyes were filled with ridicule.

He thought that Lin Ming must have gone crazy, and all of this was thanks to him. Lin Ming was just a pitiful worm.

"What are you doing?" the elder asked.

The elder frowned and stared at Lin Ming unhappily.

The surrounding Outer Sect disciples' bodies all trembled. They felt a chill run down their spines.

They knew that the elder was furious. If Lin Ming didn't give the elder a reasonable explanation today, then he would be in big trouble.

In their eyes, Lin Ming was a dead man.

"The selection has not ended yet. Elder, why are you in such a hurry to announce the first place?" Lin Ming asked.

"According to the statistics, all of the disciples of the Outer Sect who have broken through to the Seventh Layer of the Body Tempering Realm have already participated in the test. Is there anyone else who hasn't taken the test?" the elder asked.

The elder's frown deepened.

He suspected that Lin Ming was making fun of him.

"I also meet the requirements," Lin Ming said lightly.

As soon as Lin Ming finished speaking, everyone around him burst into laughter. Everyone knew that Lin Ming had been stuck at the fourth layer of the Body Tempering Realm for the past three years.

Now, the goddess that he had been pursuing for three years was with another man.

He must have gone crazy because of the stimulation.

However, in the next moment, Lin Ming's body erupted with a powerful aura. His Qi and blood were surging around Lin Ming's body.

"Damn it."

Some of the martial artists couldn't help but curse when they sensed Lin Ming's aura.

The person who had mocked Lin Ming just now felt as if he had been slapped in the face.

Lin Ming responded to him with actions.

The pupils of the Elder shrank. He could feel the elemental force seed from Lin Ming's body. Moreover, it was the feeling that he was only a piece of paper away from breaking through to the Earthly Origin Stage.

"Su Yao, come and test him," the elder said.

"Okay," Su Yao replied.

Su Yao was the cute girl who had fought with Huang Yaofeng before, and now she stood up.

"My name is Lin Ming," Lin Ming said lightly.

The girl's eyes narrowed. She wanted to use Lin Ming as an outlet for her anger. Her movements were swift, and her delicate hands were filled with Elemental Energy.

The sound of something shattering could be heard.

"This is an afterimage!"

Even Su Yao was taken aback. Her attack, which she had been so confident of, had only managed to shatter Lin Ming's afterimage.

At the same time, Su Yao realized that nine figures had appeared around her.

"He has cultivated the Ghost Step of the Human Rank High Grade to the Perfection!" The elder shouted in shock.

In that instant, everyone was stunned.

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