The God Of War Forging System/C8 Lin Ming Won First Place
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The God Of War Forging System/C8 Lin Ming Won First Place
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C8 Lin Ming Won First Place

"His martial skill has reached completion!"

Many of the Outer Sect disciples who had been laughing at Lin Ming just a moment ago now had their lips trembling and stuttering.

Furthermore, it was even a High-grade Human Rank martial skill, Ghost Step. All the cultivators present knew that High-grade Human Rank skills were extremely difficult to cultivate.

The difficulty of reaching the High Grade of Human Rank was more than a level higher than the difficulty of reaching the Middle Grade of Human Rank.

This was also the reason why Lee Yasheng, despite being very powerful, could only cultivate the two Middle Grade Human Rank skills to the Completeness realm.

A buzzing sound came from beside Su Yao.

At this moment, Su Yao looked at the nine figures surrounding her in an instant. For a moment, Su Yao couldn't tell if they were real or fake.

The ghost shadows were the most difficult to distinguish between real and fake.

This made Su Yao, who had been fooled by Huang Yaofeng's gaze, unable to release the anger that she had been holding in her heart.

Su Yao gritted her teeth in anger, and her ample chest heaved up and down violently.

"Let's see how I break your little trick!" Su Yao scolded.

She ran, bringing with her a fragrant wind.

"Get ready to be attacked!" Su Yao said.

The air trembled, and the sound of air exploding could be heard around Su Yao's fist.

Su Yao was surrounded by a powerful vital energy. This aura was extremely lethal.

"Junior Sister Su Yao is angry. Lin Ming is probably in trouble."

"Of course! Junior Sister Su Yao's reputation as the Little Witch of Inner Court is not undeserved."

Not too far away, all the young Inner Court girls began to mourn for Lin Ming after seeing Su Yao's performance.

The phantom image was shattered by Su Yao's fist.

Su Yao seemed to be venting her anger. She did not stop and continued to punch.

The air was filled with the sound of shattering.

The phantom image created by Ghost Step was quickly shattered by Su Yao.

"You little brat, where do you think you are going?" Su Yao asked. Her beautiful eyes were wide open, and there was a trace of excitement on her face.

Lin Ming pursed his lips when he heard her.

Lin Ming thought to himself, "Little girl, are you even older than me? How dare you call me a little brat? I don't care about girls."

Lin Ming shouted. Then he used Ghost Step, and his figure moved like a ghost.

His figure flashed across the square. Compared to Huang Yaofeng's comical appearance, Lin Ming looked agile, free, and elegant.

"Damn it! How can a piece of trash like him master such a martial skill?" Huang Yaofeng thought.

Huang Yaofeng regarded Su Yao as his woman. His eyes flashed with cold murderous intent as he watched her and Lin Ming chase each other.

At this moment, Lin Ming was no longer a pitiful worm. He was the person he was determined to defeat!

"You little brat, don't run if you have the guts."

Su Yao chased after Lin Ming, out of breath. Her back was drenched in sweat, but she only managed to hit his shadow every time.

What was even more disappointing was that the match had already gone on for more than half the time, and Su Yao couldn't even touch a corner of Lin Ming's clothes.

She was so sad!

At this moment, an incomparably sharp light flashed across the eyes of the Assessment Elder in the distance.

Lin Ming had actually cultivated Ghost Step to such a high level.

If he hadn't trained for more than ten years, Lin Ming would never have been able to reach such a high level.

But how old was he? He was only sixteen or seventeen years old!

The elder thought to himself, "Lin Ming is truly a genius! His comprehension of martial skills is beyond my imagination."

The elder regretted it. He thought to himself, "Did I choose my disciple too early?"

Every year, the Elder only had one disciple spot, but he used it up.

Lin Ming, who was in the middle of the competition, naturally did not know the elder's regret.

"Senior Sister Su Yao, come and chase after me." Lin Ming dodged her attack with a smile.

Outside, the Outer Sect disciples were stunned for a while before they suddenly burst out laughing. However, their laughter carried a hint of flirtation and vulgarity.

Su Yao's pretty face flushed red, and she scolded, "You're really shameless."

Su Yao was also helpless. Lin Ming was too good at running.

"No, Lin Ming, you can't keep dodging Su Yao's attacks. You are using the loophole in the rules. Prepare for battle." The elder said helplessly.

The elder thought, "Do you think this is a track and field competition?"

Lin Ming muttered to himself in a low voice, "Alright. Senior sister, I'm going to attack now."

In the next second, he replied, "Mystic Fist."

In the next instant, Lin Ming's fist brought with it a gust of wind. The wind caused Su Yao's beautiful hair to flutter in the wind, revealing her beautiful face.

The girl was stunned for a moment.

Because in the next second, a huge fist was about to touch the tip of her nose.

One of the disciples asked, "How did he do it?"

The surrounding Outer Sect disciples were all stunned.

"I don't know. Maybe he was just lucky." Another martial artist, who was also shocked, voiced out his guess.

Right now, Lin Ming and Su Yao were so close that they could hear each other breathing. The fragrance of Su Yao's body kept entering Lin Ming's nose.

"Elder, it's time. We should announce the results." Lin Ming said.

Lin Ming felt helpless. He was very tired of maintaining this posture.

An Inner Sect disciple finally regained his senses and announced, "The time is up."

After all, he didn't get a clear look at how Lin Ming had punched just now.

Su Yao had been in an advantageous position and had been beating Lin Ming up the entire time. How did the situation change all of a sudden?

If Lin Ming really punched Su Yao, the consequences would be dire.

Su Yao's cute little face would probably be ruined.

The Inner Sect Elder's eyes flashed with a bright light, and the shock on his face gradually disappeared.

He looked deeply at Lin Ming, but he couldn't help but think, "How on earth did he cultivate? And now, there was a martial skill at the Completeness level, the High Grade of Human Rank. If I'm not mistaken, the move he just used should be the Mystic Fist."

Right now, the elder was filled with regret.

He thought that Lee Yasheng was a rare talent, but he didn't expect Lin Ming to be so powerful.

Lin Ming's talent was definitely higher than Lee Yasheng's.

"I hereby announce the end of the Inner Sect Assessment. Next, I will announce the winner of the Assessment." The elder drawled.

Originally, Lee Yasheng, the leader of the Outer Sect's Three Great Prodigies, would definitely be the first place.

After all, he was the strongest among the group.

But now, it was hard to say who the strongest person was.

Lin Ming's strength shocked everyone. He had turned the situation around.

Some of the Outer Sect disciples were shocked beyond belief. Previously, they had been mocking and suppressing Lin Ming. But now, they were terrified.

When these Inner Sect disciples heard the words of the elder, their hearts were filled with torment.

"The first place belongs to the Outer Sect disciple, Lin Ming. He got a perfect score," the elder said.

After the elder's announcement, the entire audience burst into an uproar.

Lin Ming got a perfect score.

What did this mean?

A perfect score meant perfection.

That was to say, Lin Ming's performance in the Inner Sect Assessment had impressed the elders of the Inner Sect. He had given Lin Ming a perfect score.

Not far away, Huang Yaofeng was completely stunned.

He muttered, "This is absolutely impossible!"

Lin Ming was originally just a pitiful worm that he could casually ravage.

However, he didn't expect Lin Ming to be so strong. This was something that was hard for him to accept.

"No, I refuse!" Huang Yaofeng shouted.

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