The Golem Mage/C4 System
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The Golem Mage/C4 System
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C4 System

Alec's Pov:

"Show off," I said to the old man the moment the Golem put me down from his arms.

"Whatever," he replied, not wanting to be outdone by his grandkids, It was clear that he wasn't the least bit ashamed of the display he had put on at the Awakening Hall, the summoning of the Golem was just to show off.

"Well, you certainly surprised me, I never expected you to have a dual element, let alone both with such High affinities," he added.

"Is that supposed to be a big deal?" I asked.

"Well, in High Tier Clan, not really, but in a Mid-Tier Clans like ours, it definitely gives you the right to solidify your position as the young master of the Gordon family.

From now on, they will all follow you, In this world, which seems to be losing it's heavenly laws, we are better off united than apart," my grandfather explained.

"I'm glad if it helps change their opinion of me, I was starting to think they hated me," I admitted.

"Nonsense! Well, aside from that, let bygones be bygones, after today, you would be groomed to be the leader of the next generation, That's how the Gordon family works, Oops, by the way, I have a present for you based on your earlier promises to me," he said, running off before I could argue.

I waited for him to come back, taking the time to observe the Golem standing before me, Though it appeared blank at the moment, my instincts told me otherwise, I was certain that it was truly intelligent and seemed to recognize me.

It also seemed to be connected to the old man telepathically, Unlike other ordinary golems in the courtyard, this one looked different, It's body was incredibly smooth and lacked the patches and roughness typically associated with earth elements Golems or clay Golems.

Its entire surface had a pure brown color, The smoothness indicated that it had been refined countless times over the years, it had been with the old man for a very long time.

With its air of dominance and the imposing aura it emitted, it felt like looking at a general who had been through countless wars.

"Ahem, hope you're ready, boy, because here is the treasure I hold dearest," the old man said as he came back with two books, interrupting my observations.

"Leave us alone first, Harold," the old man said to the Golem, and it nodded before walking away, I was shocked once again by this new discovery, The Golem's level of intelligence had definitely developed to a high degree.

My grandfather turned to me and passed me the two books.

"This is a copy of all the knowledge of the previous patriarchs of the Gordon family, including mine, concerning everything you need to know about golem creation," he explained, placing the book labeled "Gordon's Golems Knowledge" in my hands.

As he was about to give me the second book, he started explaining further.

"You see, this one page is so big that it looks like complete book, It's said to be from a skill book that the Gordon family's Golem arts were derived from, Based on our limited understanding, we have been passing it down through the generations to each young master of the Clan."

" But it seems that the book only reveals and unlocks more of its secrets to the one it has chosen, The Gordon family hasn't made much progress in Golem creations because it's not our uniquely created path."

" However, it's intertwined with our earth elements, and during the apocalypse, when the gods seemed to favor us, it was a path we Gordons mages walked on, But looking back now, each family that created their own skill has evolved it to their own unique perfection."

" The golem techniques remained as an inheritance and couldn't be evolved further without someone accessing it, We still don't know the full capacity of it, but as the young master of this generation, it is now your time to carry it and pass it on to your own heir," my grandfather explained with a tinge of sadness in his eyes.

It became clear to me that those who chose to pursue other mage paths within the family were seen as betraying the family, Those who started with the Golem Path but weren't talented enough to excel in it turned to other paths to find their own success.

There were three main mage paths—battle mage, wizard/witch mage, and summoning Mage, Those who deviated from golem path all chose from one of these paths or practiced with both, as the other paths were more widely known and easier to teach to future generations.

"Here, take it," the old man said, placing the golem skill book in my hand.

The moment the book landed in my palm, a panel resembling a screen appeared in front of my eyes.

[Congrats to Finally Finding a Source to Awaken the System]

[Do you want to consume the God Skill Scroll to reform the system? Y/N]

I couldn't help but feel perplexed as I saw the system type panel pop out before me, In the countless comics I had read about reincarnation and transmigration, the main characters always seemed to possess a system.

However, since I crossed over into this body, I had never received one, I had never held much hope of being some chosen one or a main character, but who would have thought that after fourteen years, I would finally stumble upon a source that could activate this long-awaited system.

I was quite certain that if I chose to reform the system with the Golem God Scroll, my skills would likely be tied to Golems or have a branch of golem-related abilities, While I had never given much thought to becoming a golem mage, it seemed that this path was the only option available to me.

After all, finding another God Skill Scroll was highly unlikely, and I couldn't simply rely on other families to offer me copies of their unique mage arts, With a sense of determination, I quickly clicked on "Y-yes."

"Assimilating... 30%."

"Assimilating... 45%."

"Assimilating... 80%."

"Assimilating... 100%."

[Welcome, online host. Please wait for one hour for the system to reboot and adjust itself according to the newly downloaded information.]

As my eyes shifted away from the system, I noticed my grandfather holding my shoulders with both hands, a worried expression etched across his face.

"What's wrong with you? You just blanked out on me and started waving your hands in the air, Did you notice anything unusual, when I gave you the skill passed down from our ancestors?" he asked, his face filled with concern.

"I need to rest now. I'll see you later," I replied, finding an excuse to escape from his presence, After all, once the system came online properly in an hour, I planned to thoroughly explore its functions properly.

I didn't want to be seen as weird again, clicking on my system while others could only see me clicking on thin air, as It just occurred to me that I was the only one able to see and receive the system notifications.

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