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I recognized him immediately, and this through his clothes: He had a black t-shirt with a Gucci jacket and pants and Gucci shoes: it was the brother of the little "rich girl" boboh.

I stood up and from then on we were face to face. I was 1m69 at the time and he must have been about 1m90 so he was quite tall compared to me. Still, I had my head up and my eyes on him as if I had seen a separate human being that I had never seen before.

- Uh hello uh.

- The words don't come out anymore?

- I don't understand. Whose snack did I snatch and when?

- From my sister, Maëlla ! Anyway, I'm not here to make long speeches! Follow me, and quickly!

He spoke so loudly that everyone who was there started to look at me. Patrick and Jessy tried to figure out what was wrong.

- Jessy: Who the hell is this again? Dude what do you want?

- Patrick: Where is she following you to?

He didn't answer and he pulled my hand to take me with him.

- You will sleep in a cell today and I hope you learn from this!

Jessy and Patrick were behind us chatting. I didn't really know what to say because we used to say: Anything you say will be used against you... And I didn't want to say things that would be used against me later.

We got out of the facility and crossed the road.

There was a car there that stood out from the others: it was big, black and new with a masculine shape: there are cars that when you see, you know it's for a woman and vice versa.

Just as there are neutral cars. We were just getting closer to the car...

- Are you serious that you're going to make me sleep in a cell?

- Not only does she rip my sister's snack out of her hand, but she's also polite to me!

He let go of my hand. He turned to me and grabbed my neck with his right hand.

- Apparently you're big on messing around here but let me tell you, you're going to learn some manners with me kid! You're going to learn to respect people and you're going to stop picking on students and stuff, got it?

- Ouch my neck...

- What they're going to do to you in the cell will be worse than this!

He took his hand away and grabbed my arm to take me to the car in question.

- Open the door yourself and get in!

I didn't flinch and obeyed. He got in and started the car and we drove off.

On the way, he called someone and since he was driving, he activated the Bluetooth so he could talk without touching the phone, for fear of being distracted and making an accident. So I heard everything.

- Where are you?

- I'm getting ready for my internship. Hey come quickly so we can enjoy before I leave...

- Okay, I'm coming...

- Kiss!

- Kiss!

That's right! He was in a couple! In any case, the opposite would have surprised me because he was really a handsome man, son of a governor and rich...

- Uh, where is your little sister then? She can't accuse me like that and run away.

- What do you care?

I swallowed my saliva and stayed quiet.

We went to the most upscale part of town and he parked in front of a beautiful villa. I had seen this house before because my buddies and I would sometimes walk from neighborhood to neighborhood to visit...

- Give me an hour, I have things to do.

- What's that?

He didn't answer. He got out and locked the doors.

I must admit that I had a hard time understanding myself, because I had never let myself be abused like that.

He left and I was left there, all alone.

The sun came out and it started to get really hot. That's how I took off my sweater to be less hot and to breathe better.

Two hours later, a car came out of the house with a young, beautiful woman inside.

So I assumed it was his famous girlfriend. A few minutes later, he got out and came to join me.

- I was here for two hours instead of one.

- All right! You're going to file a complaint once at the police station, right?

That's how I ended up at the police station a few moments later... He pulled my hand and took me to an office.

- Hello uncle TCHAPÉ.

Ah, so it was his uncle? The head of the police station? I thought I was finished!

- How are you Ariel? And the family?

"Ariel? Wow, what a beautiful name!" I said in my heart before coming back to reality.

- It's okay!

Except for Maëlla who told me this morning that this girl had to snatch her snack several times at school!

- I told you not to send her to school !!!!

- That was her choice! But she's going to do seventh grade and the other classes in middle school. So what do we do with this uh... what's your name?

- My name is uh...

My name was on my outfit so he read it!

- Ah yes, Dassi Kabera!

- What do you want me to do, Ariel? You know very well that it is not like that! There are several...

- Uncle?

He looked at his uncle with a dark and angry face...

- Well okay! I'll take care of her.

- Thanks uncle! I'm outside, as soon as you finish you call me.

I wanted to talk but what can I say?

He left and I started to beg his uncle, crying, but he didn't understand.

He took out a baton and whipped me without mercy.

I cried out in pain like a child but he didn't stop. I had to run away so that he would leave me.

I ran out of the police station gate, crying.

I found him outside, in his car, and I got closer to him to insult him despite my crying.

- You are a monster! You think you can do anything because you are the son of the governor of the country, right?

- Are you addressing me as "sir"?

- You're being polite to me and I have to be polite to you, right? Ah, so that's how we treat poor people ah yes I get it!!! Now go fuck yourself !!!!

He got out of the car and approached me, all angry.

- Don't you know what you did to my sister and the others? You're calling me a monster, aren't you? What about you? So you shut up Okay? Then come in here, I'll walk you out!

I refused. There was no way he would go with me after what I had been through.

- No, thank you. Goodbye, then.

I was still crying...

- I'm the one who brought you here, so I'm the one who's going to accompany you.

Anyway, my house was very far from this neighborhood and I didn't even have 100f on me to take the motorcycle or the cab. I still insulted him before getting into the car. We arrived in front of my house at about 7pm.

- So this is where you live?

- Have a nice evening!

I closed the door and left.

To be continued...

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