The Golem Mage/C2 Day Of Awakening
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The Golem Mage/C2 Day Of Awakening
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C2 Day Of Awakening

Finally, it is the day of Awakening again for the Gordon clan, Once every year, children who are 15 years old and above are allowed to use the Orb of Awakening to awaken their magic powers.

Only after the awakening the mana joints in the body can they connect with the help of the Orb of Awakening, enabling anyone to dream of becoming a mage.

Luckily for Alec , he just turned 15 a few days ago, right before the Gordon family Awakening day, If he had turned 15 after, he would have had to wait another year before being able to awaken the mana joints in his body.

Very soon, noise was suddenly heard from the front of the crowd,The commotion was so intense that even Alec, who was hiding in one corner, could not help but notice it.

He looked over and saw his grandfather, the Gordon family patriarch, and his brother, the grand elder of the Gordon family, coming down from where they sat in the high seat.

The look of excitement and surprise was evident on their faces as they made their way to the spot where the Orb of Awakening was standing.

"Did you see that just now? The light of Awakening shone so brightly with a yellow color,and a slight blue colour " one person from the younger generation said.

"Yes, I saw it. I'm sure someone has awakened the Earth element, and water elements " another replied.

"It is the daughter of the first elder who awakened the power of Earth elements, And she has a high affinity for it. I'm sure after this, we will have another tier 1 mage in our family soon."they overlooked the water element affinity as they felt it was too low compared to the earth element.

Alec overheard most of the younger generation gossiping about who could have caused such a big reaction that even his Grandfather and his brother came down from the high seat.

But when I heard that it was the first elder's daughter, all my laziness disappeared, and I grunted in displeasure.


The name of the girl in question was Agnes, She was the second daughter of the First Elder and was brought up with so much love, Since the first elder never had a son, he devoted all his attention and resources to raising his daughters.

She had always been a pain in the neck for Alec, constantly comparing herself to him at every opportunity, She was among the group within the Gordon family's younger generation who believed that he should not be their leader.

She went against him because she believed she was much stronger than him, based on the fact that he was always protected by the patriarch, and was never involved in the younger generation training before.

Others believed he should not be the leader because he was considered a "blaze family bastard,"by outsiders, with his mixed blood of Blaze Clan Red Flaming coloured hair and Gordon Clan Yellow iris.

Many of them believed that if he wasn't there, someone else from the younger generation would have had the chance to be the next family head of the Gordon family.

As Agnes turned around, her eyes happened to glance at Alec, and she sent him a smug smile as if to tell him, "I'm better than you now."

Alec knew that the family would give full priority to raising anyone with a high affinity for any element.

Even though the family specialized in raising those with Earth elements, they still tried their best to provide the best resources for those born with high affinities in other elements.

The Gordon family had always been blessed with the Earth element, so it was no surprise when Agnes awakened with an affinity for Earth.

After all, only a few unique cases had emerged where people from the Gordon Clan failed to awakened Earth Element, and awoken other elements, most of the time, it was due to being dual-element mages, awakening a secondary element alongside Earth.

Soon, the commotion was resolved, and the Awakening ground became alive with movement as each person began testing their affinities.

Despite the excitement, no one else was able to awaken a high affinity this time, There were cases of dual elements awakening, though, such as a boy who awakened both Earth and Metal elements.

While the Earth element had a mid-level affinity, the Metal element had a lower affinity, This boy caused another commotion as people realized that the Metal element came from a branch of the Earth element.

If he was able to combine both elements in the future, his firepower would be on par with someone with a high element affinity.

Not long after the boy, another person awakened a dual-element, The Awakening ground erupted in commotion again, this time as a girl awakened both Earth and Water elements, just like Agnes it was noticed since her water affinity was quite high.

The Patriarch and the Grand Elder had to come down once more to escort them away and restore order for the second time that day.

It was evident that this generation of the Gordon family had a lot of talent, bringing joy to the faces of the elders and the patriarch.

"It seems this generation will produce double the number of young mages compared to previous generations. As they say, the young are meant to take over from the old," the first elder said with a sigh as he sat

"It seems this time the number of young mages born into our family will be double that of the previous generations" the first elder shared, his voice tinged with a mix of wonder and anticipation. Seated at the high table with their fellow elders, they eagerly discussed the future of the Gordon family.

As a Tier 3 Clan, the Gordons were renowned for their prowess in Golem, However, the recent influx of talented individuals within their ranks promised to propel them to even greater heights.

With their patriarch having recently advanced to the tier 7 mage realm, the Gordons commanded respect and admiration from other families in the city.

"The younger generation brings not only greater numbers, but exceptional talent," another elder chimed in, a proud smile illuminating their face. "Our family's strength will skyrocket with their abilities. It's as if the Gordon family is destined for greatness."

Amidst the crackling excitement in the courtyard, the focus shifted to Alec, who was now preparing to awaken, Every eye turned towards him, filled with curiosity and eager anticipation.

The moment held significance not just for Alec the Heir of the Patriarch , but also for the entire clan, It was a time of hope and possibility, where the future of the Gordon family seemed brighter than ever, so they were incredibly curious To find out what he shall awaken .

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