The Hot Master/C1 Part: 1 We Under The Shower
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The Hot Master/C1 Part: 1 We Under The Shower
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C1 Part: 1 We Under The Shower

There is lot more store in this story, if you're comfortable, read it. There's no force from my side. I'm a writer and just want to try something different. This story will be full of love and hotness. So I hope you would enjoy the second book of The Hot Professor like its first book.

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I've been gazing at my Princess since how long I don't even know. She is in my arms, sleeping peacefully in my shirt. She's so beautiful from inside and outside both. Her long black eyelashes, her tiny nose, her rosy red lips, her smooth and chubby cheeks, her round chin, her long and shiny black hair, her soft skin, I can stare at her all day. How can I forget about her beautiful and pure heart, mind and soul? I love everything about her and feel so blessed to have her in my life. She has completed me, given me a new life and taught me how to live life to the fullest. She has given me the reason to live, and the reason is she herself. Her name is written in my every breath and my heart beats for her only. She's my world, my happiness, my everything. I'm nothing without her. She lives in my soul.

I just can't believe that she's still sleeping in my arms after knowing everything about me. She has accepted me the way I am. She never fails to surprise me by showing me how much she loves me. Last night I was so damn scared when she had come to know about the video, I thought I would lose her forever, she would leave me and I've to live alone again. I was thinking so wrong. My past doesn't matter to her. She's the girl who lives in present. I'm just so glad that God made her for me. I feel so lucky. I'll protect my Princess till my last breath. No matter what, I'll always love her.

I was scared to accept her earlier because of my anger. I lost control over my mind in anger. My anger is dangerous for her. That night when she had deliberately danced with that bastard, I lost control over myself and did what I had never wanted to do. I treated her like other girls. I was so guilty. I thought I hurt her, I hurt my Princess. She loves me a lot, she is ready to bear my anger too, but I never want to hurt her again because of my anger and that's why I'll control my anger, but won't change myself because she loves me the way I'm. But I've to control my anger for her, she only deserves my love and only love. She is my Princess and deserves to be treated like a Princess only. I'll always treat her like a Princess only whether I'm her boyfriend, her Professor or her Master.

She aroused from her beauty sleep and passed a winsome smile to me after opening her attractive eyes. I forget everything when I look into her black deep eyes. Her eyes are exquisite like her.

"Good Morning, Princess." I clasped her face and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. With every forehead kiss, I promise her that I'll always protect her.

She came closer to my face. "Good morning, Master." She smirked, my naughty Princess. She very well knows how to turn me on instantly. When she calls me master in her sweet and husky voice, It arouses me.

"Trying to awake my Master side?" I asked, raising my brows.

"Yup, because I'm craving to see your Master side." She whispered softly, her warm breath caressed my dry lips. Her eagerness is clearly visible in her bewitching eyes. I'm becoming harder every second.

"Let's take a shower together," I suggested, I'll show the teaser of my master side to my Princess in the shower.

"Great." She agreed and pecked my lips.

After that, I climbed out of the bed and carried her in my arms. I'm wearing shorts and she's wearing my shirt only. I took her to the bathroom and placed her down on the floor under the shower. She's looking so sexy and attractive in my white shirt like always. She's gazing at me in anticipation. She drives me crazy.

I held her waist and yanked her to myself. "You really want to see my Master side, Princess," I asked, moving closer to her lips and sliding my hand up into the shirt, trailing up her thigh. She's shivering with my touch. We're gazing at each other intensely.

"Yes, I just can't wait." She answered, encircling her arms around my neck. I placed a lingering kiss over her lips and hastily opened all the buttons of the shirt. She's running his fingers in my hair, kissing me with the equal flavour. As I pinched her hard nipples, she bit my lower lip, I like it. I started kneading and squeezing her twins, grinding my crotch against her. I just can't wait to enter inside her, but before that, I want to show her my master side.

I broke the kiss, we gazed into each other eyes passionately, panting. "Remove your shirt and give it to your master, Princess." As I commanded, she flushed at me. I smirked.

She took off the shirt, her gaze remained fixed at me. She gave the shirt to me. "You know, what I'm going to do with this shirt?" I asked, taking the shirt from her hand.

"No," she shook her head.

"You'll come to know." I smirked at her.

"But I'm excited, Master." She winked at me.

I commanded. "Now put your both hands in front of me." She narrowed her brows and held her both hands out in front of me. I held her soft hands and kissed the knuckles after leaning down. She smiled at me.

She raised her brows in surprise as I started tying her both wrists together with the shirt firmly, gazing at her, noticing her each and every expression. She's now looking at me in anticipation, all these things arouse her and I'm happy.

"Raise your arms, Princess." As I ordered, like always she complied instantly. She lifted her tied hands up in the air. I tied the loose ends of the shirt with the arm of the shower, keeping her head under the shower. She's panting and her chest is rising up and down. She's looking so tempting and sexy like this. I'm utterly aroused. I just can't take off my eyes from her.

"Are you comfortable, Princess?" I asked to confirm because I really don't want to do something which she doesn't like it.

"Just don't stop, this all is arousing me more. I want to feel your touch, I just want to feel you." She whispered, gazing at me, her eyes are filled with desires.

I smiled at her and turned on the shower. Damn, she's irresistible. She's standing completely naked under the shower, her hands tied up with the arm of the shower and the water is cascading down her tempting body, making her look sexier and arousing my desires more. I just can't wait to suck all the water droplets from her beautiful and sexy body.

"Do you have any idea that right now what you're doing me, Princess?" I asked, trailing my hands down from her wrists to elbows, elbows to armpits. She shivering with my touch and now her eyes are closed. She's enjoying my touch like always. "You're killing me, Princess. You're so irresistible." I whispered, coming close to her lips and now my hands trailing down her back. I grabbed her butts and yanked her to myself. She opened her eyes, I smiled before attacking toward her neck. I'm sucking all the water droplets from her neck and squeezing her butts. She moaning, I love the way she moans when I give her pleasure. I love her sweet voice. I looked up at her for a second, grinding my crotch against her inner thighs. She's stretching her tied hands and clenching them, and she throwing her head. My Princess enjoying the pleasure thoroughly and I'm loving it. She's looking damn sexy at this moment. Her messy and wet hair, her wet body, pressing against mine, the water is continuously cascading down our bodies, I just can't describe in words, how I'm feeling right now. This is heavenly amazing.

After that I attacked her twins, my favourite, I can suck them all day and sucking water from them is more incredible. I started rubbing her clit vigorously with my thumb, sucking and nibbling one of her twins and squeezing the other one with my free hand. Fuck! the way she's moaning. Her moans are making me harder and harder. The way she's responding to my touch, I'm loving every bit of it. Now I just can't wait more. I need her badly. I'm utterly aroused.

"I need you badly, Princess." As I whispered, looking at her, she opened her eyes, panting.

"I just want to feel you inside me now, Zain." My lips curved into a smile after listening to her words.

I pulled away from her. "You're looking so damn hot like this, Princess. I never thought that you would ever permit me to tie you up like this in the shower. I love you so much, Princess. Thank you for always understanding me. This is the best shower of my life." I confessed, taking out the packet of condom from the pocket of my shorts. She smiled broadly after listening to my words.

"I'm loving every moment with you. I want to experience everything with you and when you tie me like this, this excites me. You excite me in every possible way, Zain." I grinned, pulling my shorts down my legs.

She flushed, moving her eyes down at my erection. "That's what you do to me with your hotness, Princess." As I uttered, she swept her eyes at me and blushed harder. I tear the packet of condom with my teeth and wore it.

"Oh, please, Zai-Zain," She begged as I'm stroking my hardness over her inner thigh and with my other hand, I'm opening the shirt from the arm of the shower. I wrapped her arms around my neck. I didn't open her hands, they are still tied with the shirt. I pinned her against the wall and shoved deep into her in one go, directly touch her g-spot. She screamed loudly, I groaned. I gave her time to adjust. After a few seconds, I pulled out. "I love you, Princess." I again thrust into her deeper.

"I love you," She screamed, I thrust her again and again. "More." And again, placing her one leg around my waist. I thrust into her harder and harder, she screamed my name louder and louder in extreme pleasure. Oh fuck, this is incredible! What I feel with her, I've never felt like this for anybody before. I never get satisfied with her, I crave for more and more because this is not sex, this is lovemaking. Sex satisfies the desires, but not lovemaking. You crave for more and more. I experience lovemaking with my Princess and the pleasure is incredible. Sex without love is nothing in front of this. I'm so thankful to her for accepting me, the way I'm. I really love her a lot.

After some time, I'm sitting on the bed after getting ready for college and my Princess is combing her hair, standing in front of the mirror. She is looking so pretty in the blue off-shoulder top and white jeans. I'm gazing at her. She's so beautiful art of God and she's mine now.

My brows caressed and my lip drew down as suddenly I remembered about the video. I utterly forgot about the video. She makes me forget everything, she hypnotises me with her love. Again, I've started thinking about her. What she's doing to me? Whatever she's doing, I'm loving it. My lips twitched and I smiled mechanically.

But now thing is that who could send the video to her. My lips drew down again, thinking about the video. Somebody wants to separate her from me. I've to keep my Princess safe, her life is in danger. Shit, because of me her life is at risk. Today only I'll ask for the security at my farmhouse and her home. I can't take this lightly. I can't let anything happen to my Princess and her family which has become my family too. I've to find the person soon who has sent the video to her. No, I won't let anybody hurt my Princess, she's my life.

I came on the earth back as she called me, placing her hand over my shoulder. "Zain," I moved my eyes up at her, she's standing in front of me. "What happened? Where were you lost?" She asked concernedly.

I held her hand and made her sit over my lap. "What happened? Tell me." She asked, raising her brows and encircling her arms around my neck. I placed my one hand over her lap and another hand at her back.

"I'm just thinking that who could send the video to you." Her brows caressed as I mentioned about the video.

"Maybe one of your submissive from the past. Could any of them do this?" She asked.

"I don't know, but I'll find out soon, you don't worry." I placed my hand on her face, she passed me a faint smile.

"Can I ask you something?" She's sounding serious.

"Yeh, of course." I nodded my head instantly.

"With how many girls you were in that relationship?"

"Six, four were out of India from them. Don't think about them, they were nothing to me." I'm stroking her soft cheeks with my thumbs gently.

"I know it was your past, but I wanted to be your first. I'm jealous." She pouted sadly. I chuckled because she's looking super cute.

"Princess, you're my life. I used to hate them because I've always seen my stepmom in them. You're my first love and I don't want to lose you, never ever." I placed a kiss on her forehead.

She smiled and pecked my lips. "I love you so much, my," she paused. "What should I call you, my hottie professor, my hottie boyfriend or my hottie master?" We both chuckled at her question.

"Enjoy three with one." I winked at her.

"Wow, I'm so lucky, I got three different personalities in one person." She placed a tight kiss on my cheek.

"By the way, who's your most favourite?" I asked excitedly.

"All of them, your every side is my favourite, Zain. Just be like the way you're. Never try to change yourself." She uttered against my lips before sucking them gently and softly, pouring her all love. She gripped my hair with her hands and kissed me deeply and gently. I let her kiss me in her way and after a few minutes, I kissed her in my way. I kissed her wildly, pulling her head back by grasping her hair. I squeezed one of her twins over the fabric with my other hand. Her lips are so delicious. I'm exploring her mouth with my tongue and sliding one hand into her top. I grasped her bare waist and kissed her soft lips hungrily. Fuck, I love her a lot! She's my addiction.

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