The Golem Mage/C10 Titan's strength
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The Golem Mage/C10 Titan's strength
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C10 Titan's strength

"Move to the south gate quickly,"

the Patriarch instructed as the clan members closed in on the central gate.

The Gordons Clan members made a slight turn and hurried over, even Alec was surprised to see his grandfather waiting there for them.

Up until now, Alec hadn't realized that he wasn't the one leading the charge when they left the family compound.

But now, as he calmed down and thought about it, he realized that the old man must have been in a meeting with the City Lord and other powerful family leaders in the city,

And It seems they must have agreed upon having the Gordon family protecting the weaker South gate.

The Gordon family members arrived at the gate swiftly, climbing up and spreading around the walls to cover any gaps, ensuring that the zombies wouldn't exploit any openings.

They allowed the younger generation of the Gordon family to stay behind, watching their backs as they fought off the zombies.

The patriarch levitated in the air, observing, as some of the higher-ranking family members gave orders, He wasn't ready to interfere just yet.

As Alec looked ahead, he noticed a cloud of dust obscuring his vision, After a few minutes, the dust cleared, revealing a massive horde of zombies running toward the city gates .

A wave of fear washed over Alec as he had never seen so many zombies gathered in one place before, This was his first encounter with a zombie attack on a city.

Until now, their family had always been protected, shielded from such threats, But now, as they stepped onto the path of the mage, the responsibility of protecting the clan fell on their shoulders too.

When Alec glanced around, he saw that most of the younger generation children were trembling in fear, It was also their first time witnessing the horrifying faces of the zombies.

No matter how much they had been taught, it was still not enough to prepare them for the sight of these slow yet dreadfully menacing creatures, tainted by another dimension.

Alec steeled his resolve, reminding himself that as the leader of the younger generation, he couldn't afford to cower in fear when they were at war.

He pondered on how to motivate the younger generation and boost their decreasing morale.

Then, he recalled that acting like a showman and showcasing his strength would do the trick, After all, strength was highly respected in this world.

Tapping on his space pouch, he summoned his eight golems, with Titan standing proudly in the front.

"There's no need to despair, All we have to do is keep crushing their heads, just as we've been taught in our lessons," Alec declared.

"We are warriors of the Gordons clan!, These puny zombies won't be able to stop our charge!, ATTACK!"

he shouted at the top of his lungs, igniting a surge of enthusiasm among the members of the Gordons clan as he realised that the zombies were already close to reaching there line of defence, Even the older generation was impressed by his passionate speech.

"For the clan!" Alec exclaimed.

"For the clan!" echoed the rest of the clan members around him.

It didn't take long for the zombies to reach the walls, climbing through the cracks, However, the Gordons family wasn't just there to watch them climb without taking any action.

Those skilled in archery started raining down arrows on the zombies, not concerning themselves too much with precise aim.

There were too many zombies to completely intimidate them, as they knew no fear, pain, or fatigue.

"Here they come! Archers, fall back and assist the warriors!"

the patriarch commanded, acting as the commander from where he stood.

The archers quickly moved back, allowing those armed with weapons and trained in battle mage parth to step forward.


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