The Hot Master/C11 Part: 11 She's My Peace
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The Hot Master/C11 Part: 11 She's My Peace
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C11 Part: 11 She's My Peace

I'm going to the Police Station and talking to Princess while driving the car. I'm wearing AirPods. My eyes are fixed on the road.

"Police has found the person who had attacked you yesterday," I informed her.

"Wow, that's good news." She squealed happily.

"I'm going to the police station. I'll inform you if I get to know something." I told her.

"I'm also coming." She instantly said, I frowned.

"Stay at home only. You can't come here. It is risky." I made her understand.

"Okay," I sighed as she understood me.

"What you're doing?" I asked.

"I was searching for movies on Netflix. I'm not understanding what to watch, getting bore."

I grinned mischievously as something came into mind.

"Watch fifty shades of grey. You'll get to know more about the BDSM relationship." I suggested, smirking.

"Wow, that's sound interesting. Now you investigate the culprit and I'll watch all the parts of fifty shades of grey with the popcorn. I'll enjoy my holidays." I chuckled, she is really full of life, carefree, no tension of anything. Oh God, please keep my Princess safe always.

"Okay, so you watch the movie, then we'll discuss this movie at night." I said.

"Okay, Listen, I want to ask you something." She suddenly uttered.

"What?" I asked.

"When we will have the next Master and Princess session? I mean, when you will take me to your playroom?" She asked enthusiastically.

I grinned. "Somebody is so eager to go to that room again."

"Yes, I'm, Master." I widened my eyes in surprise as suddenly she called me Master.

"Don't call me Master now, Princess, you know that what, what it does to me."

She chuckled, so she's doing this willingly. She is really a naughty girl, my naughty Princess.

"Master, your Princess is excited about the next session."

Oh God, this girl. She's arousing my desires by calling me Master again and again.

"Call me again Master, then you see me," I warned her sternly, my Master mode turned on instantly.

"Master," She said huskily in her sexy voice, arousing me on more. Now she deserves punishment.

"Now the next session is not gonna happen so soon," I stated sternly.

"Why?" She asked instantly, disappointed.

"Because this your punishment for not listening to your master. I warned you to don't call me Master, but you didn't listen to me like always and that's why what you want, won't get you soon." I know, now she would be making a sad pout.

"That's so confusing, sometimes you ask me to call you master, sometimes you ask me don't call you master. That's not fair." I chuckled as she complained like a kid.

"Everything is fair in the Master and His Princess relationship." I grinned.

"You're so evil," she cried like a kid, sounding super cute.

I stopped the car in front of the police station. "Now you enjoy the movie with the popcorn because I've reached the police station." I removed the seatbelt.

"Okay, inform me if you get to know something and take care."

"I love you, bye."

"I hate you," she growled in anger and disconnected the call. I laughed, climbing out of the car after opening the door.

"Now it is the time to face the attacker. I'm not going to leave him." I murmured to myself in fury before marching inside the police station.

A police constable took me to the cell where Inspector Verma was investigating the student from the college who had hit my Princess. I glared at him in anger, killing him with my looks. He's sitting on the chair, looking so innocent. Mr Verma shook his hand with me.

"What he's saying?" I asked from him, still glaring at the boy.

"He's just saying that a girl came wearing the mask and gave him the money to attack her." As Verma told me this, I clenched my fist in fury. I stormed towards the boy and punched him two times before grabbing his collars.

"How dare you hit my Princess? When I warned the whole college if someone tries to hurt her, I'll bury him alive, where were you at that time?" I asked, fuming in uncontrollable anger. When it comes to my Princess, I lose control over myself. Nobody has right to hurt her because she's my Princess.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," He apologised, crying in fear and pain. I don't care, he hit my Princess. He deserves punishment.

"How dare you," I raised my hand to hit him again but stopped in the middle as I heard his next words. "I needed money urgently for my mother's operation." I moved my hand down slowly because my heart melted as he mentioned about my mother. I turned on another side.

"Are you alright, Sir?" Verma asked me, placing his hand over my shoulder.

I rubbed my forehead. "You investigate him, I need some air." I stepped out of the cell and went outside to get some fresh air.

I bent down and took a deep breath and exhaled out after holding my knees. This student is innocent. He did this for her mother. Now how will I get to know about the real culprit? I thought that I would catch her today.

"Whosoever is behind my Princess, Once I find her then I won't leave her." I murmured, staring straight in anger.

I took the phone out from my jeans pocket to call Princess and saw two messages from her.

My Princess: Did you find something?

My Princess: The movie is amazing and different. I'm gonna watch all three parts today only.

My lips curved up into a small smile after reading her message. She's sounding so excited to watch the movie. I knew that she would like the movie.

I called her and placed the phone over my ear.

"Hello, did you get to know something about the person?" She asked in one go.

"No, the boy did this for money. A women came in mask and gave money to him." I told her disappointedly.

"How could anybody stoop so low just for plenty of money?" She uttered in anger.

"Actually he needed money for his mother's operation and that's why he did this," I told her.

"Oh, then I can understand him. You give him some money when he gets out of jail." A smile spread across my face after listening to her words. She's so kind women. I feel so lucky to have her in my life. She has such a pure and beautiful heart. She thinks about everybody. I fall in love with this girl a little more with every minute.

"He hit you yesterday and you're asking me to help him. How can you be so kind?" I asked her in utter disbelief. If someone else was at her place, she would have asked me to don't get him out of the jail and she is asking me to give him money.

"Because he did for his mother. In future he can do more big crimes for the money, it will be better if we help him now and make him understand to never do this again." She's so so nice, I'm amazed.

"If today the whole world were like you, then this world would be a better place to live," I said smilingly, feeling so lucky to have her in my life.

"There're so many nice people like me in this world, I'm not an exceptional case."

"But I met so nice person like you for the first time. For me, you're so special and different. I adore you, Princess. Every day you give me a lesson that helps me become a better person. I love you so much." I gave her a kiss over the phone.

She laughed. "So cute, I love you too."

"I'm a bit tensed now. I don't know how will I find the real culprit." I uttered worriedly.

"I'm sure, you'll find her soon. You don't think too much, let the police do their work. Now come back home because I'm missing you a lot, baby."

"Baby?" I murmured because for the first somebody called me this. "You're calling your professor baby?"

"No, I'm calling baby to my cutie boyfriend." She answered and I raised my brows in surprise as she called me cutie.

"I don't think I'm cute,"

"You're cute. The way you gave me a kiss over the phone, it was so cute."

"Okay, I accepted that I'm cute, but you're super cute."

"How?" She instantly asked.

"The way you make pout when you get upset or angry from me, you look so cute that I feel like to eat you up, and you look super cuter when you complain to me like a baby when I give you punishment for being naughty." I told her and she laughed.

"Now, you come back home and let me complete the first part of the movie."

"Okay, bye. I'll reach there in a few minutes."

"Bye, I love you."

"I love you too." I disconnected the call, having a huge smile on my face.

I was so tensed a few minutes ago and now after talking to her, I'm feeling so fresh and good. Only she can change my mood in a few minutes. I really love her a lot, she is my everything. She's the peace of my life.

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