The Golem Mage/C5 Double techniques
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The Golem Mage/C5 Double techniques
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C5 Double techniques


Alec waited for 1 hour for the system to open and he was certainly not disappointed because after one hour later the system came back online showing a status panel with a picture of Alec at the side of it like all those games system he had always played in his past world

[ Status Tab]

Name: Alec Gordons

"Race: Human

"Level: 0

"Tier: 0

■ Exp till next level : 0.00%/100

[ Attributes ]

"Strength: 5+

"Agility: 5+

"Endurance: 4+

"Mana: 0+

Affinity: Earth (high)+, Fire(high)+

available points : 5( bonus )

System points: 0

[ Shop ]

"Weapons "Rare Materials

"Crystal "Refinements

[ The rest options are still locked based on user low level ]

Alec quickly understand the system because of its game like features.

" Alec the grand elder asked for you to be called to the training Hall" Alec heard someone talking to him from outside his door.

" I will be right there very soon " he replied back to who ever has been sent to deliver the message.

He could hear the footsteps of the boy retreating so he got up and tidied up.

The system was still showing his status tab which was clearly distracting him and obstructing his view.

'How I wish it would just close for a while' Alec thought and the realise it really went off, he was surprised and tried to bring it back with his mind and it came back.

" fuck it could be controlled with the mind and I was just clicking in the air when I was with gramps" Alec face palmed himself with his hands when he realised that he could have just tried controlling it with his mind from the start.

what really made him embarrassed was the fact that it took him quite long to realise.

when he got to the Gathering, he notice that all members of the younger generation were invited.

Alec could see that most of them have already formed some type of clique, so he just went and sit in one corner as always after all he was not really interested in talking with any of them, but he notice some one sit next to him.

" errrm I don't really think am the type of person you wanna sit with right now, cause am pretty much the one everyone avoids " Alec said

" who cares am someone like you anyways am not really accepted among the family, like you also am someone called a bastard, my name is Arthur " he stretched his hand towards Alec for a hand shake

which Alec gladly took " My name is Alec "

" who does not know Alec the next Prince of the Gordon family, well you already know my name, I am blessed with the affinity for earth and metal" Arthur said

" woah that's great but I can't remember seeing anyone with that type of double affinity when I was in the assessment grounds " Alec said back

" well that's because I awaken after you left man, my two elements could be traced back to my father and my mother secondary elements"

" ohhh no wonder, I don't really care thou I think you gonna do great thinks " Alec encouraged him

" so which path are you going to choose, there had been rumours going around that you might take over for your grandfather and become a golem mage" Arthur said

" Yes of course, am following his footsteps someone has to show that our unique golem path ain't lost even if other don't take it seriously like it use to again " Alec replied

" well then you gonna need a body guard, how about I be your partner " Arthur offered

And the shook hands again with smiles on there face it was clear that they agree alot on many things

The grand elder walked in with a long staff with his hat he sat at the middle of the hall where a small platform was arranged.

" first of all I want to congratulate all of you who has awaken and would soon embark on there journey of being great mages "

" secondly I want to tell you all not to get cocky because you feel you are better than the rest of your colleagues in this room because you think you have a more high affinity than them "

" what really matters is the effort you put into your training I will also like to inform you that, you have not yet step into the realms of mage so for now forget anything like being a mage of Gordons family"

" well the main reason why I called you all for this meeting so that I can impact and transfer the mana circulation techniques of Gordon's family to you all " the grand elder paused his explanation as he stuck his big staff on the floor and five big stones emerged from the ground with the Gordons family techniques written in them

" you are allowed to pick one you and learn only when you have been able to accumulate more mana in your body that's when you will breached the Lower tier 1 realm only then could you be called mages of the Gordon's family " the grand elder concluded.

the moment the grand elder finished explaining the younger generation of the Gordon's family quickly started moving closer toward the technique stones.

the found out the techniques was easy to memorize it but the moment they move to memorize another one they forgot about the last technique they just learnt

But unlike them every time Alec read a technique he got a notification form the system

[ Learnt basic mana circulation technique - spiral force ]

[Learnt basic mana circulation technique - mini hole]

Alec quickly realised he could learn this techniques easily so he stopped willing after reading two after all the grand elder have specifically told them only to learn one mana circulation technique.

the grand order saw the look of confusions in the faces of the younger generation and laughed.

" I know what you all try to do, there is a reason why I said you are allowed to pick one mana circulation technique, and there was a reason when I never stopped you because it is close to impossible to learn more than one mana technique, but if you actually were able to you would be classified as a monster class genius because those that do are able to develope twice as much for every time they cultivate"

hearing this most of the younger generation went back to read properly and find the one that suited them the most.

but when Alec heard this he blinked realising he just did learn two, he decided to keep this a secret and maybe use it to his advantage.

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