The God Of War Forging System/C9 A Bullet Hit Him in the Head
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The God Of War Forging System/C9 A Bullet Hit Him in the Head
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C9 A Bullet Hit Him in the Head

"I'm not convinced," Huang Yaofeng shouted from a distance, startling everyone.

The usually elegant and kind Huang Yaofeng actually had a sinister expression on his face at this moment.

Lin Ming was actually first place.

He would never allow Lin Ming, who had once been trampled by him, to surpass him.

He was both angry and jealous, and he wanted to kill Lin Ming!

The elder said, "Huang Yaofeng, are you questioning my score?"

Suddenly, Huang Yaofeng felt terrified.

As long as he continued to provoke the elder, he would probably be beaten to death.

His forehead was covered in sweat.

Huang Yaofeng said, "Elder, that's not what I meant."

Huang Yaofeng quickly bowed and apologized.

Then he looked at Lin Ming with disdain and said, "Everyone knows that Lin Ming is trash in the Outer Sect. He has been dodging Senior Sister Su Yao's attacks all this time."

"He's extremely despicable. He must have thrown a punch when Senior Sister Su Yao wasn't paying attention, but he just happened to subdue her."

"That's why I request to fight with Lin Ming and expose his sinister and despicable true colors!"

Huang Yaofeng almost roared out the last sentence.

He was almost touched by himself. After all, he absolutely did not believe that Lin Ming would undergo such a huge change in just seven days.

"Are you sure you want to challenge him?" the elder asked, looking at Huang Yaofeng with a mocking expression.

The elder could vaguely sense the tension between Huang Yaofeng and Lin Ming.

However, Lin Ming's last punch was too fast. Only he could sense the terrifying power contained in that punch.

Huang Yaofeng was actually stupid enough to fight with Lin Ming.

"Lin Ming, you can't even protect a woman. Do you dare accept my challenge?" Huang Yaofeng said provocatively.

"Idiot," Lin Ming said.

Lin Ming's words almost drove Huang Yaofeng crazy. The veins on Huang Yaofeng's forehead throbbed.

He thought to himself, "He's getting bolder and bolder. He actually dares to scold me!"

"Lin Ming, do you accept Huang Yaofeng's challenge?" The elder looked at Lin Ming. At this moment, he didn't hide his admiration for Lin Ming.

The Elder felt a deep sense of regret. Not only did Lin Ming have a strong perception, but he was also very determined. He was not flustered by the provocations of others at all.

Lin Ming was definitely a person who would accomplish great things!

The Elder felt that he had accepted a disciple too early.

"I refuse." Lin Ming said indifferently.

Hearing Lin Ming's words, Huang Yaofeng became even more confident. He laughed wildly and said, "Elder, he's scared. He really is a piece of trash."

Even the Outer Sect disciples who had been in awe of Lin Ming had strange expressions on their faces when they saw this scene.

Could it be that what Huang Yaofeng said was true?

The elder gave Lin Ming 10 points. Was that score really fake?

At this moment, the way they looked at Lin Ming gradually became disdainful and doubtful.

The Outer Sect disciples immediately felt that Lin Ming was a coward.

Su Yao also shook her head.

She had fought with Lin Ming before, so she knew exactly how strong he was.

Although Lin Ming's words were provocative, his eyes were so clear that she felt no disgust for him.

However, Huang Yaofeng's eyes made her extremely disgusted.

Su Yao hoped that Lin Ming would teach Huang Yaofeng a lesson.

Thus, when she heard Lin Ming's words, she was a little disappointed.

However, the elder patiently asked, "Why?"

Because he might be the only one present who truly understood Lin Ming's strength.

Lin Ming said, "Elder, I am the first place, while Huang Yaofeng is the third. What right does he have to challenge me? If I win against him, I probably won't get any rewards. However, if he wins against me, he can directly take my place. No matter what, this match is unfair to me."

Lin Ming shrugged and continued, "That's why I called him an idiot."

Only then did everyone come to their senses.

It turned out that Lin Ming was not afraid of fighting with Huang Yaofeng, but that this battle was unfair.

If Huang Yaofeng lost, he would not lose anything. If he won, he would gain a lot of benefits!

"Lin Ming, I will kill you!" Huang Yaofeng said angrily. He felt insulted!

Moreover, as soon as Lin Ming finished speaking, the surrounding people looked at Huang Yaofeng as if they were looking at an idiot.

"If he loses and gives me the Spirit Stone, I'll guide him." Lin Ming added.

The Assessment Elder smiled. "What if you lose, Huang Yaofeng? Would you give that Spirit Stone to Lin Ming?"

"I will do so. Elder, I want to compete with him!"

Huang Yaofeng was like a furious lion at this moment, wishing he could tear Lin Ming to shreds.

Huang Yaofeng pulled out a long sword, which was flowing with a sharp luster.

"Lin Ming, come up here and face your death!"

Huang Yaofeng was furious and immediately used his weapon.

"Elder, if I injure him in a duel, it won't be considered a violation of the rules, right?" Huang Yaofeng said through gritted teeth. Obviously, he wanted to cripple Lin Ming.

"I will take action when someone's life is in danger!" The Assessment Elder said calmly.

"Alright." Huang Yaofeng's smile became even more ferocious.

"Brother, can I borrow your spear for a while?" Lin Ming asked as he walked in front of a disciple and borrowed a spear.

"Spurting Blood Sword Style!" Huang Yaofeng growled.

At the same time, he slashed his hand with the sword, causing blood to flow and quickly dye the sword red.

A strong smell of blood pervaded the air.

"Spurting Blood Sword Style?"

"Huang Yaofeng actually cultivated this martial skill? Although this is only a low Human Rank martial skill, it is still extremely terrifying!"

"Lingering Blood Energy!"

"This is the Sword of Slaughter, the Sword of Destruction!"

Seeing Huang Yaofeng's sword technique, the surrounding Outer Sect disciples all exclaimed in shock. Their faces were filled with shock.

"You can go and die," Huang Yaofeng shouted.

His attack was extremely brutal.

On the other hand, Lin Ming stood with his spear in his hand. He looked at Huang Yaofeng with a mocking expression!

When the blood-red sword was only a few meters away from Lin Ming, he moved.

A buzzing sound filled the air.

The spear thrust forward like a flood dragon emerging from its cave, soaring into the nine heavens!

The tip of the spear was sharp and shining!

"Great Completion of the spear force!"

At this moment, even the Assessment Elder cried out in shock!

In the next moment, everyone saw Huang Yaofeng's blood-red sword explode.

Lin Ming's spear cut off a strand of Huang Yaofeng's hair.

In the next moment, the spear struck Huang Yaofeng's head.

Huang Yaofeng was sent flying. In fact, everyone heard the sound of his skull cracking!

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