The Hot Master/C12 Part: 12 The Punishment
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The Hot Master/C12 Part: 12 The Punishment
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C12 Part: 12 The Punishment

I reached back home within half an hour. I directly strode to my room to meet my Princess. It was really hard to spend time without her in college.

As I stepped into the room, I saw her lying on her stomach, resting her elbows against the mattress. Her face is towards the bed, she is watching a movie on the laptop which is kept in front of her eyes. She's swaying her skinny and white legs up and down constantly like a small kid. Her round butts are clearly visible to me because she's still in my hoodie, and her silky black hair is tied up in a messy bun. I can't see that she's wearing her undies or not. I tiptoed towards her without making any noise.

Now I'm standing beside her. She asked as she turned her face towards me. "When did you come?"

"Paused the movie and stand up in front of me," I commanded sternly.

She nodded her head at me and stood up in front of me after pausing the movie. I like the way she complied my every order without any arguments. She stared at me silently, waiting for my next command.

"Now raised the hoodie," I ordered, pointing my finger towards the hem of the hoodie. I want to check, she's wearing her undies or not.

She grasped the hem of the hoodie and yanked it up her thigh. I grinned after seeing her naked. She remembered the rule of not wearing the undies. This is impressive.

I swept my eyes at her and found her blushing at me. "I'm impressed, Princess." I walked closer to her.

I leaned down towards her ear and started stroking her inner thigh gently. "You're a good girl, Princess," I whispered in her ear huskily. She widened her legs and rubbed herself faster against my hand. My desperate Princess.

"But sometimes you become naughty," As I suddenly and lightly smacked her inner thigh, she jumped up and shut her legs. She pressed them together, leaving the hem of the sweatshirt. I mischievously grinned at her.

"And now my naughty girl deserves punishment." I completed my sentence, gazing at her. She raised her brows in surprise after listening to my words.

"I should get a reward for being good, why punishment?" She asked innocently.

"For teasing me over the phone," I told her.

"But you said you're delaying our master and Princess next session and this is my punishment." She is sounding confused.

"I have changed the punishment now." As I told her, she made O mouth.

I moved closer to her face. "Don't worry you will get a reward too after the punishment," I whispered against her lips, brushing the line of her lower lip, gazing at her passionately.

As she moved closer to kiss me, I moved away from her. "Kiss after the punishment." As I stated, she pouted disappointedly.

"Now again pulled the sweatshirt up to your waist and open your legs for me." She complied instantly and I smirked.

"Remember that the sweatshirt shouldn't fall again and your legs shouldn't be closed," I warned her. We both are gazing at each other deeply.

"Okay, Master." She replied and grinned at me.

She closed her eyes instantly as I cupped her inner thigh and squeezed it. I removed my hand and hit her lightly two times, she moaned, clutching the shirt and trying hard not to close her legs. I spanked her inner thigh four more times, harder this time. She jumped up every time I hit her.

"Oh God, I can't take it anymore. I need you badly." She shouted, squeezing her throbbing inner thigh to ease the uncontrollable sensation. This punishment aroused her, I like it.

"Now, it's time to give you a reward, Princess." As I asserted, her eyes glinted with anticipation. I grabbed her waist and yanked her towards myself. I moved closer to her lips and captured them. I started kissing her hungrily and passionately, squeezing her waist. She drove her fingers into my hair and kissed me wildly, clutching my hair. I took my hands at her back, trailed them up into the shirt and as I squeezed her butts, she moaned in my mouth.

After her lips, I attacked her neck. She arched her back to give me complete access. She hastily opened the button of my jeans and slid down the zipper while I nibbled and trailed kisses down her neck to her shoulder after yanking her sleeves down her arm from the shoulder. She freed my junior by pulling my jeans and boxer down my legs.

I groaned in pleasure against her shoulder as he grasped my junior. She rubbed it up and down, giving me extreme pleasure with her hands.

Now I just can't wait to feel her around me.

I pinned her hands against the wall and positioned myself over her. We gazed into each other passionately, breathing heavily. " I love you so much, Princess," I confessed and pushed into her deeply in one go. She screamed in intense pleasure and dug her nails into my hands.

After some time, we're lying on the bed cuddling each other and talking about the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

"So, do you like the movie?" I asked.

"The movie is streamy hot, and the hero of the movie is also hot and handsome."

I frowned and instantly asked. "Hotter than me?"

"Are you getting jealous?" She asked me back, grinning mischievously.

"Just tell me what I've asked you." She's rising my anger now.

She pulled my cheeks. "Aww, so cute. I was just teasing you. Nobody is hotter than my master for me." I finally calmed down after listening to her answer.

"By the way, it is damn funny that you're getting jealous of an actor." She chuckled loudly.

"You tell me if I praise an actress in front of you, won't you get jealous?" I asked, raising my brows.

"No," As she shook her head, I narrowed my brows suspiciously. "Because I know you're mine and I have utter trust in you." She added and pecked my lips.

"You're different that you don't get jealous. But I can't do anything about my jealousy." I told her.

"It's fine, I'm not complaining. In fact, you look cute when you get jealous." She caressed her nose against mine and we both chuckled.

She started kissing every inch of my face, making me feel so good with the touch of her lips. "I love you so much, my cutie boyfriend." She confessed love and sucked my lips lovingly. As she pulled back, I grasped her hair and kissed her passionately, exploring every corner of her mouth with my tongue.

At night, we're getting ready for dinner with Anu and her boyfriend. She's getting ready in the dressing room and I'm sitting in the main room, waiting for her to come.

As she stepped into the room, my heart skipped beating for a second as my eyes fell over her. She's looking heavenly gorgeous in the blue sleeves midi, reaching above her knees. I can't take off my eyes from her. She's really a Princess. She ambled towards me, smiling at me. I'm gazing at her with open my mouth.

"Close your mouth or else the mosquito will enter." She put her fingers under my chin and closed my mouth.

I clasped her hand and yanked her down, she directly landed over my lap. "You're looking so beautiful." I tucked her few hair strands behind her ear. She passed me an adorable smile.

She encircled her arms around me and moved closer to his ear. "Master, I'm not wearing the undies right now." As she whispered in my ear, I raised my brows in surprise.

She looked at me and asked. "Could I wear them for dinner?"

"Princess, the rule is that you can't wear the undies when we're alone in this house. So you can wear it at dinner." I explained to her and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"You know, the way you asked me like this, I found is so sweet." I'm gently stroking her soft cheeks with my thumbs.

"Thanx for the compliment, Master." She sucked my lips softly.

Then I stood up, lifting her in my arms in bridal style and took her to the dressing room. I made her stand on the floor.

"I just come after bringing your undies, Princess." I gave her a quick kiss and went to the cupboard. I opened the drawer and picked up black, my favourite colour undies from the pile of different colour of undies. I strolled toward her, smiling and knelt down before her to make her wear the undies. She placed her one hand over my shoulder, first, she slid her one leg and then the second leg into them. We passed a smile to each other.

"Raise your dress up, Princess," I ordered her and she complied instantly by pulling her dress up to her waist. As I placed a soft kiss over the apex point of her inner thigh, she shivered with my touch. Then I slid the undies up her legs, gazing at her intensely.

I placed a few kisses on her milky white thighs before ordering her to leave the dress. I stood up and kissed her lips passionately after yanking her towards myself by grasping her waist.

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